10 Best Home Design Software Packages

With cutting-edge technology, remodeling your house has never been easier. Many people spend their life savings on building their houses, and because of this, they want a perfect home that completely adheres to all their needs and wants.

For this purpose, architects and civil engineers use computer-aided design (CAD) tools to model and plan the interior and exterior of the houses.

Today, hand-drawn maps and architectural drawings are out of trend and are preferred by very few people. Choosing a home plan according to your lifestyle and needs can be time-consuming and astounding when you hire architects or interior designers. While we use software for everything else, why not home designs? CAD software packages can make your work smooth significantly and help do it more efficiently.

CAD software can help strategize and develop your home, designing the interiors, floor plans, appliances, and wall designs. Using these CAD software tools can make it easier to create models that anticipate and express your ideas well. To help you do that, here is a list of the ten best home design software packages which can help you.

1. AutoCAD Architecture

It is a perfect home design software that comprises the latest features and functions that fulfill all the architect’s requirements. AutoCAD offers features such as AEC, engineering, and construction. By creating realistic and dimensional plans with AutoCAD, architects can make their work relatively easier.

The features of AutoCAD include drawing documentation, drawing annotation, tool plates, object database, and AEC object styles. The best thing about this home design software package is that they made it free for up to 3 years for students and educators belonging to any age.

2. Live Home 3D Pro

Live Home 3D Pro is undoubtedly one of the best software for home designing. It is a mighty, spontaneous, and thorough home design software that can help with 2D and 3D modeling. With features like ready-made objects and convenient designs, you can create models with the exact ceiling length, and you can add as many stories as you want. Even the minor details, such as slab thickness, are exact in Live Home 3D Pro.

In addition, you can generate custom materials as you wish, add light sources, and adjust natural lighting, too.

3. Sketch Up

Sketch Up is another home design software that can help you build 3D models for your house. It is free software, and it allows the user to turn models into documents. This way, you can draw and edit the model in 3D and design your home according to your needs. Sketch Up is a highly flexible and customizable software including many objects in the 3D library that you can add to your models.

4. Smart Draw

Smart Draw is an easy-to-use home design software that comes with more than 4,500 templates. It contains a wide variety of objects such as 70 different diagram types as well as 3,400+ symbols.

Smart Draw uses powerful automation to help you make home models, and it allows you to create and print the architectural drawings to scale. Smart Draw can easily be integrated with the tools you already use, such as MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

5. Sweet Home 3D

With Sweet Home 3D, both 2D and 3D rendering are made easier. Sweet Home 3D has a distinctive feature of providing feedback on your design. Using a realistic 3D view, this software can easily modify and import models. Sweet Home 3D lets you smoothly drag-and-drop objects such as doors in the model and is available in many languages.

6. RoomSketcher

If you want to make floor plans and home plans in 3D with a 360-degree view and intuitive 3D walkthroughs, RoomSketcher is the perfect software for you. It comes with already installed floor designs, which and furnished with accurate estimations. With RoomSketcher, you can render the floor plans in 3D and scene. It also allows users to modify the home plan even after it has been completed, and you can add custom tones and surfaces that adhere to your needs.

7. Civil 3D

Created by Autodesk, Civil 3D is another software that can help you in making home plans. However, there is not a suitable floor design advantage as seen in other software packages. Considering the features, Civil 3D is more suitable for civil engineers and construction companies.

Nevertheless, it gives certain features that some other software does not. It has many features related to the construction aspect, such as surveying and analyzing elevation, geospatial analysis, construction drafting, property type labeling, and construction annotation.

8. VisionScape

With VisionScape, you can become a virtual architect at home. Many ready-to-use templates in VisionScape help you design your home plan effortlessly. An extensive catalog of products is offered in the software with added design features. With VisionScape, you can easily edit and save models offline.

In addition, professional advice on your design as well as professional feedback is also given.

9. Draft It

Draft It is a free home design software that offers many features such as 3D modeling, detailing, and drafting tool. One of the advantages of Draft It is that you can use powerful drawing tools and import CAD objects, symbols, and components.

With the free version, you can create, modify and save your home plans. The premium version, however, allows you to create your home plan with additional inputs. With premium, you can also access a more significant number of drawing tools to aid you in the design process.

10. My Virtual Home

My Virtual Home offers many tools that can help design a 3D model or replica of any structure, such as your home. Using My Virtual Home, you can modify and develop the exterior of the house and add features to your garden.

With a plethora of tools, My Virtual Home helps architects build an authentic and precise design. With free form and fixed grid settings, you can choose your desired setting to design the home of your dreams.