Best dogs for home security

No matter how advanced the tools and equipment get, we will always have uncertainty in our mind about home security as we cannot entirely rely on electrical security equipment for our protection, safety, and security.

Although we have got integrated tools with artificial intelligence, there are still ways we can trick them easily. With the advancement in technology, burglars and intruders are also coming up with new ways to bypass security measures.

It’s all about our security, and we should do and everything in our hands to ensure that there are no security threats to live with peace of mind.

Using dogs for security is an old yet highly effective method we use for home security. The same goes with the current time and situation. Dogs for home security always prove efficient, and we can consider this option even if we are using some other home security tools and equipment.

However, not every dog breed is for security. When it comes to the safety of your house and your family, one must go for the best dog for home security. If you are trying to find out the best dog for home security, you have arrived at the right place as here we are just about to discuss this thing.

5 Best Dogs for Home Security

Though we have many dog breeds that are being used for home security, we will only see the best ones so that it is easier for us to choose. The best dog can enhance security as they can sense the threat from a distance and act accordingly. Let’s now see the best dogs for home security.


Bullmastiff is one of the dogs with all the qualities that should be there in a dog prepared for home security. Not only do they act as the best protector, but also considered the best companion for their owner. Known for its physical strength, intelligence, courage, devotion, and loyalty, Bullmastiff is a perfect dog for a family. The calm and lovable nature of the dog makes it feel like a part of a family.

They require special training to be trained for security, and once they are ready, they can tackle any person no matter how powerful he is. Bullmastiff is said to be a born protector and is the best dog for home security.


When it comes to excellent instinct capability and loyalty, the Akita dog breed is the best. Initially, the Akita breed was used to guard royals and posh Japanese due to their excellent qualities.

Suspicious of strangers, Akita can sense the threat and block the way of the intruders and unknown persons entering the premises. The solid and compassionate Akita is best for the security of the family and the home.

No matter the weather conditions, Akita stand guard against threats as they take their duty seriously. The weight of this breed ranges from 70 to 130 pounds, and their life expectancy is 10 to 13 years. With proper training, Akita is an excellent addition to a family for home security.

Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois is said to be a natural family protector due to its loving nature. However, it is mainly used by professionals, police, and the military because of its qualities.

It connected with the right owner and family, Belgian tend to create a deep bonding with its owners and protects them at every cost. On the other hand, it might not be the best choice for you if you leave him alone at home for a long time.

As mentioned earlier, Belgian Malinois is a preferred choice for the military because they are exceptional in search and rescue operations. Plus, their physical strength and sense of vulnerability make them the perfect choice for this purpose.

The dog has a high energy level and is highly efficient; it requires special training. Emotional, active, high strength, and protective, the qualities of Belgian Malinois are unmatchable, and therefore it is considered as one of the best dogs for home security.


Originally, Rottweiler was a battle companion for soldiers because of their qualities. Most active, assertive, affectionate, and intelligent, Rottweiler loves the family that owns it and is ready to face any threat and danger coming across the owning family.

However, Rottweiler is also sensitive and, therefore, not preferred for a new dog owner. Rottweiler requires exercise and as well attention; you don’t want to leave it alone for a long time, especially with unknown persons, as the dog is aggressive at the same time and can react if not familiar with the person before. When properly trained, Rottweiler is one of the best dogs for home security.

German Shepherd

Intelligent and strong, the German shepherd dog breed is being used by military forces for years. German Shepard is an active, vigilant, and loving dog, and if given attention and care, they are one of the best dogs for home security.

Due to their sensitive nature, they require special training, and you don’t want to leave them alone for a long time. The sense of loyalty for the owner is what makes them the most suitable to be a protective dog for a family.

Unmatched strength and capabilities, you will find the German Shepherd up for any task, and it will do whatever is required to make sure there is no threat around. Well-known for its qualities, the German Shepherd is among the best dog for you and your family.


While many other dog breeds know for their security and protection, the ones highlighted in this article are the topmost and highly effective, and efficient. Go through the brief overview of each and see which dog is best for your family and home.