5 Best Programmable Light Switch Timer In 2021

Reasonably you like a light in your house to turn on or off instantly. Perhaps you want to stop burglars while you’re away. Or perhaps you like the convenience of lighting because you know you’ll be home.

Whatever the reasons are, one solution to this issue is a programmable light switch timer. We’ll give you an in-depth look at 5 of the best models that are great for your home. But first, here’s a short rundown of your choices and what you can hold in mind when you make your decision. Let’s pick the best light switch timer.

Why Light Switch Timer?

Our hectic everyday lives necessitate the purchase of goods that can help us save time and resources. If you have the same thoughts, you can buy a programmable light switch or a bright light switch.

You don’t want to waste energy during the day unintentionally, and you don’t want to come home to complete darkness, making it impossible to reach the light switch. In this assignment, you can find the 5 best automatic light switch timers in 2021 and learn how to pick the suitable one.

A programmable light switch is also known as a bright light switch, a light timer, a timer switch, or a light timer.

Different Types of Light Switch Timers

You’ve seen mechanical timers if you recall the grim, prehistoric decade of the 1990s. These were the old-timers that could be inserted into a wall socket and used to control various devices.

They were especially popular with frequent travelers because they could be used to switch on and off a few lamps when you were away. They usually operated by putting groups of pins into a spinning dial. The pins switched the light on and off as the dial turned.

Mechanical bathroom timers, on the other hand, have been around for a long time. Turning a knob causes the switch to activate for anywhere from 5 minutes on average. They are sometimes used to power bathroom fans as well as infrared lamps in hotels. However, there aren’t many other uses for them.

Digital timer switches are the next step in this technology’s evolution. They work similarly to a mechanical bathroom timer in that they replace a wall light switch. They also encourage you to switch your lights on and off on a schedule, similar to a mechanical plug-in timer.

A mechanical timer, on the other hand, has certain limitations. A single 24-hour dial allows you to program just one schedule. You may usually set a different plan for weekends or even a 7-day schedule with an automatic light switch. This is the sort of turn we’re going to look at today.


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Best Slim Design Enerlites Light Switch Timer https://amzn.to/3dJYmzD
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Programmable Light Switch Timer Recommendation & Product Reviews in depth are below.

Honeywell RPLS740B Programmable Light Switch Timer

Do you like attaching comfort and interactivity to your home? With our first recommendation, the Honeywell Home ECONOSwitch 7-Day Solar Programmable Light Switch, you will get all of the functionality you expect from a light switch timer.

You can customize your home with a 7-day Honeywell Home ECONO SOLAR Programmable Switch. Programmed technology enables you to dynamically activate and off your home lights with the programmable light switch, reducing time and electricity. You can easily program up to seven on/off schedules a week, repeated daily or monthly.

The ease of installation eliminates the need to hire a third party to mount your programmable light switch. Sleek wall mounts fit in with almost every home decor, and a wide backlit projector allows for easy viewing at night.

You can customize the setup for your lighting needs with its three distinct operating modes. The automated mode turns the light on at sunset and off at sunrise, depending on the solar calendar, to avoid light leaks all night long and use it as a traditional switch via manual mode.

For added protection, the random method works by flipping lights on and off in the house when you’re out. This simulates an occupied home, discouraging possible break-ins and providing you with peace of mind.


  • Seven Customizable Programs
  • Solar Timetable Function
  • Conveys comfort and customization
  • Compatible with LED, CFL
  • Manually verify your lighting
  • Slim design
  • Simple Installation


  • If there is no neutral wire (two white wires connected) inside the electrical box, this switch cannot be used.
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Honeywell RPLS730B Switch Timer

With the RPLS730B1000 7 Day Timer, add comfort and customization to your home. It has a much more minimalist style than the last 2 minutes. There are two tiny buttons just below the LCD panel, instead of multiple big buttons.

There is also a giant slider, which acts as a touch screen. There is a black LED in the lower right corner, allowing you to see if the switch is working. The curve of learning is very shallow since the controls are very natural and subjective.

The screen also features an enticing choice. You have the option rather than being retracted immediately or not. You can customize the light.

The built-in rechargeable battery supports your programs during power failures and the LCDs time, day, and load conditions quickly with light and engine up to 2400 W.


  • 1-year warranty
  • Durable switch
  • Easily programable
  • Versatile interface
  • Unique design
  • Manually inhibit your lights


  • Less portable
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Enerlites HET01 Light Switch Timer

One of the best methods to program the indoor lights is the Enerlites HET01 programmable timer switch. A Prog button for every day of the week sets 18 single on/off configurations, including the RND (random) function to prevent unwelcome intruders. Installation is simple and easy to use. It controls indoor, outdoor, and seasonal lighting. It’s amazing.

The HET01 can be programmed easily. The switch contains four indicators to establish the day, hour, scheduling mode, set options for the whole day, chosen individual days a week, or all 7 days a week. The timer can also be programmed for fan lights, bathroom lights, outside irrigation systems, and indoor lights. It functions with LEDs, CFLs, and more.

By scheduling 18 sets of different times during the day, the random function selects an unexpected time within 30 minutes before. After, switch on the lights and turn off the lights at lucky between 30 minutes early and 30 minutes after the next set period.

Enerlite has a simple gui with Enerlites HET01. The intelligent interrupter has a 7-button user-friendly feature to program your energy usage. The HET01 has 18 adjustments and 18 off times to automatically enable and disable your house lamp. Per day 18 adjustments, seven days a week, 126 adjustments a week.

HET01 prevented the activation of lights on energy-wasting for excessive time.


  • Anti-Theft Feature
  • Energy Saving
  • Home Convenience
  • Home Convenience
  • DST button and the time setting
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive
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BN-LINK Programmable Light Switch Timer

The easy-to-use BN-LINK 7-day digital, programmable in-wall timer switch automates your home lighting, fans, and appliances. Set your timetables, and you will never wonder if you ever leave the lights. Complex blue light ensures that even in the most profound spaces, you will be able to set the timer.

Simple six-button programming. Just set the times and ensure that the key is in Auto mode with 5 seconds pressing on the door. For installation, the neutral wire is necessary. Compatible single and three-way!

To automate your home and office accurately, use the bn-link timer. You can configure the lights of your house, ceiling fans, bathroom winds, vacation décor, and di with 18 possible event programs.

This programmable timer switch from BN is one of the easiest ways to program your in-home lighting. The intelligent control is fitted with the Prog button, which contains basic parameters for every day of the week, including the RND feature for preventing unnecessary interference. It is easy to use and user-friendly. It is great indoors, outdoors, and periods for controlling lighting.


  • BN is compatible with LED bulbs
  • In-Wall Timer Switch
  • Push Button Switch
  • Save costs on electricity
  • 18 On/Off programs


  • No minimum wattage
  • The neutral wire is required
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Maxxima Digital Light Switch Timer

The installation and programming of Maxxima digital time/tweak are simple. You will do this to replace current in-wall switches such that lights (or other devices) can be enabled and disabled every seven days a week or per day.

It makes it easy for you to make this automated change in software and forget about doing the job. Outside of my building, I mount it to power the lights. At 7 pm, it activates the lights and switches them off at 3 am. It’s fantastic.

With this Digital In-Wall Timer, automatically enable lights, fans, and other objects with 18 on and 18 off settings.

Wall Plate with assembly screws, Neutral wires are included. You can get the internal batteries to save 3 months of power interruptions for the time and program settings.


  • Three-way circuit
  • Portable
  • Highly durable
  • Made for amateurs
  • Low price
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to program


  • Functionality is complicated
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Buying Guide: Things To Consider Before Purchasing

Let’s talk about features so that we know what we are looking at. It is doubtful that you would have trouble if the switch regulates a single ceiling lamp. Let’s see some of the significant things which need to be considered before buying the light switch.


Many people, however, use automatic light switch timers in a room. You may also use them for circuits that monitor several kitchen equipment.

This is helpful if these networks are taken down overnight to save fantasy. So you will want to review and double-check the features in these higher wattage conditions.

Identify Your Requirements

Another important thing is what kinds of lights or devices you need to use. Any switch can operate the old incandescent bulb. But the requirements of CFL and LED bulbs vary. You must also know that most buttons do not allow simmering.


Lastly, specific light switch timers are not appropriate for engines. This is because electric motors have a “speak wattage” that surges as the wattage is enabled. The average wattage can be handled just fine with a turn. However, the peak wattage must also be treated.


When you are going to purchase the programmable light switch, you have to focus on pricing. Pick the products which have reasonable price and offers convenient features.

Setting Up Time Switches

Most switches are either in-wall (hardwired) or plug-in (connected to a standard wall outlet). Time switches may either be mechanical or electrical, but some are a combination of the two.

Simple plug-in mechanical switches, such as those used in window unit air conditioners, can be mounted in minutes by anyone. More sophisticated timer controls, such as electronic in-wall timers that handle whole-home lighting systems, can, however, necessitate installing a professional electrician. If you’re unable to set up the switch, get the help of professionals.

Final Words

Electronic programmable time switches are digital instruments with up to seven “on” or “off” configurations every day. That is a random configuration that mixes the hours that your lighting is switching on and off while away. There are many more flexible electronic switches than mechanical clocks, but they can be more programmable.

Now that each programmable light switch timer has been tested, it’s time to determine which one is the best. Please pick Honeywell RPLS740B if you’re looking for the best performance. It does all the necessary tasks alone. The 7-day timekeeper is sufficiently every day but still quite popular. Always try to find the premium programmable light switch. Don’t pick the low-quality cheap products. Your main priority is quality.