Best place to live off-grid in the USA

Living off-grid is not a new phenome; however, it has seen significant growth recently as the novel coronavirus spreads all over the world, and it requires you to stay away from the crowd as much as possible.

Well, this is not the only reason for going off-grid; there are several other elements involved for which people strive to live in isolation for at least once in a lifetime.

While it is totally legal to live off the grid in the USA, you still have to follow specific codes, rules, and procedures just to make sure that you are not a tax evader, criminal, or dishonest person trying to hide from the government authorities.

Before we discuss about the best place to live off the grid in the USA, let us see what actually it means to live off the grid and what its benefits are in the first place.

Living Off Grid

People call it living in freedom or without any restrictions, and some refer to it as a chance to explore what nature has to offer you. Technically, both are correct, as living off the grid means living your life using natural resources and power. Not depending on manmade products and services is what is called living the off grid life.

Benefits of Living Off Grid

The living cut-off has its own satisfaction and benefits. Be it privacy, energy efficiency, or sustainability, the more you explore it, the more you tend to like it.

Going Green: Not depending on the power grid and utilities will eventually help reduce carbon footprint, beneficial for the environment and save a lot of your money.

Use of renewable energy resources: Living off the grid does not mean you will not use light and heat, but you will be using renewable energy resources to apply when you go back to living in urban areas. Getting familiar with renewable energy resources will be a long-term investment you will benefit from all your life.

Lavish Home Designs: Living off the grid or separately does not necessarily mean living in tents or small houses. It all depends on you; as long as you can afford it, you can build your own home for living off the grid, considering energy optimization.

Explore Nature: What can be a better way to explore the love of nature than going off the grid for a few days or weeks as you like. You are going to explore and feel the true colors of nature.

Better Health: This is one of the main benefits of living off the grid. When you consume natural food, breathe fresh air, and live away from pollution, it will improve your health. Other than that, if you are facing stress or anxiety issues, you must try living off the grid, and you will see the result yourself.

Place To Live Off Grid in the USA

While there is no restriction in living in isolation or off the grid in the USA, however, there are a few states which prefer it more than others.

Green and sustainable houses are being encouraged not only in the USA but worldwide due to increasing global warming, and it is one reason why living out of the way is supported.

Let’s explore which states are more favorable for living off the grid.

Florida: Florida allows and encourages people to go for renewable energy resources and benefit from living the off grid life. You can add a small farm or a garden to grow your own food and supplies.

Kentucky: Kentucky is one of the best US states providing support for the people living off the grid. It does not require a considerable amount of money for the settlement. However, it would help if you took security measures for safety and protection.

Colorado: Colorado has made it easier to go off-grid by making the laws more flexible; it encourages people to install their own grid supply using the renewable power generation method.

South Carolina: South Carolina is considered to be the safest for people living off grid life. The climate is also suitable in this region, and the feasibility support further makes it one of the best places to live off the grid in the USA.

Louisiana: People who have lived off the grid in Louisiana ranked it as one the best place in the USA for this purpose. The infrastructure support provided by the officials and low cost make it a suitable location.

Hawaii: Located at a position where the climate and the soils attract people towards it and encourage them to live off the grid in this state. Low-cost requirement and the support provided by the authorities makes it one of the most suitable places for living off the grid.

Requirements for Living Off Grid

Though the benefits are there, it’s not an easy task until and unless you are ready to sacrifice the comfort of modern-day life, products, and utilities. Besides that, it’s not like going on a picnic where all the facilities will welcome you; you have to prepare yourself.

Firstly, you need to have space where you can set up and live off the grid for the time, and then some states require you to meet minimal footage requirements.

Building codes must be ensured; otherwise, you might get yourself in trouble. Buildings codes are defined to ensure that the house is built by the standard and up to the mark. After all, it’s for your own protection and safety.

The startup cost will be high if you start from scratch or your first time going to live off-grid life. Similarly, you should be aware of conservation energy and how you can deploy, install and live with renewable energy resources.

Access to water must be ensured before everything else, as water is necessary for life, and you cannot survive without it. The same goes with sewage disposal; it is one of the most prominent issues people live off the grid. To ensure that you are not damaging the environment and the surroundings in any way, you should know how you can set up your own septic systems.

Lastly, do not think of damaging or disturbing wildlife. Similarly, take safety precautions and security measures as per the conditions and the requirement.