5 Best Listening Devices (Reviews Updated 2021)

Eavesdropping, spying, or just curiosity may drive you into wanting to know what’s being said behind closed doors or at a far distance. Using some of the best listening devices in the market can help bring those sounds closer to you and there would be virtually no spoken secrets when you have them at your disposal. Buying one of these devices becomes a tough task for an inexperienced buyer and even pros. Therefore, our revies of the best listening devices are focused on bringing the best that the market has to offer to your knowledge and options for you to make your choice with the guidance offered in our buying guide.

Best Listening Devices

Below are the five best listening devices in the market.

1. COLOR TREE HY929 Enhanced High Strength Wall Microphone Listening Device

Hy929 Enhanced Version Of High Strength Wall Microphone Voice Bug Ear Amplifier Bug Wall Listening D

Although walls and other barriers can hinder your chances of listening to what is being discussed within or outside a room, this device held close to the wall can pick up sound waves excellently. Its adjustable amplifier allows you to listen to various frequencies of sound across a barrier. With the ease of control, even novices can use this device without any professional experience.

  • Adjustable waveband amplifier
  • Easy to use
  • High sensitivity
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2. Science Purchase Electronic Listening Device

Electronic Listening Device Ex Electronix Express

Used for both seeing and hearing far objects and sounds, this listening device can be used to listen to sounds that 300 feet away from you with the help of the high-quality headphone that is included in its pack. With a recording ability, this device gives you an option to listen up to 120 seconds playback.

  • For both listening and viewing
  • Sound range up to 300 feet far
  • Digital recording of 120 seconds playback
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3. CampCo Uzi Uzi-OD-1 Observation Listening Device

Campco Uzi Uzi Od 1 Observation Listening Device With 300 Foot Range And Noise Reduction, Black

With the ability to traps sounds as far as 300 feet, this listening device is sensitive to sound supported by its noise reduction technology to make sure that the sounds come in crystal clear. Powered by a 9V battery, this device can work with or without external power making it an excellent fit if you are away from home.

  • parabolic sound collecting dish
  • Noise reduction
  • 300-feet range
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4. Sumas SMH-3010 Bionic Ear Listening Device

Sumas Smh 3010 Bionic Ear Listening Device W Headphones Pick Up Sounds As Far Away As 150'!

With a removable parabolic dish to receive sounds from as far as 150 feet, this listening device collects sounds of various wavebands with the help of its adjustable 8x scoop. Although it has built-in audio storage that allows up to 120 seconds playback, it can also be connected to a recording device allowing for potentially unlimited sound storage.

  • Build-in adjustable 8X Scoop
  • Build-in audio storage up to 120 second
  • Removable Parabolic dish
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5. SpyX / Micro Super Ear – Spy Toy Listening Device

Spyx Micro Super Ear Spy Toy Listening Device With Over The Ear Design. A Perfect Hands Free Ad

With an over-the-ear Bluetooth loop, this device can be mounted on the ear as headphones directly connected to the receiver that transmits sounds from the focus direction. This option is excellent for young spies and trainees helping them connect with both the amplifier and the headset as a single unit.

  • Over-the-ear ‘Bluetooth’ loop design
  • A microphone attached to the earpiece
  • Hands-free spying
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Listening Devices Buying Guide

Buying a listening device is not as difficult as it may appear but making the wrong choices can be the reason for a sour experience. Therefore, to make sure that we deter that unpleasant experience, we have put a short guide on the features that need your attention when getting one of the best listening devices in the market.

Transmission Range

While some listening devices are used to eavesdrop on conversations going on across a barrier, others are used to attract sounds that are hundreds of feet away. Depending on your aim, you may opt for either the short-range transmitters or long-range. There are listening devices that transmit sounds as far as 300 feet. Most of these long-range listening devices are often equipped with parabolic sound collect dishes to help channel the sound bands into the transmitter.

Playback Time

When you are listening to a sound that is far away or conversation being made across a  barrier, you are most likely not the person that is being spoken to and as such some words or sentences way slip from the grasp of your ears. When this happens, you may want to make use of the playback option of your listening machine. Unfortunately, not all the listening machines have this feature. When you are buying a listening device, you should consider getting one with a playback feature.