5 Best Hidden Cameras for Nursing Homes (Reviews Updated 2021)

Whether you have a toddler with a nanny to look after him or you have a senior at a nursing home that needs to be cared for, you don’t have to neglect the importance of a hidden camera for those nursing homes that you may have in mind. Getting the best hidden camera for nursing homes may not be a very easy process since it would always be around people that don’t have to notice it. Our review of the best hidden camera for nursing homes can help you get through the chunky product lists. A buying guide also included may be useful in making better purchase decisions.

Best Hidden Cameras for Nursing Homes

Here’s our review of the best hidden cameras for nursing homes.

1. NFITtech Mini Hidden Camera HD

Nfittech Mini Hidden Camera Hd 720p 1080p Spy Nanny Cam Body Camera Video Recorder Home Surveillance

This hidden camera is considered one of the smallest products in the market making it an excellent fit for a nursing home. It’s amazing 6 pieces IR LED night vision allows it to pierce through the darkness to collect quality HD videos. While storing recorded videos in the micro SD, it uses its motion detection technology to keep idle moments out of record.

  • Motion detection
  • 6-pieces IR LED lights for night vision
  • Recharged by DC-5V charger
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2. OUCAM Hidden Camera 1080P Mini Spy Camera

OUCAM Hidden Camera 1080P Mini Spy Camera WiFi Camera with Remote Viewing 380mAH Battery Wireless Secret Camera Surveillance Camera with Real-Time Video Night Vision, Phone App with Andriod and iOS

With a 2.4GHz WiFi connectivity, you can connect this hidden camera to the nursing home wireless network to send live coverages to your mobile devices. A 380mAh rechargeable battery keeps it functional for up to 2 hours in case of power interruption. Being functional during the day and night, this hidden camera stores recorded videos in its backup storage supporting up to 64GB micro SD.

  • 380mAh built-in battery
  • 18ft night vision infrared light
  • Motion Detection
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3. Silverzone Mini Micro HD Hidden Camera

Mini Micro Hd Hidden Camera Spy Cameras Video Night Vision 1080p Camcorder Motion Sensor Monitoring

This camera has a microcube design that allows it to fit into any position to record high-quality 1080p videos. Its motion detection technology allows it to only record when motion is detected and helps conserve storage space from idle footages. Oldest records are overwritten with new ones so, you won’t have to worry that recording would stop when the storage device is full.

  • Intelligent Motion Detection
  • built-in night vision IR Light
  • Designed like a micro cube
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4. Elleety Mini Hidden Spy Camera

Mini Hidden Spy Camera Wifi Small Wireless Video Camera Full Hd 1080p Audio Infrared Night Vision Mo

Designed to be discreet, this hidden camera can be used in nursing homes with a very slim chance of being spotted since it looks exactly like a conventional wall USB charger. With the latest technological advancements, this camera has the most intelligent motion detection and loop recording ability. With WiFi connectivity, you can live stream the recordings and receive real-time alerts on your mobile devices when motion is detected.

  • Full HD1080p video
  • Smart video motion sensor technology
  • Motion detection technology
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5. CACAGOO Hidden Camera 1080P, WiFi Wireless Mini Camera

Cacagoo Hidden Camera 1080p, Wifi Wireless Mini Camera With Night Vision And Motion Detection For H

With WiFi connectivity, this hidden camera can send live videos to your mobile phone right from its 120-degrees wide-angled lens that transmits 1080p HD videos capturing images at 30 frames per second. An upgraded night vision makes it an excellent choice for both day and night recording sending crystal clear images and videos to the storage device as it penetrates the darkness with its 6 IR lights. A motion detection technology beefs it up to prevent blank footages from saving and taking up memory spaces.

  • 6 infrared LEDs for low light conditions
  • Captures 1080P HD video at 30 fps
  • 8 meters night vision distance
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Hidden Camera for Nursing Homes Buying Guide

Since the nursing home not where you live and perhaps visit too often, maybe once or twice daily, you might want to get a hidden camera that will keep an eye on the things happening while you were gone. When choosing your next best-hidden camera for this purpose, you should look meticulously into the following features.

Camera Lens

Looking for the best hidden camera, the quality of the lens must have been the first thing you checked. Although there are a few other things that you could check the lens is essential. Different hidden cameras for nursing homes are equipped with different lenses. Each lens has varying resolution and record speed but the best hidden cameras for nursing homes are always equipped with lenses that transmit HD videos up to 1080p at a speed of 30 frames per second. We strongly advise that you choose cameras with this type of lenses even though some cameras come with lower 720p HD resolution.


Depending on how long you would be away and how long the hidden camera would record the events in the nursing home, choosing a hidden camera with enough storage to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything is important. Even though some of the best hidden cameras overwrite older footages to store new ones, those older ones may be out before you even view them. Therefore, it’s crucial to make sure that your next device supports more than enough storage capacity to store all the videos that will be recorded when you’re away

Battery Backup

Although nursing homes may have a fairly constant power supply, what happens when the power goes at intervals? Obviously recording might be stalled and all the activities that happen between those times would be unaccounted for. Choosing to buy a hidden camera with enough backup battery to record videos when the powers are out until they are restored can make a huge impact in collecting footage at all times.

Motion Detection Technology

Memory spaces would get filled quickly and with worthless video footage if the cameras are on continuous recording. Some of the best hidden cameras for nursing homes are equipped with motion detection technology. This helps make sure that no videos are recorded or stored when the filed is idle. This way you wouldn’t waste your time watching idle spaces or suffering from unnecessarily filled up memory.