5 Best Hidden Cameras for Hotel Rooms (Reviews Updated 2021)

Although hotel owners and managers need to respect the privacy of their customers as much as customers hate to feel monitored, they would have to find a way to ensure that the lodging customers are following regulations. To do this, they need well-hidden cameras that would record footages undetected while at the same time maintaining customer confidence and trust. With this review, we have presented, to hotel owners, managers, and administrators, the best hidden cameras for hotel rooms followed by a buying guide to help point them in the right direction when making purchase decisions for the next hidden cameras for their hotel rooms.

Best Hidden Camera for Hotel Rooms

Here’s our review of the best hidden cameras for hotel rooms.

1. OUCAM Hidden Spy Wi-Fi Surveillance Camera

Oucam Hidden Spy Wi Fi Surveillance Camera

Should you have any reason to keep hidden cameras in a hotel room the OUCAM Hidden Spy Camera Wi-Fi Surveillance Camera is an excellent choice because of its small size, built-in battery, and real-time monitoring through mobile devices. The built-in battery can keep the camera working for up to 80 minutes with recording initiated upon motion detection.

  • Built-in Battery
  • Camera connects to 2.4G Wi-Fi
  • Super small and thin
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2. HOSUKU Wireless WiFi Hidden Camera Clock

Hosuku Wireless Wifi Hidden Camera Clock

Having a desk clock in a hotel room may not raise any suspicion when equipped with a hidden camera. This HOSUKU Hidden Spy Camera Wireless WiFi Hidden Camera record videos in three adjustable resolutions of 1080p, 720p, and 640p making it easy for you to view directly on mobile or desktop screens through its WiFi-enabled live transmission. The lens with a wide 150-degree angular coverage and piercing night vision, you can get a full view of all events taking place in any hotel room.

  • 4x digital zooming HD displays
  • crystal clear HD adjustable resolution video
  • 150-degree wide-angle lens
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3. ALIWESTCOM Mini Spy Camera Motion Activated

Aliwestcom Mini Spy Camera Motion Activated

This mini spy camera is powered by a 380mAh battery that covers a 90-minutes recording time with recording only initiated when motion is detected. The small design makes it ideal for watching a hotel room without raising the notice of the customer or room services. A dual video quality option allows you to switch between Full HD and HD videos that can be viewed on your computer through the card reader.

  • User-friendly one-button operation
  • 380mAh rechargeable battery
  • No flashy signals, no beeping audio.
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4. MHDYT Mini Hidden Wireless Spy Camera

MHDYT Mini Wireless Hidden Spy Camera

As the smallest surveillance 0.7oz cubic camera in the world, the MHDYT Mini Hidden Wireless Spy Camera is a remarkable option for hotel owners and managers to monitor the rooms without being detected. With a unique and innovative DIY design, this mini camera is easy to set up and attaches to any surface with its magnetic base. Completely wireless and leave no signs of action, this hidden camera is powered by a 240mAh rechargeable battery that covers a work time of 50 minutes after a full charge.

  • Motion detection
  • Built-in lithium battery 240 mAh
  • Records high-definition video in low-light conditions
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5. Omples Hidden Wireless Spy Camera

Omples Hidden Wireless Spy Camera

Another desk clock with a fascinating design containing a hidden camera to help you monitor every cranny of your hotel rooms. The Omples Hidden Wireless Spy Camera embedded in this desk clock provides 24/7 surveillance when plugged to a power outlet with its 10 infrared LEDs working together to pierce through the night providing a crystal clear HD 1080p videos instantly accessible with any mobile device over the internet. 2.4GHz WiFi connectivity makes it possible for this device to send live transmissions to a compatible mobile App anywhere in the world while backing the videos up on a 32GB micro SD.

  • Full HD 1080P resolution
  • Built-in 10 powerful infrared LEDs
  • Night vision
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Hidden Cameras for Hotel Rooms Buying Guide

One of the biggest challenges of being a hotel manager and owner is keeping an eye on your customers to ensure that they abide by the rules without infringing on their privacy or making them uncomfortable. To achieve this purpose, you must look out for some features before buying your next hidden cameras that will fit perfectly and undetected in your hotel rooms.

Lens Angle

The coverage angle of the lens of the camera is an essential feature to pay attention to. As lens angles vary, their functions and coverage also vary. Most hotel rooms are not so big to require more than one camera to avoid having the camera seen. Choosing one camera with a wide-angle lens can cover the entire corners of the room on a single screen. So, there will be no need to install more than one camera in the room when a single camera can catch all the required angles.

Camera Setup

Although the cameras are hidden, some are embedded in devices that may be prominent. For instance, hidden cameras embedded in desk clocks may not be a good option if the customers are a bit paranoid and extremely conscious. If they know that devices like that may have cameras, they can likely turn it to face the other way while they probably go about their unscrupulous actions. In this case, choosing a mini spy camera that will be hidden in a position in the room can be a better choice.

Also, the setup of the camera may affect its positioning. If the camera needs to be plugged to a power outlet for its function, you may consider getting a desk clock hidden camera that can lie on the desk unsuspectingly while it stays plugged to power. Otherwise, hanging a camera with wires running down may not be hidden anyway. On the other hand, battery-powered cameras may be a great option although they may require recharging and that wouldn’t be very possible if the customers are staying in the room over a long period pass when the camera goes out of battery.

Night Vision and Motion Detection

There is no need to have a camera in the room if it can’t keep an eye on what happens in the dark. Choosing a camera with night vision will help you catch all the possible footages at any time of the day.  Furthermore, cameras with beeping sounds or beaming LEDs may not be so hidden after all. Therefore while looking for a camera with night vision ensure that it penetrates the darkness undetected.

Motion detection is also an important feature required for a hotel room hidden camera because you don’t have to keep the camera working when nothing is happening in the room. Motion sensitive cameras are often self-recording. They are always on standby and start recording as soon as they sense motion in the room. Some motion-sensitive cameras through WiFi connections can send real-time notifications to your viewing center or mobile devices whenever motion is detected. This can help draw your attention to the right place at the right time.