Best Hidden Cameras in Light Bulbs Review & Expert Recommendation

Do only the secret agents use hidden cameras? A hidden camera that comes with the perfect size, shape, and form that is not just used to spy on someone but can be a great help to protect your home and keep close eyes on your kids or elder parents.

In general, a spy camera isn’t that much expensive. But if you are looking for the best-hidden cameras in light bulbs , a professional spy camera, it may cost you a fortune. Well, don’t you want to enhance the security of your home or office?


By choosing suitable hidden cameras, you can solve this issue. Before buying such an expensive product, why not go through some best of its kind? Lets’ take a look at the industry’s best spy bulb camera!

What is Hidden Camera in Light Bulb?

Of course, it’s very predictable that a light bulb hidden camera is a kind of camera that you can place into any bulb’s fixture. These kinds of light bulbs help the users to enjoy video signals from the camera by electrical lines.

While the in-built detection portion of this bulb will help you record contents, you will be able to see it instantly from your phone or nearby VCR. To use this feature, the light bulb hidden camera will need a bulb holder and active Wi-Fi.

Things to Consider Before Picking a Light Bulb Hidden Camera

Of course, the light bulb security camera you have chosen is great. But you might want to consider the best-hidden cameras in light bulbs on the market.


To find the perfect hidden camera for the light bulb, there are certain things that you need to consider. These are:

Will it be compatible?

Maybe you are buying a spy camera to place in the bulb. But will it be perfect for your house bulb? First, try to find what type and size of the camera will fit your home bulb and then buy your product.

Does it come with wireless and self-recording features?

You may see videos through the hidden camera, but does it record on its own? To get the best output from a hidden camera, you should buy a camera that provides a hidden wireless camera and a self-recording option.

Is it of good quality?

You will find both low and high-resolution cameras in the market. Go for a camera that provides a 720P-1080P or HD camera. Besides, a night vision will be an added value for you.

Is it affordable?

You may have your budget for the camera. In general, the price may vary from $40 to $500. Go for the one that comes within your budget.

Our Top 5 Picks Table

Serial No Choice Product Name Link
1. Best Professional BESDERSEC 360 Degree Hidden Bulb Security IP Camera
2. Best View VIBOOS 16gb WiFi Security Camera
3. Best Recording Freenics HD Panoramic Hidden Bulb Camera
4. Best 3D View HeyLR Light Bulb Camera
5. Best Beginner NAIYO Dome Surveillance Cameras

Buying Guide & Expert Suggestions Starts Here:

BESDERSEC 360 Degree Hidden Bulb Security IP Camera

Need every blind area or corner of the house covered? Here, with a Full HD Wireless 360 Degree Panoramic Camera for Home, we have the perfect solution for you.

1080P full HD vision

Of course, you deserve a clear view while buying a camera for yourself. And this one provides that.

Night vision

In the daytime, the night vision feature of this camera ensures a perfect view at night.

No cable

Wireless cameras are more compatible with spy cameras. So, this light bulb camera provides that feature.


  • Motion alarm
  • Contains artificial intelligence
  • It comes with night vision
  • Provides a panoramic view
  • Remote viewing opportunity
  • SD card support
  • Multi-device usability


  • Easy to install
  • Covers full house
  • Clear view with a great intelligent mode


  • Not well designed for memory cards

Why do we recommend it?

Having its AI support makes it the most professional hidden camera; that’s why we recommend it.
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VIBOOS 16GB Wi-Fi Security Camera

Does your kid need a constant watch, even at night? Then VIBOOS could be the best solution for you. Let’s see the main features!

16 GB card

The more memory card a camera can provide, the better. Way ahead of the other cameras, this hidden camera ensures a 16 GB card.

1080P view

With a clear and advanced visual, this camera will provide you perfect vision even at night.

Remote usability

Even while you are away from home, you can easily control and use this camera on your android/iPhone or iPad.


  • It comes with an alarm function
  • 360-degree view
  • Motion detection process involved
  • Wireless
  • Five level sensitivity with alarm


  • The app can use it
  • Ensures night vision
  • Easy to set-up
  • Portable
  • Highly Durable


  • Works with 2.4G Wi-Fi only

Why do we recommend it?

We recommend it because you will enjoy a good night’s vision without any interruption.
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Freenics HD Panoramic Hidden Bulb Camera

If securing a home is your ultimate reason for buying a light bulb hidden camera, then consider Home Security Camera, Full HD Home Security Wi-Fi Camera, 1080P as the best.

Quality built-in

The camera comes with a 1.44mm built-in fisheye lens. With 360 degrees view, it ensures a 1080P resolution too.

Easy to install

All you have to do to install this camera is put it into the E27 light socket. That’s it!


With the motion alarm and remote watching facilities, this camera provides a recording opportunity by adding a Micro SD card.


  • Operates in Wi-Fi
  • Motion detector
  • Remote viewing opportunity
  • 1080P full HD view
  • Motion only device
  • Adding Micro SD can provide video recording benefits


  • Easy to use
  • It can be useful when you are far from home
  • Motion sensor light included


  • Can’t work in 5G

Why do we recommend it?

We recommend it because it ensures all the recording services with an added microSD.
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HeyLR Light Bulb Camera

A hidden camera with an LED light bulb- if that is what you want to have for your home, Light Bulb Camera 360 Degree Wireless Camera with LED Light is the best option for you!

Motion Only Alert

Even if a burglar sneaks in without noise, there is nothing to worry. This hidden camera will ensure alert notification just with the motion.


A wireless camera comes in handy when you want to place it in a hidden place. Of course, this camera assures you that!

Night vision with infrared floodlight in 3D

If you have a baby to look after even at night and you have a hard time detecting it, this camera will provide an infrared floodlight to find your baby. Besides, you will get a 3D view from it too.


  • It can be controlled remotely
  • Panoramic view
  • Two-way audio and 1080P vision
  • Video recording system included
  • Operate based on the motion detector
  • 3D view


  • Comes in handy
  • It can be used from anywhere
  • You can enjoy a very satisfactory view, even at night too
  • In-built E27 base reduce expenses


  • Alarm is annoying
  • The app doesn’t work well

Why do we recommend it?

We recommend it because it provides a 3D view option for a better experience.
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NAIYO “Dome Surveillance” Hidden Cameras for Beginner

Are you looking for something that will ensure your daily home surveillance? Here is the most trusted product on our list that will provide you your required service- Light Bulb Camera,Dome Surveillance Cameras, and Full HD 1080P!

1080P View

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a full HD view from their hidden camera? With this product, you will certainly experience it!

Wi-Fi operated

You don’t have to do much to operate this camera in your house. It works with home Wi-Fi and won’t create any problem until you don’t have an internet issue.

Real-time video

Does your hidden camera provide only recorded or a bit late video? This camera will ensure you real-time video service!


  • Bright lighting
  • Motion detection operation
  • Remotely accessible view
  • 360-degree panoramic view


  • You can ensure a remote view
  • A refund is available if you are not happy
  • Fisheye camera
  • Multi-device operable


  • Operates only in 2.4GHz WiFi

Why do we recommend it?

We recommend it because this camera is easy to operate. NAIYO is also considered to be the best beginner hidden bulb camera.
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Comparison Table

Product Name Interface Resolution Dimension Durability
BESDERSEC Wireless 1080P 5.7 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches HIGH
VIBOOS Wireless 1080P 6.5 x 4 x 3.7 inches HIGH
Freenics HD Panoramic Wireless 1080P 5.7 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches MEDIUM
HEYLR Hidden Cameraa Wireless 1080P 7.09 x 2.76 x 2.76 inches LOW
HAIYO Hidden Camera Wireless 1080P 6.5 x 4.2 x 3.5 inches MEDIUM

Benefits Of Hidden Cameras In Light Bulb

Hidden camera in ceiling light- you must be thinking how that can be a good thing.?

The answer is quite easy. There are several other uses of hidden cameras rather than spying, making it highly beneficial for you.

So, take a look!

Preventing unwanted intruder

Yes, you may have locked the main door and windows of your house. But is that enough to prevent unwanted visitors? Of course not!

Still, there can be a chance that a burglar may enter your house and take valuable things. A hidden camera in the bulb is the solution that can help you to record and identify the person.

Keeping eyes on the pet, kid, and elderly people

Do you have a kid or older person in your house, and do you feel anxious every time you leave them alone? You may have a nanny or nurse. Ensure that by keeping a spy camera in the bulb of your home. You will be able to check right away from their real-time situation even if you are away.

360-degree coverage

Hidden cameras in light bulbs provide a 360-degree panoramic view. From now, your home security will be enhanced by these cameras. What are you waiting for?

Motion detection ability

Experienced burglars ensure no sound and minimum visual exposure. As hidden cameras in the bulb provide motion detection ability, even if the burglar doesn’t make any noise, the camera will record them fully.

Smart features

Hidden cameras in light bulbs ensure some smart features, like- smartphone connection, two-way audio, etc., which will provide you the best result that you wanted.


  • Can a camera be possibly used while hidden in a light bulb?

Yes. The latest technology offers you the ability to hide. You can easily hide the camera in the light bulb.

  • How to tell if a light bulb is a camera?

Most of the cameras contain infrared LED bulbs that illuminate radish glow. If the light is giving an odd visible glow, you may suspect a hidden camera

  • How do light bulb cameras work?

By using Wi-Fi. So, if your home doesn’t have constant Wi-Fi, the light bulb won’t work.

  • What is the smallest wireless spy camera?

The Retro Mini is the smallest spy camera in the market right now.

  • How much coverage a hidden camera in the light bulb will provide?

Most of the light bulb cameras provide 360-degree coverage.

Final Recommendation

So, our journey to find out the best-hidden cameras in light bulbs end here, and we believe you have finalized ‘the one’ perfect product already for you. So, which one have you chosen? Is it the angle or the size- what has made you take the decision?

If you ask us one product we’d choose for you, we will suggest the BESDERSEC as the best overall choice for professional use.

Don’t worry, all the cameras we have mentioned are the best. So, whatever product you have chosen, the result won’t disappoint you. So, ready to leap forward and buy your cherished hidden camera.