5 Best Mac Compatible Hidden Cameras (Reviews Updated 2021)

With Apple taking over the tech market and almost every household having Mac devices, the need to own Mac compatible hidden cameras cannot be overemphasized. Although the industry is growing exponentially, the best Mac compatible hidden cameras are not as easy to find. Our review presents the best Mac compatible cameras for surveillance use that the market has to offer. Followed with a buying guide, we are focused on helping you buy the product that best serves your needs.

Best Mac Compatible Hidden Cameras

Here’s our review of the best Mac compatible hidden cameras.

1. Papakoyal Hidden Mini Camera

Spy Camera, Papakoyal Hidden Camera Mini Camera Hd 1080p 720p Spy Cam Wireless Small Portable Night

This Mac compatible hidden camera doesn’t betray the credibility and taste of Mac compatible devices as it comes equipped with excellent night vision and motion detection technology. With its amazingly small size, it is designed to be very easy to use and can be used to record 720p and 1080p HD videos that are stored or viewed remotely on mobile devices.

  • Works up to 100 minutes at 1080P 30fps
  • Built-in 200mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
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2. TOTUOKEY WiFi Charger Hidden Spy Camera

Wifi Charger Hidden Spy Camera Motion Detection Hd Usb Charger Camera 1080p Indoor Wall Charger Mini

Constructed and embedded into a USB charger, this hidden camera is both AC and DC powered while also maintaining its compatibility with Mac devices. With a wide-angle of 110 degrees, the camera lens records 1080p HD videos at 30 frames per second, sending them through WiFi for remote viewing.

  • Remote view via smartphone
  • Motion Detection
  • 110-degree wide-angle camera
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3. MHDYT Full HD 1080P Portable Hidden Camera

MHDYT Mini Wireless Hidden Spy Camera

Iconically termed the smallest pocket camera in the world, this MHDYT Full HD 1080P Portable Hidden Camera is one of the best Mac compatible hidden cameras sending 1080p HD videos through its lens into a micro SD backed storage. Equipped with 4-piece IR LEDs for peering night vision, this camera can take clear shots and videos even at the darkest times of the day.

  • Built-in 240mAh battery
  • Unique and Innovative DIY Design
  • Records video 1080P HD at 30 frames per second
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4. FanCheng Wireless Hidden WiFi Camera

Fancheng Wireless Hidden Wifi Camera, Hd 1080p Mini Remote View Camera Premium Security Camera Comp

Designed perfectly to keep families safe and track events silently, the FanCheng Wireless Hidden WiFi Camera boasts of an excellent 1080p HD lens that covers footage both day and night. Its night vision technology includes a 6-piece LED that travels 5 meters into the darkness without lighting up or exposing the camera’s hideout. Wireless connectivity allows it to send live footage to mobile devices while motion detection technology keeps you from engaging in idle footages all the time.

  • Motion detection technology
  • 6-piece LED night vision
  • Built-in magnet for easy installation
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5. SZBOKE Hidden Camera-Spy Camera-Spy Pen

Hidden Camera Spy Camera Spy Pen 2.5 Hours Video Taking Battery Life 1080p Hd Spy Camera Pen Szboke

Of course, a spy pen made our list of the best Mac compatible hidden cameras because of its sophistications which includes its ability to house up to 32GB memory storing HD 1080p videos recorded through its quick-paced lens catching motions at 30 frames per second. Ideal for business conferences this spy pen with a hidden camera collects all the details that come to its wake and is easily accessed on your Mac.

  • Built-in 350 mAh battery
  • Produce 1080p color HD video at 30FPS
  • 150-minute continuous recording time
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Buying Guide for Mac Compatible Hidden Cameras

Although their Mac compatibility is a huge significance, there are other features that you may need to consider when buying the best Mac compatible hidden cameras. Some of these features include the following.

Camera Quality

Some of the best Mac compatible hidden cameras are known for breathtaking camera quality that allows them to send High Definition or Full HD videos to their storage or mobile devices. Although there are products that may produce less quality, the best products are always equipped with 1080p HD/FHD cameras that capture events at 30 frames per minute. Some others have adjustable resolutions for their camera and as such may offer other options like 720p and 360p HD videos. Whichever option best serves your need would be a good fit.

Furthermore, cameras have fields of view and this could affect your choice of hidden cameras generally depending on the size of the space you wish to keep under surveillance. Cameras with wide-angle lens are most advisable for smaller spaces since they can spread their fields of view easily across the small space to bring everything happening in the room into its record.

Night Vision

Night vision technology is an important part of Mac compatible hidden cameras since they may be required to capture footage even in low lights and total darkness. Some of the best products in the market boasts of 6-piece LEDs piercing into the darkness. Other products may boast of 4-pieces LEDs. Each product varies in the distance it could cover in total darkness. Considering the position of the hidden camera, if your space is pretty wide, you could consider buying one with a 6-piece LED and travels a distance that commensurates your wide space.

Battery Life

The best Mac compatible hidden cameras are battery-backed to provide backup power when they are required to function without being plugged into an outlet. The battery life of hidden cameras varies greatly and we strongly recommend that you check out the strength of the battery and how long it record videos continuously to see if it fits your need.