Best Home Security Companies in India

Home security in India has seen rapid growth recently and taking advantage of that, many companies have jumped into the race. However, their service quality remains unreliable and not up to scratch.

The home security system is much more than protecting doors and windows; a complete home security package is the one you can entirely rely on; it gives remote access to control and manage all the devices.

Plus, it helps you in avoiding the tragedies to happen in the first place. More importantly, it gives you a sense of satisfaction and security and also assists you in achieving home automation.
Well, not all home security companies can do that, so you should look for it before spending your money. Choosing an unreliable home security company will put you in danger, and your home will be an easy target for intruders.

It can be avoided only if you select the best home security company for the security and protection of your house. While there are hundreds of local and international companies operating in India, it is hard to search out the best among all; it will take a lot of time, energy, and resources to do that individually.

Nevertheless, as you are here, we value your time and have already done the research and analyses for you. This article will talk about some of India’s best home security companies and highlight their essential features and characteristics. You can go for any of it as long as it meets your set of requirements and lies within your budget.

Top Home Security Companies in India

Investing money in a top home security company is worth it to give you complete protection, safety, and security. Home is where you reside with your family and also a place to secure your valuable items.

Home security can ensure the safety of your family and helps you prevent tragic incidents. Below you will see the best home security companies in India which are reliable, efficient, and effective in their respective roles.

ADT Pulse

ADT Pulse is an international company and has also been working in India for years. It is not only the most trusted company in India but also throughout the region. ADT Pulse is one of the pioneer companies to introduce home security solutions, and since then, it keeps on bringing innovative and advanced products to enhance the level of security.

ADT Pulse offers you high-end security with the latest equipment and tools. Due to the high-quality equipment, professional installation is required.

ADT offers a complete home security solution; with cameras, you can see live footage from anywhere, and you turn the alarm on/off using your smartphone.

ADT Pulse works perfectly well with Z wave devices, goggle Assistant, and Amazon Alexa; other than that, you can connect and control all your smart home gadgets. With smartphone integration, you can receive instant alerts and notifications, and you can literally control the setup from your phone, such as turning off the lights, lock and unlock the doors.

With a 24/7 professional security monitoring system, nothing will go unnoticed, and you will get informed as soon as it detects any suspicious activity. You can get additional features based on your security plans, such as motion sensors, thermostats, fire and water leakages alerts, video doorbells, and much more.

You can get a free quote by calling on the official number and set your home security plan accordingly.

Pros Cons
Highly efficient Costly equipment
Smartwatch integration Need to sign a 36-month contract
Advanced automation
Rapid response
6-month, money-back guarantee

Waltech Security Solutions

Waltech security solutions have a wide range of products with different features and functions. It has been working in India for many years and is one of the most trusted and well-known companies in its services. When it comes to price, you will find it less expensive than ADT Pulse, while it is no less in terms of efficiency and reliability.

The product range includes different alarm systems and sensors for specific needs. Other than that, it has indoor and outdoor sirens, smart sockets, and many other smart tools and gadgets.

The smart home system package includes all necessary products and gives you a feel of security and comfort. The installation is easy and up-front with no wires and has a built-in rechargeable battery.

Using the mobile app, you can control almost every aspect of home security; you will get instant alerts and notifications with integration.

The unique feature of the Waltech security system is that it gives you an alert about a power failure or when it needs to be recharged. Besides that, it allows you to scheduled arm/disarm functions for specific times and days.

Other accessories such as smoke detectors, vibration sensors, smart sockets, and doorbells can be easily connected with the system to enhance the level of security.

Pros Cons
Instant alert to up to 8 preset numbers It does not work with Amazon Alexa
Remote access
Built-in alarm
All-round protection
DIY installation
RFID support

Ring Alarm Security System

The Ring is another top brand providing home security solutions to users worldwide and equally trusted and well-known in India. If you are looking for high-quality equipment and professional monitoring, a Ring alarm security system is built for you.

With different tools and products, it comes with an easy installation process that you can do yourself in a couple of minutes. The basic package of the Ring Alarm security system includes a base station, keypad, motion detector, and required sensors. Other tools and accessories can also be added with the advanced package or with an additional cost.

You can preset modes so that you don’t have to change settings and parameters every time. You can connect Ring devices to a mobile app, allowing you to manage and control it from anywhere in the world. You can arm/disarm the security alarm system with the use of an app.

With easy to use and affordable system, Ring brings you the perfect alarm security system for your homes, apartments, and buildings.

The best thing about the Ring alarm security system is that it can be linked to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, plus the Ring alarm system can work with third-party tools and devices.

Pros Cons
Support multiple wireless platforms Professional monitoring requires additional costs.
User-friendly and easy to install
Push notifications and instant alerts
Loud sirens

Safeguard India

Safeguard India is another top-rated company providing home security products and monitoring services. It is one of the best because of the quality of the service it provides. Not only dealing with intruders, but it also deals with fire, gas leakages, and medical emergencies, giving you ultimate three-tier security.

The rapid response and continuous professional monitoring keep you, your family, and your home safe and secure. Cameras are an essential aspect of home security. When it comes to Safeguard India, you will find a wide variety of high-definition wireless cameras with different features to cater to your needs and requirements.

Other than that, you will find a dedicated panel, smoke communicator, key fob, indoor/outdoor sirens, and a variety of sensors for particular tasks. One of the unique products of Safeguard India security is a medical pendant that is made waterproof and portable so that you can use it in medical emergencies.

Safeguard India also has a mobile app to connect with security products; thus, you manage and control everything with just your smartphone.

Pros Cons
Self-detecting temperature humidity feature panel Some users may find it a bit costly
Instant alerts
Easy installation
No false alarms

Final Thought

Now you can have foolproof state-of-the-art home security with any of the best home security companies in India. The companies mentioned above are reliable and highly efficient in what they do. All you need is to go through them all and choose the best one per your home requirement.