5 Best Magnetic Cabinet Locks Review & Buying Guide

Magnetic Cabinet Locks: sounds familiar, right? If you are a family person, you have lots of tensions for the little kids in your house and household material’s security. Is it really tough to find the solution immediately? Oh, come on! It’s not that hard.

To ensure your kids’ safe discovery in your house, you need the best magnetic cabinet locks. But the premium magnetic locks are hard to pick. Why? There are lots of brands out there. Each brand has some unique features and drawbacks.

Our research team analyzes the top magnetic locks in the market and chooses the supreme five. Let’s pick the ideal lock for your home.

Why Magnetic Locks?

When it comes to protection and your kids, you will never have enough. That is why it is essential to shield your child from dangerous substances and objects that can damage them in kitchens, baths, bedrooms, garages, and other parts of the house or workplace that your child may have access to.

If you have a little kid, you realize that they’re curious and that you’re never going to discourage them. Purchase the magnetic cabinet locks to make sure the child is safe when it is being found. The locks are high and can only be accessed by adults. It prohibits children from opening their cabinets and touching poisonous and dangerous items.

Besides, the 3M tape is simple to install. They can even be opened easily. They suit every kind of cabinet, and they are versatile.


Best Overall Jambini Dynamic & Safe Magnetic Cabinet Lock https://amzn.to/3mkKoa0
Adhesive Magnetic system Safety 1ˢᵗ Premium Adhesive Magnetic Lock https://amzn.to/3mn7L2N
Best Child Safety Magnetic Cabinet & Drawer Locks By Eco-Baby https://amzn.to/3mnhOFh
Best Budget Mousike Double Magnetic Cabinet Lock https://amzn.to/3wtPTYO
Best Easy To Install ITOOL Baby Proofing Magnetic Lock https://amzn.to/3cOaIq2

Ultimate Review Of Top 5 Magnetic Locks & Expert Recommendation Below:

Jambini Dynamic & Safe Magnetic Cabinet Locks

Do you want the best premium magnetic lock? Then definitely, it will be at the top of your list. Buy the Jambini magnetic cabinet lock to ensure that your child is secure. It has a lovely appearance in the beginning. The latches and locks are placed without a boiling inside the drawer.

It has an excellent magnetic design as well. Installing without tools is also simple. You can be finished simply with the 3M adhesive tape. In a tight shape, the children can’t cram in their little fingers.

The locks can also be unlocked with a flip-change. Jambini works better if the children aren’t around. Get one today, regardless of the cabinet type. In any cabinet style, this lock fits well.

Customers enjoy it because they don’t need to do childproof drills in their cabinets. We liked it since it looks tiny and lightweight and doesn’t take long to load. The strength test with flying colors was passed in our laboratory test. The children could not unlock the lock for up to 10 years. You would fit securely inside your drawer until you lock your drawer.


  • Tamperproof brand
  • Protected from child tampering
  • No primary tools needed to fix it
  • Robust design
  • It provides Key
  • Lightweight


  • For a thicker drawer or case, Magnet does not fit well


The other incredible thing is that for this one, you don’t need any boiling. It has an outstanding, less than a minute to add 3M adhesive tape.

We may not even like the power the most strongly will draw from the tape to the cabinet. It’s even a magnetic lock secret. It is rendered transparent and disguised by both its scale and color.

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Safety 1ˢᵗ Premium Adhesive Magnetic Lock

Safety 1ˢᵗ is the most heavy-duty magnetic cabinet lock. Protection matters if you have a kid. The safety 1st lock is perfect in magnetic cabinets. Thereby, it prohibits infants from handling sharp edges or harmful objects in cabinets or drawers. To preserve a good look, these locks disappear behind the cabinet and drawer frames.

There are eight locks in one package and two keys. Each lock has a plastic mold, which makes it easier to use. If you don’t need it, you can only press a button to disengage the lock.

Furthermore, installing these locks is very easy. Since they don’t need instruments, any materials can, however, include screws. It has less weight than regular locks and a lightweight product of 1.1 pounds.

The lock can be connected to nearly all the cabinets by switching to its assembly. It’s peeling on the sticker with the same thing.
Our test shows that the sticker adhesive is solid and that the lock will not drop for years. However, you must screw the lock on the cabinet for particle boards (with the kit).


  • Awesome Adhesive lock
  • Easy installation process
  • Lightweight
  • Dynamic design
  • Portable
  • Highly-Durable


  • The only drawback of this product is: it’s a bit expensive


It is the market’s most powerful magnetic bolt. It has everything you need, from consistency to robustness to a secure lock. For an invisible protection solution, you may position it inside or outside the drawer and the cabinet. The lock was tested for its strength in our laboratory. Neither the child nor an adult may wrench the lock open without the key.

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Magnetic Cabinet & Drawer Locks by Eco-Baby

Here comes another masterpiece of magnetic locks. We rate it as the best child safety lock.

It is easy to install the Eco-Baby magnet cabinet lock. It is because no screws are to be booted or used. In drawers or cabinets, you can install it. It prevents the kid from accidents because it is solid. There are twenty magnetic locks in one package and three keys to minimizing accident risks.

It’s easy to reach, besides security. Furthermore, it features a no-tugging 3M adhesive tape. It has instructions included in the box to make installation simple. The lock weighs 1 pound in this magnetic cabinet.

It holds on cabinets with hard jerks or aggressive pushes without suddenly falling off. One package can be used to secure and baby-proof 12 of your cabinets.


  • Best for child safety
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Easy Installation
  • Complete baby proofing kit


  • It has no keys with it


We recommend ECO-BABY for those who have small kids in their home. It will benefit them for sure.

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Mousike Double Magnetic Cabinet Lock

Are you ever annoyed by the entrance, which cannot be securely closed? Is dragging and dropping stuff from the wardrobe quick for your pet? The magnetic world’s wonder -“Mousike” will allow you to overcome the above problems with ease!

These particular captivating locks are made of high-quality rust and wear-resistant stainless steel. It has a powerful magnetic appearance and is ideal for all forms of use, such as the bedroom, bathroom, and closet. Make your life more comfortable while enhancing family protection.

Mousike is the magnetic lock for the door, cabinet, and drawer that can be used. It is made of high-grade stainless steel to ensure quality and longevity. For bedrooms, baths, kitchen and other closets, we would suggest that you do. You should not only make your house child-friendly but also keep your cases closed now and then.


  • High-quality Security
  • It provides superb longevity
  • Double Magnetic Door Catch
  • Ideal for your bedrooms
  • Easy to install


  • Design can be more optimized


This particular awesome Cabinet magnet is made of high-strength material, extend integrated molding, quality, and longevity. It’s Ideal for the use of apartments, toilets, kitchens, restaurants, and closets.

MOUSIKE Cabinet magnets made of high-strength material with extending integrated molding, quality, and longevity. It is an ideal lock for the use of apartments, toilets, kitchens, restaurants, and closets.

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ITOOL Baby Proofing Magnetic Lock

ITOOL is the latest model in the industry. Do you need the best safety? Then why not try the ITool safety bolt? They came in for the time because of good consumer reviews, and they are sold like pancakes. They are built to prevent your children from touching the unsafe drawers and keep the objects safe and stable in the drawer. For its accuracy and longevity, we have given a thumb.

Go on; you have to stick it to your case, like most premium items. So above all, unless you have anything in the particleboard, you don’t need any screw or drill. The adhesive tape of 3M is firm enough to continue on it until it is plucked in a powerful instrument. In the kit, you can select different sizes based on the cabinet size.

In a package of 20 locks and four keys are included ITool safety locks. Before you forget the one you are using, you choose to use two keys at once and save the remaining two in the future.


  • Awesome Security
  • It comes at a cheap rate
  • 3M tape
  • Magnetic Keys 20 x 42*18(mm)
  • Powerful magnets
  • No installation pain


  • The magnet would not fit well with more adhesive drawers


Child Protection is incredible. Small ones cannot access unsafe items in cabinets or drawers. Another incentive to buy is Quick Installation. It comes with Cradle installation so that you can install them quickly without constant attempts.

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Cabinet Lock’s Classification | Types Of Premium Cabinet Locks

There are various styles of locks for your children’s cabinets. Here we represent some significant types of cabinet locks:

Magnetic Locks

They are installed in your window or cabinet and can be installed most of the time on the top, bottom, or door side so that you have enough to install. However, you can need permission to install the mounted hardware locks while you are in a rental house.

If the lock is placed on the handle, there is no opening, so you can’t pinch your little hands or toes.

Any magnetic cabinet locks need hardware installation, while others need adhesive tape installation. Bear in mind that those who use tape do not resist the use of built-in hardware.

Adhesive Cabinet Locks

These locks are perfect because you can uninstall them after you have finished with them. The majority of mounted adhesive cabinet locks have an elastic strap in the center, which has an anchor point at each end on the surface of the element that is to be secured.

Because many sticky cabinet locks have a flexible band in the center, the lock can be twisted around the corners.

An adhesive lock unlocks the possibility of locking, which most locks do not. You can lock cabinets and drawers with these locks to also lock devices such as microwaves.

Cord Locks

You are a candidate for cabinet locks if you have knobs side-by-hand on your cabinet. This particular lock has several advantages.

The lock is one of the simplest to be mounted on the market and can be removed if necessary. A cord lock can also be used with one hand.

Slide Locks

Although a sliding case lock will use all the cabinet buttons and handles, mushroom or D-shaped handles are better worked. These locks are perfect because they can be worked with a single hand; they are cheap, and no hardware or equipment is needed. These locks, however, are not intended for reliability and can fail over time if they are regularly used.


Here are some key points to consider before picking a magnetic cabinet lock:

System of Locking

Both these locks have a powerful magnet to keep the door shut until a strong force pulls them. These locks’ strong electric power makes it harder for babies to tighten their doors and keep the drawers safe for babies.

Babies typically have the habit of opening clothes and cabinets and taking everything inside.

Setting-up Process

In general, no intensive installation process is needed for all these locks. Any of them are free of charge and free of tools. Behind them, they have solid adhesive tape that needs to be fixed in the drawer. So choose a magnetic lock that is easy to install.


Durability is the top-most priority before choosing a lock. So, consider durability first. If you choose the ordinary product, then the durability will be less than you expected.

Wrapping UP

If you have several cases in your home, you must need the best magnetic cabinet locks to protect and secure stuff inside. Not just that, if you have neighboring kids at home, you will need it. The best magnetic cabinet lock is built to protect and secure both your home and your family. You should pick the ideal one for getting the optimal performance.

Choose any product from our list if you doubt it because they are all known for their usefulness and durability. If you asked to recommend the two best locks, we would suggest the Mousike Cabinet Lock & The best overall choice-Jambini Dynamic & Safe Magnetic Cabinet Lock.