Best Dogs To Protect A House

While cute little puppies are adorable, they may not always be the best choice when you are looking to protect your home. Dogs have always been used for detective work for several reasons, especially because of their extraordinary sense of smell. Pair that with their loyalty and ability to guard and protect their owners and homes, and you get a perfect security guard.

No doubt, most of the dogs will stand in front of their owners when needed, but some breeds are built to be guard dogs. Due to their unmatched physical features, qualities, and nature, they are the best breeds you can get for home security.

If you want to know more about the best dogs to protect a house, stay right here and continue reading the article, as here we will be discussing the best dogs to protect a house.

German shepherd

German shepherds are recognized for their outstanding work for years as military and police dogs. While they are popular among the forces, they are also extremely popular as pets. They are bold, confident, calm, protective, and highly versatile. Owed to the power that they hold, German Shepherds are considered to be the best dogs for home security and protection.

Associated initially with herding cattle and sheep on farms, they are naturally loyal and protective of their owners. They are best known for their laid-back attitude, love of attitude, and easy grooming.

In addition, they have a highly efficient sense of smell which remains unchallenged by the other breeds of dogs. As a result, they’re not only suitable protectors but are incredibly loving and will form a strong bond with you.


Akitas are silent but dangerous bear-looking dogs with a great build. With their considerable body strength and natural aggressiveness, they become mighty. Getting them comfortable with friends and family is complicated, but they will know who to be playful and goofy with if you get them as puppies and train them to do so.

However, they aren’t recommended for first-time dog owners because of their high maintenance. Akita’s must be watched around children, as the wilful canines tend to be quite unfriendly to those they don’t know.

The best practice is getting a puppy and getting it into obedience training to know its owners. Akita’s can be alert on the go but also friendly. These Japanese hunting dogs are quiet and “cat-like” around the house but non-forgiving to any stranger who comes across them. Having Akita’s at your service, you will never have to worry about trespassers breaching into your home.


Bullmastiffs are a breed made from a cross of a bulldog and a mastiff. Originally bred to be a gamekeeper’s dog, they become perfect companions and protectors of their owners. Being naturally solid and intelligent, bullmastiffs are ideal for the protection of your home. These canines are incredibly active, courageous, loyal, and agile.

Bullmastiffs usually have a large build and the temperament of being a perfect protector. Due to their large size, typically 54kg to 59kg, Bullmastiffs can tackle a full-grown man with little to no effort. In addition to being super intelligent and fiercely loyal, Bullmastiffs are also “high-spirited” canines who will take down an intruder and keep him down until help arrives.

In addition, Bullmastiffs can learn to obey commands and be trained and taught through unconventional methods.

Doberman pinscher

Doberman pinscher is a perfect dog to protect a large property area. If you are looking for the ultimate protector dog who can cover a larger area all by himself, the intimidating pawed protector Doberman is the one for you.

They are known as one of the most dangerous breeds of dogs, and due to that, they make excellent protectors. In addition, Dobermans have long lifespans, meaning you won’t have to worry about your property for a long time.

Dobermans have tremendous speed, and they require very little time to catch an intruder red-handed. These loyal and fearless dogs are certainly one of the most brilliant and strongest canine breeds.

Muscular and squarely built, they are perfect for energetic activities which require a lot of running and moving. If you spend some time with a Doberman, you’ll get to know that they are brilliant and active dogs, and they’ll be able to protect your property like no other.


Another very calm and committed breed, a single look at the muscular and powerful build of the Rottweiler, will send an intruder running down the street.

Rottweilers are known to be committed assisters who are primarily used for protecting cattle and sheep. Having this ruthless canine as a guardian for not only your cattle but also your house will let you know that it does not allow a stranger to pass by in plain sight.

One of the distinguishing qualities of a Rottweiler is that it will not be friendly to a stranger until introduced adequately by its owner to the stranger. So if a stranger breaks into your house, rest assured that he will be taken care of by the mighty Rottweiler you have in your backyard. In addition, Rottweilers are devoted to their family, active creatures, and easy to groom.

Rhodesian ridgeback

Bred initially as a merciless lion hunter, Rhodesian ridgeback is sure not to let any stranger pass by. However, due to its strong drive towards the prey and the independent nature of the breed, they can take care of themselves and your home.

Ridgebacks are natural guard dogs who are primarily calm and loyal and don’t bark a lot. But when they bark, you need to be watchful about them.

However, due to their independent nature, they don’t always obey orders. But when appropriately trained, they can be turned into loyal and dutiful to their owners. As tough as Ridgebacks might look, they are extremely good with kids. Although loving and calm, they will guard your property when needed to do so.


When it comes to home security, having a guard dog is always a good addition, and it helps keep the burglars away from your property. Besides that, it can act promptly in case someone tries to enter a building or a house.

While several dog breeds are used for this purpose, those mentioned above are the best dogs to protect your home. Based on your understanding and familiarity, you can opt for any of them to protect your home.