5 Best Hidden Cameras for Apartments (Reviews Updated 2021)

Several times, people would wish that they had kept an unseen eye on their personal spaces when they are away and they have always opted for hidden cameras. As security consciousness increase among people, the hidden camera market has bloomed and people now want nothing but the best. Our review of the best hidden camera for apartments will help you identify the best products in the market. Our buying guide underneath is also crafted to make purchasing of hidden camera super efficient for you.

Best Hidden Camera for Apartments

Here’s our review of the best hidden cameras for your apartment.

1. SIRGAWAIN Mini Spy Camera 1080P Hidden Camera

Sirgawain Mini Spy Camera 1080p Hidden Camera

With the SIRGAWAIN Mini Spy Camera 1080P Hidden Camera, your eyes would be covering your space day and night in 1080 pixels HD video recording. This camera takes photo shots in 12MP, just 1MP below most smartphones and clear enough on its 150 protractor degrees coverage. Its motion detection technology helps it to conserve its “60-minutes-record-time” battery life as it started recording automatically when it detects motion.

  • Motion Detection
  • HD Day & Night Vision
  • 150° wide-angle lens
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2. HUOMU Mini spy cam 1080P HD Wireless WiFi Cameras

HUOMU Mini spy cam 1080P HD Wireless

This chip-like camera, with a dimension of 0.6 x 1 inch, is a perfectly designed spy camera to keep an eye on your apartment even when you are away. With industry-leading resolution of 1080P, this camera holds micro SD up to 128GB capacity of storage for your video records. The WiFi feature makes it easy for you to control it remotely on your Android or iOS devices making it easy for you to keep track at a considerable distance.

  • Wifi connection and button dual control
  • Easy to use multi-function app
  • Smart motion detection with immediate alert
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3. Romeifly Hidden Camera Clock Spy Camera

Romeifly Clock Hidden Camera

The thrill of having a simple digital clock in your apartment with a micro camera that video records everything when you are not around is indescribable. This camera hidden inside a digital clock is motion-sensitive, WiFi-enabled, and can connect remotely to multiple users on Android and iOS devices. With lithium-ion batteries offering up to 5 hours of record time and 128GB micro SD storage, you can penetrate the darkness with its 5M infrared night vision giving you real-time notifications on your smartphone once any motion is detected.

  • Motion-activated Alerts
  • One App multiple cameras; one Camera multiple users
  • Stronger IR Night Vision
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4. Veroyi Mini IP Camera WiFi Home Security Surveillance Nanny Camcorder

Veroyi Mini Ip Camera Wifi Home Security Surveillance Nanny Camcorder

As tech devices become intelligent, Veroyi Mini IP Camera has joined the queue with a feature that allows video recordings to save in the cloud and can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Also, with a built-in speaker and microphone, you can track the audio in the house from anywhere and also choose to communicate with the people and pets in your apartment from wherever at any time of the day.

  • Advanced IR-CUT Filter technology
  • Built-in speaker and microphone
  • Support cloud services
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5. MHDYT Mini Spy Wireless Hidden Camera

MHDYT Mini Wireless Hidden Spy Camera

Being the smallest body camera in the world designed as a 0.7oz cube, the MHDYT Mini Spy Wireless Hidden Camera is quite a remarkable choice for a hidden camera. It features a DIY design that records videos in HD at 30 frames per second and snaps photos in HD all viewed remotely. A magnet attached behind the camera makes it easy for attachment to any metal surface for seamless coverage.

  • Unique and Innovative DIY Design
  • Loop Recording & Motion Detection
  • Enhanced night vision with 4pcs IR led lights
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Buying Guide for Hidden Home Cameras for Apartments

As much as the best hidden cameras for apartments can serve impressive purposes, they can be less efficient or even revealed when you do not put consideration on some factors before choosing the exact camera to buy. This buying guide will bring some of these factors to the limelight briefly.


No matter how small or big a camera may be, it has to be positioned accurately for it to serve its purpose efficiently. Although most people tend to choose a position for their cameras after buying them, it is not a proper practice since you may be missing the real coverage for buying them in the first place. Deciding where the cameral will be placed can help you decide the type of hidden camera to buy for your apartment. For example, buying a camera that is embedded in a clock means that it has to be positioned like a clock would, making it unsuspicious. So, understanding whether a position as such will promote your desired coverage can help you make a great purchasing decision.

Video and Photo Features

The actual reason why you are buying a hidden camera is to get viewable videos and pictures. Although the best cameras for your apartments have similar video quality of 1080P, their frame rates vary and as such, the quality of the motions in the resulting video. Some cameras may provide HD photo snaps and loop recording. Determining the quality of the image and video you want may go along way in helping you choose the best camera for you.

Furthermore, many cameras may be very useful in bright lights but are completely useless at night when most unwanted motions may occur. The relevance of a hidden camera with the power to pierce through the darkness undetected cannot be overemphasized. We recommend that you buy cameras with light vision abilities as well as usual light vision.

Storage Capacity

Hidden cameras are quite small chip-like tech devices. Fortunately, some of the best ones have relatively large amounts of storage space. With recent advancements in technology, some cameras are cloud-enabled and can store recordings in the cloud which have unlimited storage capacity. Nevertheless, choosing a lower storage option that serves you best is not a bad step to take also. But whatever option you take, ensure that the storage is enough for your footages.


Several cameras record and take pictures that are stored on a micro SD offline and can be accessed when you return to the apartment. Contrary to this, some of the best hidden cameras are WiFi-enabled and can connect to the internet and send transmissions to your anywhere in the world via corresponding apps. If you are choosing to watch your footages live and on-the-go, you might want to consider buying a hidden camera that transmits live and is WiFi-enabled.