Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps to Download

You never know if there is a hidden camera spying on you when you are at your office or even at home. The same goes for hotels, Airbnb, public restrooms, and changing rooms, where you should be extra careful about it. Hidden cameras are so small that you can’t detect them with a human eye, and you cannot simply carry the professional detector with you all the time.

This does not mean that you leave it as it is and let someone record your movements and interrupt your privacy. Breaching your privacy should not be tolerated, and you must check for hidden cameras wherever you go. If you are a frequent traveler and stay in different places, you must have an idea of how important it is to protect your privacy.

There is a thing that you carry with you all the time, and that is your smartphone. Fortunately, developers have created various applications that are used as detectors for hidden cameras, and you will find multiple apps to download. Now you don’t have to carry a professional camera detector with you all the time when you can use your smartphone to detect hidden cameras.

However, when there is a wide variety of options available, you must select the best option. Not all apps give accurate and precise results, and therefore, in order to ensure your privacy, you must only rely on the best hidden camera detector apps.

Hidden spy camera detector

Among the list, the top choice is the Hidden spy camera detector that is available for iOS users and as well as for Android. All you need is to download and install the app on your smartphone, turn it on, and it will scan the room for hidden cameras.

The app also has the capability to detect GPS trackers and listening devices. In addition to that, infrared cameras and pinhole cameras can also be detected using a hidden spy camera detector.

Providing you with an easy-to-use interface, you don’t need to buy expensive detectors when you can download this app free of cost and find out the hidden bugs in your place.

Spy camera finder

By taking advantage of advanced technology, the app is designed to detect all types of hidden cameras and other bugging devices such as microphones or speakers. After you download the app, move your phone around the place, and it will generate an alarm if it detects any suspicious device.

Magnetic materials and infrared devices are also detected using a spy camera finder as it is equipped with a magnetometer and infrared detector. Thus, this app is rated as one of the best in contrast to using the professional camera detector.


With a user-friendly interface, Detectify is among the most used apps to find hidden cameras. Available on the play store, the app can be downloaded in seconds and is available for free.

Equipped with the latest technology, the app utilizes infrared and magnetometer to detect hidden cameras in your bedroom, hotels, and in your surroundings. Install the app, scan through the area, and it will allow you to see if there is any hidden camera placed.

Besides that, the app also provides tips for manual detection so that you can make sure you are not being spied on through such devices.

Hidden IR camera detector – Spy camera finder

Find a hidden camera with your mobile using this app and get accurate and precise results. Download and install the app, move it around the different objects, and if it finds a hidden camera, the app will show the level of radiation detected.

Use it on the go whenever you want; it does not require you to pay any subscription fees. Besides that, it provides manual inspection and detection instructions for the bedroom, changing room, bathroom, and for outside.


Available for iOS users, it is not only used to find hidden cameras but also for other bugging devices. Providing you with the most accurate results, the application requires you to pay a fee to use it for detecting the hidden cameras.

Use it anywhere you want; the app utilizes the latest technology and, therefore, is ranked as one of the best hidden camera detector apps to download.


There are plenty of other apps available, but not all of them work as efficiently as the apps discussed in this article. Don’t waste your time in trying different apps; download any one of the apps mentioned above and find hidden cameras like never before. If it works out, do share the article so that everyone knows about it.