What is the Best Home Security System Without the Monthly Fees?

Who does not wants to have the best home security system installed at their home when one can see the crime rate is increasing daily. Everyone wants to be safe and secure as much as possible. For that reason, people look for the best home security system. However, a security system comes with a cost, and not everyone is fortunate enough to afford it.

Even if you have it installed, the monthly charges and subscription fees give you a constant headache, thus causing stress and anxiety. In contrast, the purpose of home security is to provide you peace of mind, comfort, and relaxation.

It does not mean whether you can afford to have the best home security system installed at your home or not, the monthly fees and other additional and hidden charges leave you no choice, and you keep on pay the price for it.

Benefits of Having a Home Security System

No matter where you live, home security has become an essential part for every homeowner; it is an effective way to protect yourself, your family, property, and belongings from intruders, thieves, and criminals.

The best home security system provides you continuous professional monitoring, and they react immediately in case of emergencies. Plus, having a home security system does not only protect you from theft and burglars, but it also provides protection from natural disasters such as fire, water leakages, or storms. Based on the plan you choose, you can have foolproof security at all times.

Best Home Security System Without the Monthly Fees

What if we tell you that you can have such a home security system that does not require you to have monthly charges? People are looking for the answer to what is the best home security system without a monthly fee. As you are here, your search for the right answer finally ends here.

This article will provide the best home security system without a monthly fee so that you can enjoy hassle-free home security all the time.


If you are ever involved with home security, chances are you have heard about the SimpliSafe home security system.

SimpliSafe is one of the best brands when it comes to a home security system. People know about this brand since it works in all developed countries, and it has maintained its reputation consistently over the years.

We have placed it at the top of the list since it requires no monthly fees; SimpliSafe offers you versatile security plans while no contracts are required. You can go for as much as a 36-month contract, and the best thing is that all the plans are affordable.

Other than that, the quality offered by SimpliSafe makes it the best choice when we talk about the best home security system. Be it live professional alerts or fast response, SimpliSafe is all you need.

It not only caters to the need for a house. Whether it’s a business or apartments, you can go for SimpliSafe without any worries. The equipment and tools provided by SimpliSafe are highly efficient in what they do, and you will find them reliable and long-lasting. in addition, you can install the security devices yourself and are easy to use.

In a nutshell, SimpliSafe offers you a complete home security system solution without any monthly fee.

Ring Alarm

When it comes to no contract and no monthly fees required, Ring Alarm is another top-notch home security system provider ranked among the top brands as highly efficient and reliable.

The Ring Alarm system offers you a wide variety of products and plans to meet the user’s particular requirements without any monthly fee.

The Ring Alarm gives you the security products that help you in home automation, and it allows you to make your home the safest place with advanced features and the latest technology. Whether it is smart lighting, video doorbells, ring alarms, or accessories, all its products are highly effective and give the perfect result. There is no chance that it misses out on any intruder trying to breach the Ring Alarm security.

Not only does it help you prevent break-ins, but it also protects your property from floods, smoke, carbon, and freezing temperature.

With the lifetime theft protection plans, Ring Alarm security offers different security plans, and you will find them affordable with the quality of service they provide.

Cove Security

Cove Security is another trusted brand when we go for the home security system without a monthly fee. Cove Security offers you a set of equipment based on your requirement and plans, which are not only suitable for home security but also for businesses and apartments.

Despite highly effective and efficient devices, you can install and set up the security system yourself with an easy-to-use installation process. Whether you need continuous monitoring or support, Cove Security can provide you all.

With a touchscreen interface, a bunch of sensors, HD quality cameras, you can entirely rely on Cove Security equipment for foolproof indoor and outdoor security all the time.

The convenience, ease of use, and fast response with the three-factor communication to emergencies are some of the qualities that make Cove Security one of the best home security systems to have without a monthly fee. Above all, no contracts are required with a lifetime equipment warranty.

Abode Home Security

Go Abode Home Security when you don’t want to pay a monthly fee or have a contract. Abode Home Security is one of the well-known and established brands when it comes to home security system solutions.

With a DIY security system, the variety of products, tools, features, and options it offers, you derive a sense of satisfaction, safety, and security. You can get customized security plans and watch it from anywhere in the world with remote access.

In addition to providing security, Abode Home Security helps you in home automation. The system can be integrated with the latest technologies such as Google and Amazon Alexa.

Control and monitor your home with a user-friendly application; it makes it hassle-free for your home security. All the products provided by Abode security are highly efficient, reliable, and long-lasting.

Aside from preventing break-ins, the Abode System protects you in case of fire and medical emergencies. With an instant alert and professional monitoring, you won’t miss any updates related to your home security.


The upfront cost is the first thing you consider when planning to choose the best home security plans. However, to ensure that you do not have to live without security in any circumstances, this article highlights the best home security system without a monthly fee.

Now that you have all the related information, you can choose any of the home security systems mentioned earlier, as long as it meets your set of requirements.