Best places to live off-grid outside the USA

The term “off the grid” has become immensely popular in recent years, mainly because of our dependency on many devices. Nearly everything in our lives depends on technology and devices in this digital era.

Although technology has improved our lives in many ways, some people are still not happy with the idea of technology being utilized almost everywhere in our lives. The contemporary way of life is not for every person. So, many people prefer to live in places off-grid.

Living off the grid can be described as a way of living, away from all the technology and devices. Around us, we have a pool of gadgets and electronics for every function of life. Take a moment and look around you. You will see that endless devices are surrounding you.

Now, imagine a life without technology. The idea might be appealing to some, while some people might not like the idea very much.

We have compiled a list of perfect places for living off-grid outside the USA for the brave people who would like to engage in the off-grid life.

Even if you love the technology-consumed way of life, you would be surprised to see that some of these places are actually great to live in. Let’s look at the list of places we have compiled that would be perfect for your technology-free life and to explore the wonders of nature.

Lord Howe Island, Australia

Lord Howe Island in Australia is the perfect place for you if you plan to disappear from the technology-based life for a short while.

The spectacular volcanic geography makes it an ideal place to get away from city life’s daily hustle and bustle. Lord Howe Island has strict rules regarding the environment. The cars are limited on the island and are allowed only for the residents who need them.

In addition, there are no facilities like air conditioning which help preserve the environment.

The 350 residents of Lord Howe Island are very strict about their environmental policies and do not compromise on preserving nature on the Island. Fewer people mean there would be a more peaceful environment to enjoy your off-grid life in. The real face of natural surroundings can be perceived on the 11 kilometers long Island.

The environmental policies at the Island are so strict that before you choose paint for your house, The Board must be consulted to decide whether it would be harmful to the environment or not. In addition, The Board must be consulted before any plant is felled. All of this makes it the perfect secluded place for your off-grid life.

Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Fernando de Noronha consists of 21 islands, only one of which is inhabited by humans. The other 20 are preserved by nature and are inhabited only by seabirds, reptiles, and endemic species. The Island has about 5000 people, so you would not have a problem living there peacefully.

The Island has impressive white beaches, turquoise waters, and beautiful sunsets. To help preserve the natural landscapes and the delicate ecosystem of the Island, only a limited number of tourists are allowed per day.

When entering the island, you are supposed to pay a taxa de preservação ambiental tax for preserving the environment. The island has colorful carnivals and splendid beaches. The island has an ecological sanctuary. You can see several beautiful fishes such as dolphins, rays, beautiful sea turtles, and reef sharks in the eye-catching clear waters of the island.

Fernando de Noronha is a suitable place to unplug from the technology-based life and spend some time enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature.

Torri Superiore, Italy

Torri Superiore is an ecovillage in Italy located at the foothill of the Ligurian Alps. The village is not too far, only a few kilometers away from the French border. The Torri Superiore is entirely made of stone. The living style of the village is a mix of medieval Italian style and eco-friendly living. The village is said to have one of the most prominent architectural styles in the world.

The Torri Superiore is entirely solar-powered, with a nominal volume of grid energy consumption. The magnetic structure and architecture of the village are compared to that of a fortress or a labyrinth. The thirteenth-century town is a perfect getaway for people who want to get out of the unending worries of the technological world.

The total number of permanent residents in Torri Superiore is about twenty. The village people are extremely friendly to the visitors and welcome everyone to practice their way of life.

They are very eager to host guests from all over the world to their prosperous village. So, if you are planning a getaway off-grid, Torri Superiore might be a good option for you.

Tinker’s Bubble, England

Tinker’s bubble is a small community in South Somerset, England. It extends up to 40 acres of land. The people of Tinker’s Bubble have a famous saying, “We are money-poor but happiness-rich.”

All the permanent residents of the area live in a shack, which is made of timber. For twenty years, the people of Tinker’s Bubble, called “Bubbleites,” have managed the community without using any fossil fuels.

The people rely on the selling of wood products, gardening and apple products. The houses are usually made of Roundwood timber frame with repurposed windows and doors. The area is a perfect eco-friendly, low-cost neighborhood where you can get away from all your worries and live in a technology-free area.

The Bubbleites live a truly off-grid life that is free of any electrical devices. They live a peaceful life, and the visitors are more than welcome to their community wishing to enjoy life just like them. So, when planning for an off-grid living outside the US, you should definitely keep Tinker’s Bubble in mind.


Living off the grid is fun and gives you the chance to explore the world in its true sense. Other than that, it allows you to focus on yourself and your development because, in our day-to-day life, the last time we spend is with ourselves. Explore the option given above and give it a try.