Best Outdoor Locks for Gates 2021 Review

We are all aware of the dangers of leaving our homes, shop, or organization nowadays without being safe. Thefts can reach our properties smartly enough. Therefore, we need to invest in intelligent guards to assist us in safeguarding our property from theft.

As different intelligent home components grow increasingly generic, producers are now seeking innovative ways to distinguish their goods from the public.

Chill!! We’ll provide you with five outdoor locks for gates to ensure home security from thieves and outsiders. As various innovative home components grow increasingly generic, manufacturers have begun to explore creative ways to differentiate their goods from the crowd. Canitec is also done the same! So we pick some excellent & smart gate locks for your home.

Is Outdoor Lock for Your Gates Worth That Much?

Are you trying to secure your home from thieves? Secure the gates now! Gate is the main entryway of your home.

When you make it a habit to secure your gates, doors, and windows, you lower your chances of being a home invasion victim. Most people are aware of the need to lock their doors when they leave for a lengthy length of time; however, many people are unaware that it is necessary to lock doors at home or walk out for a short amount of time.

There have been several reports of people walking through the wrong apartment door or entering the incorrect building. I’ve even tried it myself. Although these problems are generally resolved swiftly, someone’s personal space is violated.

Why should I keep my outdoor gates locked? The more difficult it is for a thief to enter, the less probable a break-in will occur. When you opt to keep your house closed at all times, you are putting your family, yourself, assets, and privacy at risk.

No one should have to live with the fear of a stranger searching through their belongings, especially when the home is supposed to be the safest place. Unfortunately, there are several scenarios in which you may be the victim of a home invasion that might have been avoided by just locking up.

Are you trying to determine the best outdoor gate lock? Then follow our buying guide below!

Buying Guide: Things to Look For In A Outdoor Gate Lock

When you move into a new house to guarantee optimal security, it is usually advisable to change the locks on the door & main gates.

Locks are one of the essential features that are frequently disregarded for your house’s safety.

The following criteria should be followed to pick the best locks for your property.

Lock Types

You would know the various variants you may take your hands on the market if you have shopped for locks previously.

Several intelligent security alternatives exist for multiple reasons: deadbolts, padlocks, smart gates latch, door levers, and electrical locks.

However, it is crucial to verify that you get the most appropriate lock for your purpose.

For example, a deadbolt can best be mounted on a door handle on the door of the door, whereas a door handle is ideal for internal doors.

Grade of security

While most high-quality locks come with safety certifications, this feature is not actually known to most homeowners.

These safety ratings define a lock’s degree of safety and durability. They are a terrific method to assess how well and how long your lock can safeguard your house before it passes.

It would be best to be careful with the safety classification of locks to ensure you get one best-suited for your degree of safety and performance.

Process of Lock Setup

Before purchasing it for your home or apartment, it is vitally important to know how the lock is placed.

You can, for example, go to those that don’t require any expensive tools to get installed if you are searching for a lock that can be fixed as a weekend branding project.

However, it is not wise to sacrifice your safety with subpar locks, which are not as good at preventing burglars, although they may be readily fitted.

It is also suggested that experienced locksmiths install their locks to guarantee that they work correctly. Finally, to provide optimal protection for your family and expensive items, you recommend that you conduct your study to purchase safe locking for your apartment.

Remember, you and your family are exposed to potential intrusion assaults, even a bit of slackness when picking the correct locking mechanism. It’s recommended that you don’t take any chances when it comes to your home security.

Our Top Picks

Types Gates Locks Title
Best Overall Disecu 4 Digit Combination Outdoor Waterproof Gates Locks
Amazon’s Choice Puroma Padlock for Outdoor Gates Locks
Heavy Duty Lock DELSWIN Outdoor Combo Gate Lock
Best Mechanical Jounjip Latch Gates Lock with Mechanical Keyless Combo
Best Durable Syntus Long Shackle Padlock 4 Digit Outdoor Gates Lock

Best Outdoor Locks for Gates Review with Pros & Cons

Disecu 4 Digit Combination Outdoor Waterproof Gates Locks

Are you looking for the most extraordinary safe doors in the last few years? Still, these fantastic doors lock your combination. For extra safety compared to the three-digit combination lock, the 4 digit Disecu combinations lock provides 10 000 combos.

High strength Disecu constructed of hardened steel and zinc alloy reduces the option to open, saw, or pried save for professional instruments. It is suited for outdoor use with quality material.

Disecu outdoor gate locks, appropriate for gate, gym locker, fence, toolbox, case, etc. It could be an ideal home security lock for your friends, family, etc.

If you set a password mistakenly and can’t remember, the lock is blocked then. This prevents the children from entering or leaving the backyard and leaving the gates accidentally open. It’s easy to set up, dynamic lock, and hold in torrents of rain till now. Well, it’s good not to have to lug keys.

The four-digit padlock is user-friendly. It is straightforward to set up or reset your combination. The side window of the combo assists you in making your mix easier. It is suitable for cabinet, door, school, gym & sports locker, cases, fence, toolbox, hap cabinet & warehousing, etc.

Please remember the code number you set. The number should line neatly with the side window before opening the combination lock. The long shackle should be pushed to the end when the combination lock password is set. If not, it will lead to a new password disorder and cannot be opened.


  • Dynamic Design
  • Easy to setup
  • Portable & Durable gate locks
  • Compact in size
  • Lightweight
  • 10,000 combo codes


  • Expensive
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Puroma Padlock for Outdoor Gates Locks

Puroma continually delivers secure and dependable combination locks, bicycle accessories, and other home equipment, committed to providing quality home renovation items.

Puroma seeks to produce more practical and innovative technologies that meet the demands of its clients. With a diameter of 1/4 inch, it is good for school sport lockers, sports lockers, fences, toolboxes, boxes, etc.

Please ensure that the lock you wish to fix is more than 1/4″ before buying the safety. This lock is manufactured from high-strength zinc alloy and thick carbon steel, which minimizes the chance of being hammered, sawed, or pried.

In addition, Canitec Home Security Tips & Resources suggested turning the shackle over the code line to prevent harming the lock.


  • 4 Digit Locker Combination Lock
  • Robust & Long-lasting gate locks
  • 10,000 combination codes
  • Carbon Steel Shackle
  • Lock body made out of Zinc Alloy
  • Very lightweight and easy to use


  • No TSA approval
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DELSWIN Outdoor Combo Gate Lock

DELSWIN Combination locks are four-digit locks, give 10,000 combinations, making it difficult for theft to breach. However, these locks are easy to create and hard to safeguard your stuff.

Thanks to its protected circular form and barely exposed bolt, the stainless steel Discus Padlock is resistant against bolt cutters. Cutters will not be sufficient space or lever to cut the hardened deadbolt of steel.

In schools, houses, offices, and fitness centers, DELSWIN combination lockers are utilized. It’s excellent for portals, fitness lockers, staff lockers, and fences. The lock has a structure of stainless steel and a strong steel shackle for greater strength and safety.


  • Keyless Convenience
  • Easy to Operate
  • Awesome Safety Features
  • Perfect for U-Haul trailer
  • Suitable for all Weather
  • Keyless Heavy Duty Lock


  • Old school design
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Jounjip Latch Gates Lock with Mechanical Keyless Combo

It’s a beautiful and firm lock. However, some people may be puzzled by how the doorbell may go to both the left and right sides but Unlocking only in one direction.

You have to turn this button off the latch (toward the hinge) to unlock the door if you follow the directions correctly. The doorknob can be turned otherwise, but it does not release the door. I think people can become confused when this is the case. You want not to be confused by the burglaries.

You question whether the code on the lock can be quickly activated or disabled with a button push? It’s unable to.

Take the keyboard from your door to not alter code on the back of both keyboards (by switching the numbers off) to disable the lock.


  • No batteries needed
  • 100% mechanical operation
  • Dual keypad security
  • Ideal keyless entry solution


  • No option or button to keep the lock in the unlocked position.
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Syntus Long Shackle Padlock 4 Digit Outdoor Gates Lock

The 4-digit synchs two-pack combination lock comes in a length and weight of 4.55*1.73 inches, and It is a small and elegant design that makes it appealing for people. In addition to the three-digit combo lock, synchs 4-digit combo code provides almost ten times the security.

Built of Zinc Alloy material and robust steel shackles, this lock is widely ideal for lockers in school, sports lockers, fences, toolbox, case, and so forth. Perfect present for friends, students and so on.

It contains high resistance zinc alloy and heavy carbon steel and offers strong resistance to cuts, hammering, and various weather conditions. Set your 4-digit combination to make your keyless convenience possible;


  • Made out of heavy-duty carbon steel
  • Handhold Size
  • 4-digit combination
  • Customizable locks
  • Resettable Password without Key


  • Less durable
  • Dials are a little tricky to turn
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  • How can an external gate be secured?

The most frequent technique to improve security is to buy durable gate locks. You can pick an option with a key or a padlock or combination lock included in the design.

  • Can I lock my gate beyond the backyard?

Several other approaches are used to secure outside gates. For example, you can utilize clocks, key locks, deadbolts, levers, chains, and locks without a key.

  • What is the technique of locking gates from both sides?

For deadbolts, there are two options: single or double cylinders. Single-cylinder signifies that the interior of the gate is a button, and the outer side is keyed. An easy option is a twin-cylinder deadbolt if you have to secure your garden gate from both sides.

Final Words

So, Canitec recommends you pick one of these outdoor locks for gates. Gate locks are a must for securing your home from the burglar. To protect your loving home, buy a robust lock today!