Best Home Security Companies in Pakistan

Gone are the days when you have to depend on armed security guards for your protection, safety, and security. Although it proves to be an effective way in some cases, we cannot entirely rely on it overall.

After all, security guards are human, and they cannot keep an eye at all times while most of the robberies take place during night hours. Upon investigations, it has been found out that security guards were sleeping or were not there, resulting in a complete failure to provide security and protection.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, we now have tools and devices available in Pakistan that are 100% reliable and effective for home security.

Advantages of Having a Home Security System Installed

Having a home security system mounted helps deter crimes, protects your home, valuables, and above all, your family. Plus, you can keep an eye on children even if you are far away from them.

Other than that, the excellent home security system provides you remote access and gives you instant alerts and notifications of any mishap or when it detects any suspicious activity.

Besides that, quality home security companies monitor fire, water leakages, and temperature control with different sensors and tools. In a nutshell, a complete is given to you by the top home security companies.

One other significant benefit of having a home security system is that it helps you to bring home automation and, as a result, saves energy. It improves overall electricity management, and as a result, you save a lot of money.

Top Home Security Companies in Pakistan

Considering the benefits, we all want to have a home security system installed in our homes; we often afraid that we might get scam in the name of security. Well, not in the case if you go for the best home security companies in Pakistan.

Searching for the best home security company is itself a challenging task in Pakistan. Still, as you are here, you don’t need to worry about it because this article will talk about the best home security companies you can find in Pakistan. We have listed out the best so that you get what you deserve. It’s your security that you have to think about.

Mutual Security System

Mutual security is one of the most trusted companies in Pakistan, serving residential and commercial clients. Mutual security gets hold of the ADT monitoring system, one of Western countries’ best security system providers.

Mutual security has a wide variety of products and tools, including door/window contacts, panic buttons, motion detectors, sirens, smoke detectors, keypads, and different kinds of sensors. All of their devices are made with a superior material for a long-lasting effect.

With a smartphone, you can watch and regulate the system from anywhere in the world. With live video features, you can watch all the activities on your smartphone no matter where you are.

Continuous professional monitoring all the time will dispatch armed security as soon as it detects an intruder or when someone tries to break into your home. In case of a medical emergency, it will deliver an ambulance as quickly as possible.

In addition, you also get a rapid response in case of fire and smoke. With mutual home security, you get a complete package, and based on its consistent quality and efficiency, you can entirely rely on it in terms of security.

You can get a free quote after submitting their form available on the official website, and you get to enjoy all these services at an affordable cost.

Zims Security

Zims security is another notable company in Pakistan providing home security with automated tools and products; in addition, it also offers professional armed/unarmed guards if you need them. It caters to residential and as well as commercial clients.

Zims Security uses advanced home security tools to ensure maximum safety and protection of its clients. The key features of Zims consist of a professional monitoring service with an intruder alarm system. It sends instant alerts when someone tries to break the security.

With video surveillance all the time, no one can escape from the eye of cameras, and you know exactly who is coming or going outside the premises. With access control, you can set a PIN code, and in this way, only the one with the access code will be able to enter the house.

With different sensors, Zims security offers a foolproof plan for your home. It also gives you a wired panic button that you can reserve to be used in an emergency.

With added security, you can get electronic, physical barriers which is an effective way to slow down or block access and mobility.

You can consult with Zims security on a phone call or go to their office present in all big cities of Pakistan and get a customized security plan as per your need and requirement.

Glisten Security System

Glisten security system provides you a range of wireless security cameras and other tools for your home security. Their security cameras are rated as the best in terms of proficiency and value.

Glisten security system cameras are perfect for indoor and outdoor use with HD quality, image sensors, and other advanced features. It has been made weatherproof and with high-quality material so that it can function in severe environmental conditions.

Built-in microphone and speakers ensure two-way communication, easy to use and install with no special tools. You can set the cameras and other equipment independently without putting in much effort in few minutes.

With advanced video recorders, you can record each and everything and can store it for future use. Other than that, you can get additional accessories to achieve perfection for home security.

If you are looking for the best cameras and that too on a budget, the Glisten security system will help you with that. All of its devices and tools are highly affordable, yet you will find them effective and reliable.

Pakistan Surveillance

Pakistan surveillance with a team of professional all around the country offers you a complete home security surveillance package which can fulfill all your needs and necessities. It is one of the well-known and trusted companies in terms of security and protection services.

With a versatile range of quality products, Pakistan surveillance provides you a one-stop solution to all your problems related to home security. Keeping in mind the features, Pakistan surveillance gives you four different packages which you can choose according to your requirements.

All packages will include cameras, a digital video recorder, and all other relates connectors and supplies. Given the quality products, it offers professional installation service in all packages. You can view live at any time of the day with easy integration to your smartphone.

The company also offers Intercom and PABX systems with an access control system so that you can control who is coming to your home.

You can quickly contact them on the given number or the email address provided on the website and discuss your parameters and get the customized plan for your home.

Final Thought

You will find many security companies offering home security solutions, but not all of them are trustworthy; as it is a matter of safety and protection, you should be choosing the best option available.

By going through this article, you will get your answer mentioned by some of Pakistan’s best home security companies and discuss their features and characteristics. Check them all and then select the one which suits you the best.