Best Panoramic Surveillance Cameras for your Property

Are you worried about your sweet home’s security? Do you look for the best security solution in 2021? These days, it can be done rapidly for a relatively minimal cost. However, there are also some big-budget premium cameras, but technology advancement offers us low-budget good-quality cameras.

The standards of video quality are improving among the various alternatives for security cameras on the market. Standard features include motion detection, night vision, and some extras includes facial recognition and bidirectional audio.

You can have a sharp security camera or a doorbell camera which you can monitor and link to your current smart home. Today, Canitec comes with the best panoramic surveillance cameras for your property. Pick your favorite one from our top picks!

What is a Panoramic Surveillance Camera?

The viewing angles of panorama safety cameras – frequently called 360° cameras – are enormous. These cameras may provide huge 360° pictures when fitted to a ceiling by merging several sensors into a single unified view. You may screen, tilt and zoom into this view digitally. You may typically move to a quad view using the de-warping software where the camera spectrum is divided into four different viewing directions. Many of these cameras are equipped with modern technology to display foot traffic movement via counting or heat mapping.

The IP surveillance camera is a panoramic fisheye security camera that enables you to concurrently watch the region from a fisheye (or from a fisheye camera lens), delivering up to 360 degrees of a broader field of view.

Now the outdoor fisheye cameras have many sorts, employing a multi-picture sensor combination or an ultra-wide-angle lens.

In terms of the dramatic view angles, 180° panoramic security cameras and 360° fisheye IP cameras are available.

How Do Panoramic Surveillance Cameras Work?

A panoramic camera functions slightly differently than a fixed IP or IP dome camera.

The worldwide fisheye view and a speed dome camera provide a 360-degree seamless surveillance solution. The global perspective in the fisheye security camera is the “command” device to detect occurrences throughout a whole region.

A CCTV camera can be used to identify a broad range of activities including crossroads, front yard, home backyard, dining room, sitting area, office, retail shop, warehouses, car parks, stadiums, concert halls, and ports. The panoramic security camera can also be used to identify activities in a more extensive scene.

Panoramic Cameras Advantages

Why choose panoramic security cameras? Below are the advantages of IP panoramic cameras.

Ultra-Wide Coverage

A panoramic fisheye security camera provides 180 degrees or 360 degrees field of vision. This means that several typical fixed-lens security cameras may be replaced to cover broad regions without blind spots.

Reduce Your Cost

With an outdoor panoramic monitoring camera, it is unnecessary to pay extra for installing many IP cameras to monitor wide regions efficiently. (Read this to find out how many cameras you need.)

Better still, the use of fisheye home safety cameras may help save your installation time and the maintenance of security camera accessories like protective skins, cords, etc.

Reliable Performance

The all-encompassing surveillance cameras may give a 360° display without picture mutilation guaranteeing that no single detail is missed.

Attempt an open-air panoramic surveillance camera to screen your property and forestall break-ins.

Factors to Check Before Buying a Panoramic Surveillance Camera

In our experience, though security cameras are more convenient to operate than ever, purchasing the equipment is still a bit hard since new, sleeker technological devices continue to flood the market.

Thus, we will break all that you may expect from the purchasing experience of your camera. We will discuss the foundations of this highly competitive sector and the penetrations and insights of the greatest brands. Some of the characteristics of panoramic home security cameras that we see as vital are given below:

Motion Activation

You desire a quick-functioning and unhesitating camera. Of course, some portion of this relies upon the strength and speed of your Wi-Fi signal. However, when development happens to give you notices on your telephones, a fair camera will consistently “awaken.”

Smartphone Intuitive App

Nowadays, each security camera comes with an app, and we always found it very straightforward to understand, just as the cameras themselves. Our most incredible applications show the camera’s functionality concisely and logically, and it takes just a couple of swipes to discover the images when we want to verify when our children’s school bus arrives home.

Video Resolution

When comparing choices, you will find a massive number of security cameras claiming 1080p video resolution. However, this may also be a little deceiving. Many cameras will only meet the 1080p standard in the best conditions, such as if your Wi-Fi connection is fully powered.

But we couldn’t always get the optimal 1080p quality with our occasionally less than perfect Wi-Fi connection, even amongst the best manufacturers recognized for producing great video. As a result, our image has been quite blurry from time to time.

Storage for Video

Specific very state-of-the-art home security systems can trick you into purchasing cameras based on how highly technological they are. However, it is vital to realize that all the information you receive from your hi-tech cameras is not cheap, no matter what camera you have.

Field of View

Another key component that must consistently be considered when picking the gadget is how much inclusion you need from your camera – also called the field of vision. In short, the image area is referred to as an angle between the two horizontal borders of the camera display. This is not a strict and quick rule, but the narrower the lens is, the more your objective is specialized.

Night Vision

Another vital factor is night vision. Check your panoramic camera whether it has this benefit or not. Night view cameras use infrared light to light up gloomy photos. We can’t see, yet essentially all of us are infrared light. These invisible infrared wavelengths are detected by IR cameras which let the camera see in the dark.

Top 5 Best Panoramic Surveillance Cameras Review

RaceTek Panoramic Camera with Motion Detection

Are you looking for the finest panorama security camera in general? Then, you’re in the right position!

With cloud services, you may save films, view plays, and share footage any time without any storage restriction. Any motion-driven records may be saved locally or in the cloud on the micro SD card wherever you are. 128 GB of Max card support (card not include). Save Micro SD Cards money and now enjoy a free one-month-test cloud subscription.

Therefore, only the owner may access the IP camera with its unique ID. Neither photos nor videos are accessible by an outsider! With intelligent motion detection, this 1080P full HD IP camera will send real-time alarm messages to your phone as soon as movement is detected.

Adjustable low/medium/high sensitivity and 24/7 detection schedules provide you with dependable home or company security and monitoring. It enables you to communicate in real-time with your relatives wherever you are on your cell phone. It comes with an advanced microphone and an anti-noise filter built-in speaker for real-time APP/camera connection.


  • RaceTek Home Camera maintains a close check on everything you need.
  • Smart Motion Detection
  • QR Code to Install
  • A 180° wide-angle lens with 1080p HD resolution
  • Cloud services available
  • It provides incredible Night Mode


  • Very Expensive Choice
  • Need to be plugged in all the time
  • Less durable than other security cameras
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Jennov 360 Degree Panoramic Outdoor Surveillance Camera

In order to see 360 degrees, most cameras have to be handled manually and turned. However, this panoramic wireless security camera offers a 360-degree vision, no rotating so that the monitoring target can be locked quickly and conveniently.

With a high-quality microphone and anti-noise speaker, and professional voice-processing processor, this 5MP WIFI safety camera reduces background sound and improves audio output. It always maintains your home safety and saves the audio recording when audio is required.

When motion is detected, the IP camera will automatically ring and provide images so that you may warn instantly by phone or email and take the next step in security.

No product quality concerns. Jennov is a professional camera firm with extensive expertise and technical patents in developing, manufacturing, and exporting safety cameras.

This enables us in areas like quality, performance, dependability, and cost to provide goods and services that meet and meet our customers’ expectations.


  • Clear Night Vision
  • Great Home security
  • Advanced picture handling
  • Two-Way smart installation
  • Support RTSP, FTP
  • Ensure your home safety


  • The image quality is not so stable
  • only support 2.4G Wi-Fi
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Night Owl Ultra-Wide 1080p AC Powered Panoramic Camera

Night Owl is delighted to provide our 1080p HD Wi-Fi IP Camera developed by the US. This camera ticks all boxes with a 140° field of vision, movement-activated Built-in spotlights, human sensing technologies, and audio.

Owl panoramic security camera is an extreme coverage for your house or company. It has an extensive viewing angle. When it senses human motion, the bright light activates which stops offenders in their paths.

Human detection cuts down false warnings to your intelligent device, while Facial Capture captures a photograph of an individual’s face and delivers an alarm in real-time.

2-Way audio allows you to capture sound and listen to what is occurring through a camera using the virtual intercom.

This indoor/outdoor weather-resistant camera employs Color Night Vision to continue fully color recording and only transition to Night Vision when necessary.


  • Auto shut-off spotlight
  • Night Vision up to 100 ft.
  • 140° field of view
  • Motion-Activated Spotlight
  • Human Detection Technology


  • Lack of assistance from customer service
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REVO 4K Audio IP Surveillance Camera with Panoramic Coverage

Go beyond Full HD and discover the power with REVO panoramic camera of 4K (8MP) ULTRA HD Video. It folds the 1080p standard HD power quadruple.

The cameras are fitted with True 4K Image and Lens high-performance sensors. This provides high-definition videos with great details. (Connect your machine to an optimum performance 4K monitor).

The H.265 Compression supports the camera’s performance in lower network speeds and records on the same HDD for longer than typical. This high-end technology allows the camera to provide clean pictures to reduce video noise. In addition, 3DNR minimizes requirements for bandwidth and storage.


  • REVO comes with POE (power over ethernet) switch
  • Great camera, with audio capability
  • Provides 4th Generation LEDs
  • Dynamic Noise Reduction
  • Weather Resistant


  • This panoramic camera is not good for low ceiling
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Panorama View Outdoor Dome Security Camera by DIY Security

It’s a really decent and cost-effective camera. You may use it as an external installation. However, the clarity of the image is not as clear if the temperature falls to 5-10 degrees (MN). It shows faint lines that travel across the monitor horizontally.

The cable is equipped with a bit of wooden spool: fine quality and red and black power cords.

You’d think for the price, you’ll get the cable for it, but alas, just the camera, no cords!!! And the quality of the picture is not as good when you put it on the outside; the image quality is excellent only indoor.


  • 360-degree wide view angle
  • It comes with a professional fisheye lens
  • Vandal-proof
  • Durable camera
  • Advanced DSP
  • Double Scan Indoor/Outdoor Dome


  • No cables
  • No blind-spot panoramic monitoring
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So, Canitec suggests some quality home security solutions above. Are you still doubtful about the judgment? We might offer you one if you are still puzzled. If you need more extended quality, then you can buy the RaceTec Panoramic camera.