5 Best Mini Spy Cameras (Reviews Updated 2021)

As camera technology gets both more advanced and more user-friendly, many people are looking to put it to work in their daily lives. With the many different uses for a mini spy camera, ranging from nanny cams to home security, and the numerous different brands on offer, you may feel at a loss as to what to purchase. While many popular models may appear identical at first glance, some do present features that set them apart or make them more suitable for your individual needs.

This list will give you the information you need to make an informed purchase of a mini spy camera.

Best Mini Spy Cameras

Here are our mini spy camera reviews.

1. Red Owl Eyes Spy Camera

RED OWL EYES Spy Camera - Mini Hidden Camera 1080P Night Vision - Easy to Use Mini Camera Spy Wireless - Spy Cam Motion Detection - Nanny Camera - Small Camera - Secret Camera - 24/7 Recording

The Red Owl Eyes spy camera offers a 24/7 recording, with a built-in extender cable. A 32 GB SD card and card reader are included with the product, free of charge. It also boasts a night vision mode along with 6 IR LEDs.

  • 70 minutes of wireless recording time
  • 12 MP photos
  • Easy to use
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2. MDYHT Mini Spy Camera

Mini Spy Camera Wireless Hidden, MHDYT Full HD 1080P Portable Small Covert Home Nanny Cam with Motion Detection and Night Vision, Indoor/Outdoor Micro Security Surveillance Hidden Camera

The MDYHT Mini Spy Camera has a uniquely flexible design, featuring magnets and mirrors that can be removed or attached depending on the use. This makes it easy to hide and easy to install. The camera only records when the motion detector is triggered, meaning space is not wasted on the SD card.

  • 50-minute battery life
  • Includes 4 IR LED lights
  • Records video in 1920x1080HP
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3. Ehomful Mini Spy Camera

Mini Spy Camera Wireless Hidden, ehomful 1080P Full HD Cop Spy Cam Body Camera, Security Nanny Cam Night Vision Motion Activated for Home,Car,Office Indoor Outdoor, 32GB SDHC Memory Card with Reader

The Ehomful Mini Spy Camera includes a variety of accessories, such as a mounting bracket and a swivel clip that transforms it into a body cam. It offers 100 minutes of battery life, one of the best on the market. This combination of features makes it ideal for users who envision using their camera on the go.

  • Loop recording and motion detection
  • Infrared LED
  • 12 MP photo and 1080P HD Video
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4. DZFtech Mini Spy Camera

Mini Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Spy Cop Cam Seen on TV, 1080P Mini Hidden Camera with 32G SD Card, Nanny Cam Night Vision Camera with Motion Detection

The DZFtech Mini Spy Camera is one of the smallest on the market, at 0.98×0.98×0.98 inches. It is capable of recording video at 30 frames per second at 1920x1080p HD. This, along with its wide camera angle, ensures that it easily captures everything within view while avoiding detection.

  • Motion detection activated night vision
  • 80-minute battery life when fully charged
  • Built-in magnetic mount
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5. Relohas Mini Spy Camera

Mini Spy Camera WiFi, Relohas HD 1080P Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Live Streaming, Upgraded Night Vision/Motion Activated Spy Cam Nanny Cam, Security Camera for Home and Outdoor (with Cell Phone APP)

While the Relohas Mini Spy Camera is slightly more expensive than some other models, it includes several advanced features. Unlike many other similar products, it allows users to choose between four different recording modes, including timed recording and motion detection mode. This gives users maximum control over recording.

  • Wifi capabilities
  • Rechargeable 800 mAh battery
  • Excellent night vision with invisible lamp beads
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Mini Spy Camera Buying Guide

When purchasing a mini spy camera, it is important to be mindful of several different factors. Generally speaking, there are a few points all buyers should consider.

A mini spy camera is a versatile tool for anyone looking to keep an eye on their surroundings, whether for home security, child safety, or any other reason.

Different models can be distinguished from one another by their battery, memory and recording capabilities, night vision capabilities, and mounts and attachments.

Battery life

Some cameras have a longer battery life than others, and some allow for long term use as they can function while charging. This is a crucial fact to keep in mind when making a purchase.

Most mini spy cameras use rechargeable batteries, which remain charged from around thirty minutes to over one hundred minutes in some models. Some include removable batteries, while others are built-in.


Some cameras include SD cards with higher capacities than others, and this is naturally a factor to consider. However, what may be more important in ensuring memory capacity is whether it is motion-triggered.

A motion-triggered camera will only record when it senses movement, saving space on the card so that the user does not run out of space for important footage.


Of course, some cameras offer better quality recording than others. There are several factors to consider here.

The first factor is frames per second, meaning how often the camera records an image in a single second. A higher number indicates higher quality.

The second factor is the resolution. Again, a higher number indicates better quality. Many commonly purchased models have a resolution of 1080.

Night Vision

Night vision is vital for buyers who wish to use a mini spy camera for home surveillance.

One thing to consider in cameras offering night vision is whether they utilize automatic night vision. Cameras with this function are best suited for surveillance purposes.

Mounts and Attachments

It is important to check what kinds of mounts and attachments are included with any given model. Items like these allow for specialized uses.

Specialized uses might include, for example, body cams. Keep in mind what you expect to use the camera for and what you might need to make this possible.

Some models include more mounts and attachments than others, so it is a good idea to carefully check the product description to know that it can easily be adapted for your intended use.