5 Best Omnidirectional Outdoor TV Antennas (Reviews Updated 2021)

TV antennas have been age-old and the inception of the omnidirectional outdoor antennas has revolutionized the industry. If you need more TV channels while escaping the crushing television bills, then the best omnidirectional outdoor TV antennas are for you. Our review of finely selected products in the market can make it easier for you to choose the best product for you. The buying guide beneath is crafted to help you understand the various important features to look out for when buying your next omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna.

Best Omnidirectional Outdoor TV Antenna

Here’s our review of the best omnidirectional outdoor television antennas.

1. 1byone 720° Omni-Directional Reception TV Antenna

1byone 720°omni Directional Reception Tv Antenna

Engineered to receive stable television broadcasting by filtering interferences from mobile 4G signals, the 1byone 720°Omni-Directional Reception TV Antenna is built with a pre-amplifier to make sure that all received signals are UHF and clear. Supplied with its 32ft RG6U, this antenna is super easy to install on a wall, pole or wherever you wish to place it. Effectively positioned, this antenna covers up to 150 miles around its 720-degree protractor angles.

  • Enhanced UHF signal reception
  • Cool UFO design
  • Built-in upgraded intelligent IC chip
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2. LAVA HD8008 Omnidirectional 360 Degree HD TV Antenna

Lava Hd8008 Omnidirectional 360 Degree Hd Tv Antenna

An outdoor antenna with a wide range up to 130 miles, this LAVA HD8008 Omnidirectional 360 Degree HD TV  Antenna is known to receive up to 130 free HD channels. A built-in dipole makes for excellent VHF and UHF transmissions. A 50 feet cable will put this antenna at an excellent position for efficient reception.

  • Built-in dipole
  • Reaches up to 130 miles
  • Received up to 130 Free HD Channels
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3. ANTOP UFO 720°Dual-Omni-Directional Outdoor HDTV Antenna

Antop Ufo 720°dual Omni Directional Outdoor Hdtv Antenna

This outdoor antenna is an excellent design equipped with dual reception range, receiving both long and short-range signals that are resistant to interference from 3G and 4G mobile network signals. The delivered package is a DIY design antenna that is easy to install and set up in just five minutes. This antenna is built with durability in mind, therefore, its UV resistant and weather resistant feature is valuable.

  • Built-in 4G LTE Filter
  • No signal blind zone
  • UV coated and weather-resistant
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4. Channel Master Omni+ Omnidirectional Outdoor TV Antenna

Channel Master Omni+ Omnidirectional Outdoor Tv Antenna

With reputable compatibility with HDTV and 4K TVs, the Channel Master Omni+ Omnidirectional Outdoor TV Antenna is an excellent option for omnidirectional outdoor TV antennas. It’s 50+ miles coverage makes it an excellent option for intermediate wave reception. Easy to install and can be mounted on walls, mask poles, and on any elevated surface that you have around you.

  • Easy to Install
  • Compatible with all HDTV’s and 4K TV’s
  • Digital Reception Range: 50+ Miles
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5. Winegard MS-3005 MetroStar Digital 360 VHF/UHF Amplified Omnidirectional Outdoor HDTV Antenna

Winegard Ms 3005 Metrostar Digital 360 Vhf Uhf Amplified Omnidirectional Outdoor Hdtv Antenna

Because of its slick design, this omnidirectional outdoor antenna is considered a cord-cutter antenna and it’s easy to install and set up. A built-in amplifier makes it easy to receive clear signals that are not filtered from mobile signal interferences. With dual reception of VHF and UHF signals, this antenna is compatible with all kinds of HDTV and 4K TVs as well as small apartment and homeowner association neighborhoods.

  • Antenna Range: 35 mile
  • HD dual-band VHF/UHF TV antenna
  • Built-In Pre-Amplifier
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Omnidirectional Outdoor TV Antenna Buying Guide

Some of the important features that you must look at before buying the best omnidirectional outdoor antennas may include the following

Reception Range

This quality vary greatly among the best antennas and can greatly influence your buying decisions. You should check out the position of your building and review its distance from the broadcasting towers and look for the best omnidirectional antenna that has the appropriate range. Some of the best antennas have range up to 150 miles and can pick up signals from all around.

Nevertheless, having broadcasting towers within close proximity may render the best omnidirectional outdoor antennas inefficient as they are usually long-range. Getting an indoor TV antenna might work perfectly well or you can focus on purchasing outdoor antennas with low range so that they can receive the signals properly.


There are tons of waves transmitted on air and sometimes these waves collide and interfere with themselves. These antennas are designed to receive UHF and VHF signals from broadcast towers. The transmission of these signals may be interfered with by 4G and 3G mobile networks causing the antennas to have challenges in identifying signals for various channels. The best omnidirectional outdoor antennas have 4G filters and a built-in pre-amplifier. The 4G filter removes the interference from mobile network signals while the pre-amplifier makes the signal clearer offering clear FHD or 4K transmission on the TV.


Basically, omnidirectional antennas receive two types of bands: UHF and VHF. The best outdoor TV antennas are equipped with dual-band reception giving you more channel options to watch in HD and 4K depending on the specs of the antenna.

Installation and Setup

The best omnidirectional antennas are easy to install and setup. Most of them are built with a DIY design that makes it easy for you to install them in minutes either on walls, poles, masts, or wherever you believe it would receive the signals uninterrupted from all directions. You don’t need to pay experts for installation processes when you are buying the best omnidirectional outdoor TV antennas.

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