5 Best Mini Drones with Camera (Reviews Updated 2021)

Since the invention of camera-carrying mini drones, there has been an upsurge in the effectiveness of surveillance practices across cities and states. Taking your security awareness to the next level requires the best mini drones with cameras to keep an overhead watch over your environment even from a distance. We understand that buying the best mini drone to serve this purpose best is daunting, therefore, we have compiled a review of the best products that the market has to offer followed by a buying guide to help you get ahead of your buying decisions.

Best Mini Drones with Camera

Below is our esteemed review of the best mini drones with cameras.

1. DJI Mavic Mini – Drone FlyCam Quadcopter

Dji Mavic Mini Drone Flycam Quadcopter

Weighing below 250 grams, the DJI Mavic Mini – Drone FlyCam Quadcopter flies seamlessly for over 30 minutes with a fully charged battery just to capture the views below in its QHD 2.7K videos and 12MP photos. You can catch your views from almost any mobile device as it is built compatible with iOS 10 or later and Android v6.0 or later.

  • Weighing under 250 grams
  • Up to 30 minutes of flight time
  • 12MP aerial photos and 2.7K Quad HD videos
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2. EACHINE E61HW WiFi FPV Quadcopter

Eachine E61hw Wifi Fpv Quadcopter

One of the easiest mini-drones to control, the EACHINE E61HW WiFi FPV Quadcopter is an aerial wonder flipping and returning in a single push of the button. Its WiFi-enabled HD camera is connected to your phone through the downloaded app to offer you real-time transmission. This mini-drone is control-friendly and most recommended for beginners as the remote control is easy to understand and the drone is built to respond to single key take-offs and landings as well as every other control feature.

  • Includes the new 3D rolling special effects
  • Built-in WiFi module
  • One key take-off /Landing
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3. Supkiir S9M Mini Drone

Supkiir S9m Mini Drone

Another superb option for beginners, children, and advance flyers who seek to maintain simplicity in controlling their drones. This mini-drone allows you to take off, land, and instantly return flights in a single keypunch. Its altitude hold feature allows you to keep the drone at still in the sky as you shoot excellent images and HD videos from it WiFi-enabled camera.

  • Built-in G-sensor
  • 4-AXIS gyro
  • One key start/landing/return
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4. Potensic D88 Foldable Drone

Potensic D88 Foldable Drone

An industry-leading brand and pacesetter, the Potensic D88 Foldable Drone is equipped with 5G WiFi connectivity to transmit its HD 2K video footages to the App on your phone. Although mostly recommended for adults and experts, enthusiastic beginners can learn with this drone as well, catching a rigid feel of a 50km/h top speed drone hovering over several hundred feet above the Earth. Its wide 110-degree camera sends transmission for all the time it is in the air boosted by a 3400mAh battery over a total flight time of 20 minutes after a full charge.

  • 110° wide angle can adjust 90°
  • 3400mAh high capacity intelligent battery
  • Ultrasonic altitude determination
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5. Holy Stone HS110D FPV RC Drone

Holy Stone Hs110d Fpv Rc Drone

Transmitting 1080p HD videos to your smartphone through its WiFi-enabled 120-degree camera, the Holy Stone HS110D FPV RC Drone is one of our picks for the best mini-drones. Lightweight design with a 1000mAh battery to foster flight for up to 10 minutes, this drone performs thrilling 3D flips and altitude holds ushering in ecstatic views to your camera’s delight.

  • 1000mAh high capacity battery
  • 120° Wide-Angle WiFi camera
  • Camera with 1080p HD resolution
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Mini Drone With Camera Buying Guide

Buying a mini drone with a camera for surveillance or any purpose at all may not be the easiest task for novices but with this buying guide, you can always remember to pay attention to the important qualities that make a drone the best option for you.

Skill Levels

How well can you fly a drone? The answer to this question can significantly affect your choice of mini-drone. Some drones are harder to fly than others. If you are a beginner, you may consider choosing simpler drones that have one key start, takeoff, landing, and returns. These drones, although less manipulatable, are easier to control than their complex counterparts. Nevertheless, if you like to catch the real feel of powerful mini-drones, you are welcome to try more challenging drones.

Flight Time

How long can the drone of your choice fly? This will determine the distance it can cover putting its average speed into consideration. The flight time of the best mini-drones is proportionate with their battery strength. Ironically, more battery strength causes an increase in weight and slower flight speed. While choosing your mini drone, ensure that it can fly long enough to serve the purpose for which it was bought. You don’t want to fly a drone that goes out of power midway your flight.

Size and weight

Although they are all referred to as mini-drones, they vary in sizes and weight. Heavier and bigger drones face more challenges with flight because of gravity although some are equipped with G-sense to help fight gravity. The best mini-drones are light weighted and small enough to fly seamlessly. We recommend lighter drones for long-distance flights but they must have enough weight to fight the winds.


The essence of buying a mini drone with a camera is the camera and should get some wealth of attention before purchase decisions are made. Depending on the intended purpose of the drone, you have to choose your camera choice carefully. Filming may require mini-drones with high-resolution cameras of 2K or above. Surveillance drones may also enjoy serving on those cameras but 1080p and other HD options may serve pretty well. Also, the angle of the camera lens is a vital feature to look at. To cover a wide range, you may consider cameras with broad angles.