Best Home Security Companies in Canada

You should not risk security even if you are living in the safest place on earth. In principle, it is security that makes a place safe and secure. Based on that, we see that most of our time is spent in our homes, and we also tend to keep our valuable items with us; in the same way, securing your home means securing yourself and your family.

Home security is the need of the moment, and it must be ensured at all times. Burglars or thieves do not come after informing you; therefore, you must keep your safety and security beforehand.

People living in Canada are lucky enough to have several companies providing home security solutions, but on the other hand, all of them are not reliable and effective. Choosing an unreliable home security company for your safety and protection will seem like no security at all.

People in Canada take home security seriously, but with vague home security companies in the market, all of your money go in vain, and you make your home an easy target for intruders.

Top Home Security Companies in Canada

To get the perfect home security solution, you should only rely on the trusted brands and companies to focus on other important stuff. Having a sense of security is essential for peace of mind, and it can only be ensured when you go for the best home security company.

Finding the best home security company in Canada is itself a challenging task, and due to the numerous companies in the market, it is hard to choose the best one among all.

However, it can be accomplished with thorough research and analyses, and to make sure that you don’t have to go through it all, we have done this for you and, based on that, have listed down the best home security companies in Canada.

Below is the article; you will get an overview of the main features and characteristics. You can opt for any one of them according to your plan and requirement as all of the mentioned companies are rated as the best in Canada.


Frontpoint is rated among the best due to its efficiency and reliability. Frontpoint offers you a complete safe house package, which you can also customize as per your requirement. The equipment in the package includes window/door sensors, motion sensors, keypad, and Frontpoint hub to connect and manage all at a time.

With built-in Wi-Fi backup, you don’t have to worry about intruders damaging the system; it will still create alarm and alert monitoring centers. Using advanced technology, having a Frontpoint home security really helps you achieve the home automation you have been keen for.

Besides the security, you get to enjoy automatic lights, door locks, thermostats, and other utilities, which also help you save energy.

Easily integrate the setup with smartphone application and see live streaming or communicate two ways from anywhere in the world. You will receive an instant alert and notification directly on your application.

Frontpoint offers you different plans which you can get at reasonable prices; besides that, it also provides a 30-day risk-free trial.

Pros Cons
Smash protection High monitoring charges
Simple installation
High-quality equipment
Effective and reliable
Home automation capabilities
Excellent customer support

Brink Home Security

Brink home security brings you high-quality equipment and services with the price plan you can easily afford if you need quality at reasonable rates.

Brinks home is a renowned name in providing home security solutions to many people in Canada and is rated among the best home security service provider.

Whether you need a professional installation or you want to do it yourself, it all depends on the plan you go for. From the introductory package to advanced, establish the home security with all necessary tools and equipment. Monitoring and quick response are vital features of Brink’s home security.

Brinks also offers you a fire monitoring system, water leakages, and many other versatile sensors. Touch screen door locks and doorbells allow you maximum control and protection all the time.

It sends you instant alerts not only on the smartphone but through multiple channels. With advanced tools and fast response, all it comes at reasonable rates.

Pros Cons
Live video streaming Requires you to sign a 3-year contract for service
Smoke detector
Professional monitoring 24/7
Fast response
Instant security alerts
Risk-free cancellation


If you need an easy-to-use security setup with multiple cameras, you should be going for Ring home security plans. All of its tools are not only simple to use; you can install them without any hassle in a couple of minutes.

With high-quality security tools, you get professional monitoring service all the time. Real-time streaming and notifications are given with any plan you choose. It does not only protect and monitors intruders but also fire emergencies or floods.

It requires no contracts, and all of its devices and tools are available at a reasonable price. The components depend on the package you get; the basic package includes a base station, motion detector, sensors, keypad, and Wi-Fi range extender. Other than that, it provides security cameras, doorbells, lighting, etc.

Owning a Ring home security system also helps you in home automation as it is compatible with Amazon Alexa. With an app, you can set notification preferences so that you get only essential updates.

Pros Cons
Z wave support Not available in Quebec
Mobile access
24/7 online and phone support.


Another prominent name that has emerged in home security is Honeywell; the home security package comes with a base station, cameras, sensors, and remote control key fob. With a smart app, you can control, manage, and everything from your cell phone.

Other than that, you can also get Honeywell thermostats, humidifiers, and other tools for added comfort and security for an additional cost.

The components are made highly effective and yet easy to install with DIY instructions.

One unique feature of Honeywell is that it offers facial recognition, combining HD quality cameras and with video analytics; you can clearly see who is at your door.

It sends an instant alert to your phone when it detects an intrusion and also turns on the alarm. Besides that, it automatically turns on the light so that intruders run away from the house. You can control and monitor your home even when you are not there.

Pros Cons
High-quality tools Self-monitoring only
Safety alerts
Remote access
Facial detection
Easy installation

Final Thought

All the companies mentioned here are highly competitive and reliable when it comes to home security. You can go for any of it as long as it satisfies your need and requirement and lies within your budget.

Home security provided by one of the best companies in the country will give you a sense of security. You will be able to work more efficiently on other tasks; above all, you will live peacefully at your home.