5 Best Hidden Cameras for Cars (Reviews Updated 2021)

Security has become a significantly important area in everyday life.  Whether at home or on the road, protecting property and having a sense of safety can be increased by adding hidden cameras as an extra layer of protection. There is a huge array of options when looking for the ideal type of camera for inside your car, from size to resolution, and memory capacity.

This list of the top five hidden car cameras will help take the guesswork out of the ideal camera for your needs.

Best Hidden Cameras for Cars

Here are our hidden car camera reviews.

1. ehomful Wireless Security Camera

Mini Spy Camera Wireless Hidden, ehomful 1080P Full HD Cop Spy Cam Body Camera, Security Nanny Cam Night Vision Motion Activated for Home,Car,Office Indoor Outdoor, 32GB SDHC Memory Card with Reader

This ultra-small mini spy cam is equipped with an attached powerful magnet and automatic night vision sensor. The ehomful Wireless Security Camera is easily concealed in your vehicle, measuring less than 1 inch with exceptional quality 1080P HD video and12MP photo. This camera provides an extremely diverse useability and excellent battery life.

  • High powered 7x power infrared LED than other cameras.
  • All in one full kit in the box includes 32GB SDHC CLASS 10 memory card, multi-use swivel clip, mounting bracket, and memory card reader.
  • 24/7 customer support and 12-month warranty.
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2. Volenberry Wireless Detection Auto Induction Surveillance Camera

Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Camera Mini HD1080P with Night Vision and Motion Detection Auto-Induction Security Surveillance Camera for Home Office Car Warehouse Garden Nanny Cam with 32GB Card Included

The Volenberry Wireless Detection Auto Induction Mini Surveillance Camera can easily be hidden with its ultra-small size of only 0.9 x 0.9 x 0.9 inches. Providing powerful 4032*3024 image resolution with a 140° wide angle lens for superior recording. Other outstanding features include: LED free night vision recording, auto function motion detection, long-life rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and high-quality SD storage card.

  • Has a 32GB card included, but can support a 64GB card.
  • Built-in Battery Capacity of 200mAh and Charging Voltage of DC-5V
  • Mini8Pin USB interface
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3. Askoppo Hidden Portable Recorder for Detection and Outdoor Use

Mini Hidden Camera Action Camera,Portable Small 1080P Cam Video Recorder,Cop Cam Nanny Camera Night Vision and Motion Detection, Body Camera for Home Car Drone Office and Sports Outdoor No WiFi Need

Concealable, diverse camera perfect for auto use while in motion or parked.  High quality 1200M pixel, 1080P high definition video loop recording. Light sensitive motion detection and infrared night vision of the Askoppo Hidden Portable Recorder for Detection and Outdoor Use allow for clear recording even in complete darkness.

  • Swivel clip for dash mounting of the camera.
  • Easy, efficient video upload with the provided USB cable.
  • The battery supports simultaneous recording and charging.
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4. CROMINA Wireless Mini Spy Camera

CROMINA Mini Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Home Apartment office Nanny Cam Cars Indoor Outdoor WiFi Security 1080P Night Vision Motion Detection Live Streaming iPhone/Android Phone iPad PC Video Recorder

The latest upgrade of the mini wireless spy camera 2020 offers a professional quality 150-degree wide-angle lens for exceptionally crisp, quality images. With strong wifi signal capability, the CROMINA Wireless Mini Spy Camera camera provides superior live stream capability when connected to a Wifi router and the device app.  This camera has push notification capability to send alerts and images to your phone activated by motion sensors providing excellent real-time protection.

  • Built-in 300mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery provides up to 60 minutes of recording with the option of continuous recording when plugged in via USB power source.
  • Compact at 1.8×1.8×1 inches and a lightweight 1.12 ounces.
  • App connectivity allows for use by multiple users and multiple cameras.
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5. FayTun Mini Spy Camera

 Mini Spy Camera, FayTun 1080P Full HD Hidden Camera, Mini Nanny Camera with Night Vision and Motion Detection for Home/Car/Office/Pet and Outdoor Sports

The FayTun Mini Spy Camera mini spy camera has the capability for photo, video, several motion detection settings, and high power night vision functions.  High resolution 1920*1080P video and 4230*3042 photo resolution provides crisp and bright images over a longer than usual 75 minute recording time. 6 IR night vision sensors provide excellent night vision images with motion-sensitive smart recording, even in extremely low light.

  • Simple operation with one power on/off control and one mode selection button.
  • 8-32GB TF card required for file storage.
  • FayTun offers superior customer service and product support.
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Hidden Camera for Cars Buying Guide

When purchasing a hidden camera for use in your car, there are several important aspects of a hidden camera that should be taken into consideration.  There are a wide variety of options for camera concealment in your vehicle, different types of recording technology, and variable power sources available.  With so many choices, this handy buying guide will help you to narrow down the field of cameras on the market to the very best camera for your vehicle needs and purposes.

Camera Concealment

When choosing the appropriate camera for recording purposes in your car, the element of concealment is vital for providing a high level of security.  Choose a camera that will optimally blend in or virtually disappear on the dash of your car or in a particular location within your car interior.  Cameras can be hidden and attached with several different options; sticky backing pads that attach securely to the surfaces of the car, or by included clips that provide a more temporary option for camera installment.

Type of Recording

The majority of hidden spy cameras are designed to either provide self-contained device recording. With this type of camera to view recordings, you will need either an SD card reader to read the device storage or a USB cable connection. With more recent technology upgrades, live streaming wireless cameras have become another prominent surveillance option. These cameras provide remote viewing in real-time through the internet connection available on your smartphone and apps readily available for both Android and iPhones. There is some availability of cameras with both recording options. Often this feature is dependent on the type of power source that the camera is connected to and the availability of a Wifi connection.

Type of Power Source

The final important buying decision for your car hidden camera is the choice between AC or Battery Powered? Battery-powered cameras provide greater portability and are more easily concealed within the interior of your car without the need to also hide wiring within your vehicle.  Although there are hardwired AC adapters currently available for most modern cars and this choice will significantly reduce concerns about battery life, image quality, and device storage over an extended period of time. Cameras connected to a stationary power source often also have better Wifi capacity and live streaming capability.  There are also hybrid power source cameras available that allow you to alternate your power connection based on your immediate needs.