5 Best Hidden Cameras for Office Cubicles (Reviews Updated 2021)

Whether you are the boss who wants to keep an eye on your employees or an employee that just wants to make sure that your privacy is not being tampered at your workplace, getting a hidden camera for your office cubicle may be an excellent option. Getting the best hidden cameras that are ideal for office cubicles that cannot be spotted easily is not a walk in the park thus can be really daunting. Our review of the best hidden cameras for office cubicle can put you on the line to getting an excellent device to keep your space most of the time. We have also included a buying guide to make sure that you look out for the right features that will suit your needs.

Best Hidden Cameras for Office Cubicles

Here’s our review for the best hidden cameras for office cubicles.

1. FUVISION Hidden Camera WiFi Smoke Detector

Fuvision Hidden Camera Wifi Smoke Detector

Presented as a harmless smoke detector hanging above the office space, the FUVISION Hidden Camera WiFi Smoke Detector can watch over several cubicles at the same time while storing the recorded videos in a micro SD inserted in a provided space. With a 180 days battery life, this camera is WiFi-enabled and transmits videos over the internet making it easy to access live footage remotely. With a fully deceptive fire detector gasket, the lens covers a wide 125-degree angle reporting crystal HD 1080p videos for in-depth detailing.

  • Camera with a built-in DVR.
  • Record with date/time watermark
  • Built-in 6000mAh rechargeable battery
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2. SIRGAWAIN Mini Spy Camera 1080P Hidden Camera

Sirgawain Mini Spy Camera 1080p Hidden Camera

The lens of this SIRGAWAIN Mini Spy Camera 1080P Hidden Camera offers a wide 150-degree coverage that could cover the entire office cubicle when properly positioned. Also, its small size makes it completely undetectable as it strikes through the space to record videos in daylight and nighttime. Motion detection technology makes it possible to conserve the battery life by keeping it on standby and initiate video recording once motion is detected.

  • 150° wide-angle lens
  • HD Day and night vision
  • Motion Detection
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3. KAMRE Hidden Spy Camera Photo Frame

Kamre Hidden Spy Camera Photo Frame

Although this hidden camera report footage in 960p quality, it is completely undetectable as it is hidden in a photo frame making a good option to be positioned on your work table right in your office cubicle. Built with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, this camera can record efficiently when motion is detected for up to 3 days, so you don’t have to worry about failing to catch footages when you are off for the weekend.

  • Simple two-button operation
  • 960p camera at 30 frames per second
  • Harmless photo frame design
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4. LIZVIE iPhone Charger Dock Hidden Spy Camera

Lizvie Iphone Charger Dock Hidden Spy Camera

Having your iPhone charger dock laying carelessly on your desk may never be suspected to harbor such a high tech surveillance device; therefore, we find it a good option to keep an eye on your office cubicle. Being WiFi-enabled, this camera connects to the internet for live transmission to your phone. With its motion detection push notification feature, you get instant notification on your phone when motion is detected in your cubicle and you can track up asap.

  • Perfect compatible with iPhone 5 or later
  • Push notification and night vision
  • 720p HD camera
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5. Romeifly Hidden Camera Clock Spy Camera

Romeifly Clock Hidden Camera

A desk clock is just as harmless as your desktop screen would be on a normal day but can be converted into a surveillance tool without the knowledge of others. The Hidden Camera Clock Spy Camera is a perfect fit for this purpose with a lens hidden under the glossy dark screen that is near impossible to detect. It works all day and night backed by 2 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with a non-stop record time of 5 hours.

  • Motion Activated Alerts
  • iOS and Android Compatible
  • Live Stream from Anywhere
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Hidden Cameras for Office Cubicles Buying Guide

If you are planning to buy a hidden camera for your office cubicle, you may probably face the dreaded challenge of making purchase decisions. This buying guide will help put you in line with the necessary features to focus on while you make your decision.

Nature of Cubicle

The sizes and shapes of cubicles vary and you must consider these before buying the best hidden camera. If your cubicle is rectangular and average-sized, you may consider getting a hidden camera that covers the distance and can penetrate far enough into the darkness to record the details when you are away.

Furthermore, the shape of your cubicle may affect the number of cameras that you’d need since sharp bends create blind spots for each camera. Buying more than one camera means tracking or live streaming from more than one camera. There are options that allow you to sync two or more cameras to one mobile device for streaming over WiFi.

Power Availability

Offices are always on full power during working hours but that is not when you’d need the surveillance probably. The relevance of the hidden cameras come into play when you are not on your desk. Most likely, you’d be out of desk when the office closes and on the weekends when electrical power might be off. Battery-powered hidden cameras can keep watch of your cubicle all these times when the powers are out. Choosing the camera with enough battery health to go through these periods of blackout can be valuable for your privacy security.


Some hidden cameras can be positioned in your cubicle with micro SD to save recorded footages but you can only get to check them out when you return to the office. There are other WiFi-enabled options that connect with your phone over the internet. These cameras make it possible for you to receive live transmissions from your office no matter where you are. Some of these connected cameras might send instant notifications to your phone when motion is detected within its visual field; so you don’t need to be on your screen at all times but pop in when you are notified of movements.