Best Places To Hide Surveillance Cameras In Home

Surveillance cameras are perfect to be used for keeping an eye on all surroundings at a particular place, and when you install it at home, it keeps you posted about the activities at your home. Use it for security purposes or to watch out for the children; the surveillance camera needs to be placed in a proper position to be able to capture a clear and broader view.

Generally, the surveillance cameras are hidden so that intruders cannot see them easily. When they try to intervene in the house, they are caught through the camera, and you can use the recording as evidence.

Secondly, cameras need to be hidden so that no one can tamper with them easily, because if a camera is tampered with, it no longer remains useful and practical, allowing the burglars to rob the house without being captured in the eyes of the camera.

To cater to this, a surveillance camera should be placed in a way that you cannot see easily and, despite that, gives the best coverage area.

Talking about homes, you have got plenty of spots that can be used in this regard, and if you want to know more about it, continue reading this article as here we are just going to talk about the best places to hide surveillance cameras in the home.

Keeping in mind the places that we mainly use to install a camera, we will look for the places that can be used to hide surveillance cameras in the best possible manner.

Let’s now see the best places to hide a camera in a home.

Inside light switches/lamps

When installing security cameras in and around your house, the first place you think about is the front and the back doors. The entrance of your home must be protected, and therefore, the cameras should be hidden so that no one can pass through it without being noticed.

The first thing is that the cameras should be mounted at a higher position while facing down the lens so that you get a clear view. If the camera is mounted at the top, there are a high chance burglars will not see it and will not be able to tamper with it without being noticed.

The best place to hide a surveillance camera in this regard is the outdoor lamps. Outdoor lights are installed at every main door of the house, and therefore it is easier to hide surveillance cameras at this position.

The same goes for indoor use; you can use indoor lamps to hide a surveillance camera inside the house.

In a plant

Plants add value to the house by making it look more aesthetic and beautiful. When it comes to hiding security cameras, plants turn out to be an effective element to be used in this matter.

Either use the natural plants or the fake ones, hiding a surveillance camera inside a plant is among the best places you can have, and burglars will have no idea about it. Spread the leaves in a way that covers the camera body, keeping in mind that the camera lens is clear.

This technique is useful for indoor and for outdoor use. Hiding a surveillance camera is no longer a problem; a plant is what you all need.

Wall décor items

Décor pieces or toys are placed all around the house, and this can be used perfectly when it comes to hiding surveillance cameras. There is a wide variety of options available, either use toys, stuffed animals, or any other décor items; any of them can be used to hide a camera.

Wall clock is another valuable item, and it can be placed at all important locations of your house. Nothing will go unnoticed if you set the wall clocks strategically at the right spots.


To hide surveillance cameras, a bookshelf is one of the best places in a home. With the proper placement, you can get a broader view and cover the entire space inside of your hallway. With books all around, it will not be an easy task to find a hidden camera on a bookshelf.

Camouflage surveillance camera

There are hundreds of other places in your homes that you can use to hide cameras, such as near your computer, windows, and cupboards. To make sure that a camera is appropriately hidden, the best thing you can do is camouflage it as per the object near it. In this way, hiding a camera will not only be easier but also will not affect the interior decoration.


Whatever the reason it is to install surveillance cameras, you must keep them out of reach of the children, pet animals, and as well as the burglars. The key is to keep the cameras out of sight while getting a clear view of everything.

It is better to get yourself familiar with the local laws and regulations and make sure that hiding surveillance cameras in your home are legal so that you don’t have to face any problems afterward.

Knowing what is happening in and around your house gives you a sense of satisfaction, security, and protection, even when you are not home.

To ensure the cameras remain effective and are not tampered with, you must hide them without blocking the view. Get through this piece of information and discover the best places to hide