5 Best Hidden Cameras to Catch Cheating Spouse (Reviews Updated 2021)

There are times when marriage feels unbearable and you’d need proof to convince yourself that your spouse is faithful, or otherwise, to help you make better informed and futuristic decisions. In this case, most people opt-in for a hidden camera to catch their cheating spouse and help facilitate a better life. Our review of the best hidden camera to catch a cheating spouse is collated with the best that the market has to offer to help you navigate seamlessly. Our buying guide that follows is crafted to help you buy the product the best fits your needs.

Best Hidden Cameras to Catch Cheating Spouse

Here’s our review of the best hidden cameras to catch cheating spouses.

1. Relohas Full HD 1080P Mini Spy Hidden Camera

Spy Camera Wireless Hidden, Relohas Full Hd 1080p Mini Spy Hidden Camera Wifi, Upgraded Night Vision

Using this hidden camera with its phone app installed on your Android or iOS devices, you can keep an eye on your bedroom, car, living room or anywhere you suspect that your spouse might have his cheating acts. An intelligent PIR motion detection technology will notify your smartphone when a movement is noticed within your space and you can immediately look through to confirm your suspicions. Its built-in 1600mAh battery and night vision helps you keep a track of the rooms day and night, with or without power.

  • 150° Wide Angle
  • Rechargeable Built-in 1600mAH Battery
  • Intelligent PIR Motion Detection
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2. SPY Gadgets 4K Hidden Camera Home DVR Air Freshener

Spy Gadgets 4k Hidden Camera Spy Camera Home Surveillance Nanny Cam Dvr Air Freshener Xtreme Lif

A hanging air freshening machine dispensing batches of air freshener into the apartment would raise the least suspicion of being a surveillance tool. This device has a 4k camera with motion activation that allows it to stay on standby when there is nothing moving within the field of view to record. With a battery power that you can be confident in, this device can stay up to 90 days on standby and record nonstop for 16 hours.

  • Supports up to 128GB Micro SD card
  • 140-degree wide-angle lens
  • Passive Infrared motion detection
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3. WEMLB WB-726 HD 1080P WiFi Hidden Camera Alarm Clock

Wemlb Wb 726 Hd 1080p Wifi Hidden Camera Alarm Clock Night Vision Motion Detection Loop Recording W

Sometimes, an alarm clock on the dressing table is what it takes to catch a cheating spouse. With this WEMLB WB-726 HD 1080P WiFi Hidden Camera Alarm Clock, you can receive live recordings on your phone immediately motion is detected in the room. Its night vision technology allows it to record HD 1080p videos at any time.

  • Dual recording modes
  • Live email and in-app notifications
  • 4GHz WiFi connectivity
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4. LIZVIE WiFi Hidden Clock Camera

Wifi Hidden Clock Camera, Wireless Nanny Spy Cam With Alarm Clock, Night Vision, Motion Detection, A

With WiFi connectivity, this alarm clock is equipped with a hidden camera that can send Live HD 1080p videos to your smartphone without a scratch. With auto-night vision enabled, this device can peer through the darkest hours of the night revealing everything that is happening while you were away. Motion detection makes sure that you are not on your screen all day, sending you notifications only when the camera spots a movement within its field of view.

  • Auto Night Vision
  • Night vision distance up to 10 meters
  • Motion Detection with Pushing Alert
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5. JöT 1 Cubic Inch 1080p Hidden Camera

Mini Cop Cam Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Micro Hidden Camera Nanny Cam, Cop Camera, Body Cam 1

This hidden camera is undetectable and can record crystal clear videos and stores them in a micro SD for you to watch when you return. Equipped with excellent night vision, you can record high quality 1080p HD videos both day and night. With motion detection technology enabled, this camera will save you the worries of viewing idle footages by staying on standby until motion is detected.

  • Motion Detection
  • Night Vision
  • Battery powered system
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Buying Guide for Hidden Cameras to Catch Cheating Spouse

Suspecting that your spouse is cheating is one step towards finding out if he or she truly is. Buying a hidden camera to catch him is another huge step. Nevertheless, when trying to buy the best hidden camera for this purpose, you should consider paying attention to the following features.

Night Vision

Cheating spouses may engage in their act at any time of the day. Keeping a hidden camera that can record videos in the area at any time of the day can help you keep your fingers crossed during the day and at night. Some of the best hidden camera to catch cheating spouses has night vision technology that is buoyant enough to travel the length of the bedroom or anywhere you choose to put them.

Remote Access

Sometimes, you don’t have to get home before you can find out that a cheating incident has occurred. Buying a hidden camera that can be accessed remotely and sends notifications to your phone or email when motion is detected can help you stay informed instantly. This would be very necessary if you intend to drive home immediately to meet them in the act.

Also, some of the best hidden cameras that can be used to catch cheating spouses have features that can allow more than one device to access the videos remotely. With this, you, your witness, and even your lawyer can get to see the videos instantly.


Cheating spouses are often very smart and they could tell when something in the room is looking odd; therefore, suspicions of being watched can arise. To make sure that they live as freely as possible, we suggest that you choose a product that doesn’t show very obvious changes in your typical room. A desktop alarm clock may seem like a fashionable alarm clock that wakes you from sleep in the morning and wouldn’t raise any suspicion. Other products with their various shapes and build may suit your needs perfectly. Ensure to look at the blend of your environment before choosing your next hidden camera that could be used to catch your cheating spouse.