Best Home Security Companies in Australia

Making sure that you are secure in your house is an essential step taken by homeowners these days. Your house gives you, your family, and your possessions shelter and ensures your safety and security.

Due to the large number of home security companies in Australia today, it is difficult to choose the best home security company for the safety of your house. It is crucial as well because you have to make sure that the money you invest in home security actually benefits you and does not go in vain.

Personal preferences are also factored in choosing the best home security system. You must also take into consideration the area and location of the house as well as the price, features, customer support and brand value of the security system.

Before you decide which company suits you the most, it is best to have a look at several different ones. To ease out the search, we come to help you with a comprehensive article.

Ready to find the best company for you? We have made a list of the best home security companies in Australia to help you decide. Go through it till the end and based on your conditions and the requirement, select the best home security company you deserve.

ADACS Security

Operating for years as a locally owned company, ADACS Security is said to be among the most affordable home security companies in Australia. ADACS Security provides you with security systems such as security cameras, security alarms and sensors. ADACS Security also offers complete smart automation of your home.

ADACS Security provides a variety of features in a personalized and reasonable monthly monitoring cost. Their customer support is available to clients 24/7 to help them with any problem that may arise with the automated home security system. ADACS Security integrates with personal virtual assistants such as Alexa and Google home to provide you a fully automated home security system.

ADACS Security has several products. The best preferred by the customers is the doorbell cameras. They are integrated with your smartphone to take pictures which you can also save on your phone. They also offer professional installation. A disadvantage of ADACS Security is that they have no option for DIY (do it yourself) installation.

Abode Home Security

One of the most preferred home security companies in Australia is Abode Home Security. They offer wireless advanced security systems which can be programmed to integrate with Google Assistant. With the advantage of a highly efficient starter kit, Abode Home Security remains to keep its position at the top with products using state-of-the-art technology and with an option for DIY installation.

The DIY installation can be done with the help of an excellent starter kit providing all the basic knowledge about installing a security system, and it does not require you to have any special tool. This makes it user-friendly, accessible and easy to operate. Voice commands for the security system makes sure to provide optimal performance.

Their products include window sensors, motion-detecting cameras, key fobs and many more. All of them can be paired with other automated home equipment. You can get smartphone access as well as a cellular backup. Above all, the company offers you a one-year warranty for their equipment.

ADT Security

ADT Security is undoubtedly one of the most reliable security companies in the market. The highly dedicated team of ADT security provides on-site consultation to determine which one of their security packages would be the most dependable one for you. They also offer professional installation and 24/7 monitoring services, as well as customer support.

Their most distinguished products include the video options in security cameras and remote-control access. They have a wireless home security system known as ADT Pulse which consists of the CellGuard Backup. They are providing the most reliable state-of-the-art home security options which proves that their millions of users are getting the best service.

Although installation fee might apply because you get professional installation from experienced personnel, over-all, it is one of the most reliable home security systems in Australia.


Unlike most of the home security companies, the surveillance equipment of Swann Security is manufactured by themselves. In this way, the industry experience of Swann Security is highly reliable and effective.

Swann’s security system might not be pocket-friendly, but it promises to provide the best security for your home.

The security gear of Swann Security is highly technical and requires advanced knowledge of the equipment in order to install and operate it without any hassle. A variety of security systems are offered by them so you can choose the best one that matches your needs.

One of the main features of the Swann security system is that their security cameras have amazing night time quality. Unlike most security cameras, their night vision is actually good and provides you with high-quality recorded or live video surveillance.

With all the great options, Swann Security has a handful of cons. The warranty of the surveillance equipment is limited to only up to one year in most cases. They do offer advanced options, but they have a very high price for these as compared to other companies, and no professional monitoring is provided.


When it comes to your home security system, choosing the best one is crucial. When you are spending a portion of your money in investing for the security of yourself and your loved ones, why not choose the best company?

The home security system providers discussed above are the most preferred in Australia. While some of the options may offer highly advanced tools for security, their prices might be a lot higher than the normal ones. The others might provide their products at reasonable prices, but their products may be subject to several disadvantages like decreased efficiency.

We suggest that you keep in mind the requirements of your home to choose the best option for you as everyone’s needs and preferences are different. Before you get a home security system, make sure that you are aware of all the know-how and the technicality of the equipment.

The minute you browse through the article, you will get an idea of the best home security companies in Australia, and we are sure that you will select the best option for you.