Best Padlock Cutter Review & Buying Guide

Imagine losing the key to a padlocked door or chest in your home or office. Wouldn’t it be a terrible moment? However, it is possible to cut through the padlock if you have a decent bolt cutter in your tool chest.

Canitec compiled a list of the best padlock cutters and reviewed them below. Bolt cutters are not the only things you can cut padlocks. But this is the most popular tool.

What Is A Bolt Cutter?

A bolt cutter is a versatile instrument that may be utilized in several other circumstances besides cutting bolts.

The speed and ease of use of power tools are comparable to those of hand tools. But be mindful of your safety at all times.

As a result of the excessive aggression of power tools, one minor misfortune might have serious consequences. A power source is also required. Bolt cutters are a must-have for cutting a padlock.

They exist in several shapes and sizes, but they all have distinct advantages over other types of tools, such as power tools.

Bolt cutters are extremely powerful and can cut a variety of materials with ease and speed.

Their heat-treated blades can resist extensive usage.

However, they’re also quite pleasant to use because the tool performs all of the effort, not your hands.

It’s straightforward to repair the top bolt cutters’ pieces if necessary.

Bolt cutters were designed to cut shipment bolt seals, as their name implies. Bolt cutters can still be used for these tasks, albeit today’s tools are more versatile and helpful for other tasks.

To shorten and modify bike brakes and shifter cables, bolt cutters are utilized. These cutters are the perfect solution for any cutting operation that cannot be accomplished with standard equipment.

They help to cut hard-to-remove materials and items. Wire mesh, padlocks, and chains are all examples of materials that a conventional printer cannot handle.

Custom bolt cutters are also available for usage on a variety of materials. For example, there are cutters with fiberglass handles. Search and rescue teams utilize these tools because they are powerful. As a result of their longevity, fiberglass bolt cutters are also highly efficient.

Bolt cutters are intended to cut electrical cables, which is why handypersons and others in related industries frequently utilize them. Cut other materials as well, depending on the cutter’s design.

Buying Guide: Best Bolt Cutters For Padlocks

It’s vital to examine a number of things when purchasing bolt cutters for padlocks, which is why we’ve included their essential features and characteristics above. Our comprehensive and exhaustive purchasing advice for the highest quality bolt cutters is below:

Quality of The Blades:

What you can do with a cutting blade depends on the material used for the blade. If you want the most remarkable results, use a steel blade.

An edge that has been hardened is desirable. The finest blades also last a long time and don’t require a lot of upkeep or repair. As also, make sure that the edge is easily washable.


Bolt cutters that are well-designed and compact are easy to carry. The weight of bolt cutters is usually discussed in terms of the handle.

However, it’s essential to examine the entire instrument. For a short handle bolt cutter with heavy-duty construction, the weight adds force to the cutting motion. The lighter the cutter, the better.


Particularly if you plan to use it for extended periods, the handle must be comfortable. The grip should be non-slip as well, if possible. If you’re cutting hefty materials that demand force, you’ll want a tool with long handles.

In addition, the long handles offer the leverage you need to cut through the material. Material for bolt cutter handles varies. But some bolt cutters come with an aluminum handle instead of the more usual plastic grip. Aluminized handles, on the other hand, are lighter but more costly.


You’ve likely observed that bolt cutters are available in various sizes and lengths. This is owing to the fact that it is typically recommended to have a long and big bolt cutter on hand.

Cutting metal bolts or chains becomes easier with a longer blade. If you’re confused, a 42-inch bolt cutter is better than a 30-inch one.


Using your bolt cutters to cut various hard metals over time might cause them to wear out quickly.

In terms of construction quality, bolt cutters are all constructed of high-grade metal. For a sense of their endurance and durability, you may check out the warranty they provide.

The Cutting Capacity:

It doesn’t matter how long your bolt cutter is or how well it cuts hard metals, and it still won’t cut something if it doesn’t fit inside its jaws.

As a result, you should additionally examine the bolt cutters’ cutting capability rating. As you can expect, it is excellent to have a large cutting capacity.

As a general rule, you’ll see cutting capacity values like 12″, 14″, and 5/16″. With a maximum cutting capability of 1/2 inch, you can cut anything you want with ease.

Our Top Picks

Type Title
Best Overall WORKPRO W017007A Bolt Cutter for Padlock
Comfortable Grip TEKTON 36 Inch Bolt Padlock Cutter
Compact Bolt KNIPEX – 71 01 200 Padlock Bolt Cutter Tool
Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter Neiko 00563A Heavy Duty Padlock Bolt Cutter
Durable KOTTO Industrial Heavy Duty Padlock Cutter

Top 5 Padlock Cutters Review

WORKPRO W017007A Bolt Cutter for Padlock

As a manufacturer of power tools and heavy-duty goods such as bolt cutters for padlocks, Workpro is well-known for its wide variety of products.

For heavy-duty use, the Workpro W017007A bolt cutter takes the top spot on this list. It has a Molybdenum Steel blade that can cut up to 15/32 inches.

As a result, it’s not as popular as other heavy-duty alternatives since it’s too short for many people. Fortunately, you still receive outstanding build quality and a 1-year guarantee.

Mighty Molybdenum steel blade The length of the piece could have been longer.
Satisfactory cutting capacity grade
Heavy-duty usage
1-year warranty
Anti-slip grips
Buy on Amazon

TEKTON 36 Inch Bolt Padlock Cutter

If you want a heavy-duty bolt cutter without spending much money, Tekton is a good option.

Tekton’s 3421 bolt cutter is ideal for cutting big bolts and chains as the second item on this list. You may cut up to 12 inches with this one.

Since these bolt cutters have a length of 36 inches, you can easily cut through strong metals since you receive a lot of leverage.

Tekton’s bolt cutter has a lifetime guarantee, but its build quality is below average compared to other heavy-duty models.

Large bolt cutter Mediocre build quality
High-quality cutting capacity
Extremely durable padlock cutter
Comes with non-slip rubber grips
Buy on Amazon

KNIPEX – 71 01 200 Padlock Bolt Cutter Tool

In terms of cutting tools and other heavy-duty equipment, Knipex is a high-end brand.

3rd place goes to Knipex 7101200 bolt cutter since it is pretty robust. Being such a little bolt cutter, it’s excellent for portable use. When it comes to leverage, though, the 8-inch length isn’t ideal.

With a cutting capacity of up to 14 inches, this small choice is pretty decent. A lifetime guarantee and superb build quality come with this Knipex bolt cutter since it is designed for heavy-duty use.

The warranty term is reasonable. Relatively limited leverage
Useful for heavy-duty applications
8-inch rating
Small in size and compact in shape.
Affordable price
Buy on Amazon

Neiko 00563A Heavy Duty Padlock Bolt Cutter

One of the most fabulous bolt cutters for solid steel is the Neiko 00562A. Any material that is believed to be the toughest in terms of thickness and solidity may be cut with this tool.

The bolt cutter’s characteristic lever-fulcrum design makes it more pleasant to use since it offers enough power while requiring less pressure from the user. You’ll also have superb control over the tool when dealing with the hardest metals, thanks to its non-slip textured handles.

Jaws remain sharp for a long time, no matter how difficult the material you are cutting is.

Cuts through hard metals with ease Bit Bulky
A molybdenum steel blade is used in this tool
Heat-treated blades
Comes with a significant length
Design with a lever-fulcrum lever
Buy on Amazon

KOTTO Industrial Heavy Duty Padlock Cutter

As a 3-in-1 bundle, Kotto’s bolt cutter pliers set is famous for its flexibility. Bolt cutters 14 inches in length are often used to cut more prominent and more difficult metals.

Nevertheless, the 8-inch bolt cutter is useful for cutting tiny bolts, chains, and many other items. A cable cutter measuring 8 inches is also included in the box.

Sturdy, flexible, and handy would be the three qualities that best define this toolkit.

Portable and tiny cutter Less warranty
Three different bolt cutters are available.
Extremely cheap and cost-effective.
Durable bolt cutters.
A soft rubber grip is included.
Buy on Amazon

Bottom Line

Our top 5 above picks can be used for cutting welded rods, bolts, padlocks, etc. Not only do these padlock bolt cutters cut padlocks, but they can also cut strong metals. Their durability, longevity, and comfort make them the best bolt cutters you will ever use.

Consider investing in the best padlock cutters for your next DIY project. Don’t pick the ordinary products. We recommend you the WORKPRO Bolt Cutter as the best overall padlock cutter.