Best Home Security Companies UK

Research conducted by Statista has shown that robbery offenses in the UK have gone up in recent years, rising to the highest number of robberies for 14 years. In times like these, home security is an important step taken by homeowners.

Proper home security is required to prevent such incidents, and merely locking doors and windows does not provide the homeowners with peace of mind.

Home security systems that include services like 24/7 surveillance, automated alarm systems are opted for by homeowners to feel safer and more secure. Home security systems help coat the house in an extra layer of security, ensuring that your house is as protected as you want it to be.

Home security systems provide round-the-clock surveillance, which keeps you and your belongings from any harm.

Houses with a home security system have seen a significantly decreased number of robberies and break-ins. Most home security systems provide small lawn signs that clearly indicate the house is protected by the respective home security company, proving to be a deterrent to criminals.

Home Security Companies in the UK

Choosing the right type of security system can be tricky, with all the new and advanced home security companies emerging every day. Research needs to be carried out examining the services provided by these companies, and it takes a lot of effort, energy, and time.

We have done it all for you to get the security you need as soon as possible. Here in this article, we will discuss the best home security companies in the UK whose services you can use to keep your house safe and sound.

Yale Smart System

The Yale Smart System is a fully customizable home security system offered by one of the best home security companies in the UK.

The installation process of the Yale Smart System is as easy as it can be. In addition, there is an app for the Yale Smart System, which helps in the surveillance process and provides a setup manual for the system. It works with Amazon Alexa and smart light bulbs, which flash red when the alarm is triggered.

With essential components of a good security system such as a battery backup, motion detectors, and sirens, there are many options available for extras.

It is relatively cheaper than other smart home security systems and is compatible with up to 40 different devices such as smoke alarms.

Equipped with a loud siren, the Yale Smart System is sure to ward off any intruders. However, it does not include any professional surveillance, which means that you must inform the authorities yourself in the case of an emergency. Still, overall, it is a great security system that can cater to your needs perfectly.

Veho Cave Home Security System

The Veho Cove Security System is an extensive home security kit that includes many functions and devices such as motion sensors and remotes. It also includes a contact sensor or a touch sensor. The Veho Cave home has an excellent battery life, with an additional option of a SIM card.

The installation of the Veho Cave Home Security system is relatively easy; due to the app’s help, you can scan the QR codes on the system to know all about their installation processes. It offers options of both Wi-Fi as well as a wired connection.

A significant advantage of using the Veho cave home security system is that you do not need expensive monthly subscriptions. Once you are done with the initial budgeting for the outlay and the installation, it is all you need to spend on it. There is no unnecessary extended expenditure.

You can add up to 99 accessories to the cave home security system so that you can take extra measures to maximize the safety and security of your home.

Verisure Smart Alarms

Verisure is another security company offering you versatile distinct features to cater to your home security needs.

You don’t need to worry about setting it up at all because Verisure offers professional installation. Before you choose an option, an agent of the security company will come to your house and examine the needs to choose the best security system option for you. You can get the system tailored according to your needs.

Verisure offers a fast response time of 45 seconds, so you do not need to worry in the case of an emergency. Verisure offers custom alarms that can adapt to the surroundings of your home. You can get specialized alarm systems for flats, apartments, garages, or villas.

Verisure smart systems also offer an extra but valuable feature called the Zero Vision smoke alarm. This smoke alarm acts as an additional preventative measure for intruders. It expels dense smoke or fog, which can impair the vision of a thief or an intruder.

In this way, the security authorities have extra time to arrive and catch the culprit. This is one of its unique features, which you don’t find in other expensive home security plans.

For the reason that Verisure Smart Alarms offer more features than a standard security system, it is quite expensive than the others. Considering that they provide 24/7 surveillance, professional installation, and fast response time, the high price is definitely worth it.

Blink Home Security System

The Blink Home Security System offers the best security cameras in the market. Blink cameras have features such as a built-in motion detector to record every second and free cloud storage to save the footage without hassle.

You get an instant alert when the motion is detected, and the recording starts; even with advanced features, the blink home security system is relatively compact and small.

The Blink Home Security system is an affordable surveillance system, with easy installation and no need for professional assembly of the cameras. Because the cameras are small, you can place them anywhere, which helps you keep an eye on the areas you cannot physically go to.

The free cloud storage allows users to save the video and review it as many times as possible. In addition, the battery life of the blink home security system is excellent, which can be used for to up to 2 years.

However, a significant problem with the Blink home security system is its limited security system. The surveillance is pretty good, but there are no options for external alarms or options for contacting the authorities in the case of an emergency.

Final thought

It would be best if you looked for several options in a good home security system according to the needs of your house. Before choosing a security system, keep in mind to select the option which caters to your needs as there might be a few options in some systems which may not be helpful for you. So, make sure to spend your money accordingly!

The above-mentioned home security companies are ranked among the best in the UK, and after going through the brief overview of each, we are sure it will be of great help to you in choosing the best option for you.