5 Best Hidden Camera Clocks (Reviews Updated 2021)

Hidden camera clocks provide two simultaneously useful functions: they tell you what time it is and what is going on in your home. Most hidden camera clocks will start recording with high-quality motion sensors and are often very user-friendly. Whatever your hidden camera needs may be, here is a list of 5 of the best that you can find on Amazon.

Best Hidden Camera Clocks

Here are our hidden camera clock reviews.

1. Hidden Spy Camera Clock

Hidden Spy Camera Clock with 32GB SD Card, 1080P WiFi Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Security Camera Nanny Cam with Night Vision and Motion Detection for Home Office

The Hidden Spy Camera Clock has 12 infrared lights, which makes it one of the best at recording clear video in the dark. It comes with a 32 GB SD card and can also support an SD card up to 132 GB. The high storage capacity is one of its most unique features, which, combined with the infrared, makes this one of the most serious camera clocks for nighttime video recording.

  • The viewing angle is 140 degrees, one of the wider angels out there
  • Sees up to 20 feet in the dark
  • Detects motion within 30 feet
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2. AMCSXH HD 1080P Hidden WiFi Camera Wall Clock

AMCSXH HD 1080P WiFi Hidden Camera Wall Clock Spy Camera with Motion Detection, Security for Home and Office, Nanny Cam/Pet Cam/Wall Clock Cam, Remote-Real Time Video, Support iOS/Android, Video only

The AMCSXH HD 1080p Hidden WiFi Camera Wall Clock hides in plain sight. As it states in its name, this is a wall clock and as inconspicuous as camera clocks get. Because of its high position and a 90-degree viewing angle, the field of vision you can achieve with this wall clock is exceptional.

  • Has an adjustable lens angle for customizable viewing
  • Has a 5000 mAh battery
  • It’s Blue Iris compatible so that you can manage your viewing and recording in one central place
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3. Miota Spy Camera

Hidden Camera Miota Spy Camera Wireless Security Nanny Cam with 1080P Full HD, WiFi, Night Vision, Motion Detection, Bluetooth Speaker,FM Radio,Cell Phone App,No Sound Recording

The Miota Spy Camera wears many hats. It does what a good camera clock does and connects to your smartphone for live streaming and has excellent image quality. What sets this camera clock apart is that it’s feature-packed and functions as a Bluetooth speaker, an MP3 Player, and an FM Radio. As one of the smaller clocks at 8.5” by 5.6”, the Miota may be perfect if you want a speaker and a camera but have limited space.

  • Has an 8 IR and ICR infrared filter
  • 33 feet of vision at night
  • Supports up to a 64 GB SD card
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4. Hidden Camera WiFi Alarm Clock

Hidden Camera WiFi Alarm Clock,LITSPED Spy Camera, 1080P Hidden Camera with 33FT Night Vision, 160°Angle Nanny Cam,Motion Detection,Record Sound,App Live Control and Viewing Security Camera for Home

Moderately priced, the Hidden Camera WiFi Alarm Clock, LITSPED model offers interesting features and multi-functionality. This clock connects to an app on your phone and will send you a push notification as soon as it detects motion. You can connect multiple cameras to one phone and allow multiple users to view what’s happening remotely so that you can have as many eyes as you need on the rooms in your home or business.

  • It has a viewing angle of 160 degrees
  • 33 feet of night vision
  • Records 1920 x 1080p video at 25 fps
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5. AES Spy Cameras ACRHD 720p Alarm Clock Radio

AES Spy Cameras ACRHD 720p Alarm Clock Radio HD Covert Hidden Nanny Camera Spy Gadget (Black)

You get what you pay for with the AES Spy Camera, ACRHD 720p version. This camera doesn’t use WiFi, and your footage is date and time-stamped, which provides extra security and freedom from tampering. This camera clock is designed to be discreet and portable – perfect for taking it to a meeting outside of your home.

  • Records 1280 x 720p video at 30 fps in AVI format
  • The SD card is hidden in the battery compartment, making it more discreet
  • This camera clock only records video
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Hidden Camera Clock Buying Guide

Customers, in general, look for camera clocks that are easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to miss with the naked eye. With so many camera clocks out there, however, let’s figure out which one might be best for you.


Camera clocks come in several varieties. For those who prefer a modern design, a digital camera clock offers both easy readability and more variety in design. Analog clocks, however, have the advantage of better concealing their identity as a piece of technology being, on the surface, an older device.

Special Features

What you want to look for when shopping for a camera clock depends on how primary the camera function is. If the camera is the most important, look for live streaming capabilities and clocks that will send you photos as soon as it detects motion in the room.

You will also want to compare the video recording quality that is offered by your camera clock. While a high frame rate per second might sound best, if the resolution doesn’t match, then you won’t have a smooth visual.

Depending on the size of the space you wish to monitor, the viewing angle available on your camera clock will be critical. Many smaller spaces like an office will work well with viewing angles as low as 70 degrees, but for wider coverage, choose one in the 100+ degree range.

Some may wish to record audio or be able to communicate two ways on through their camera clock. Not all camera clocks come with this feature, so be sure to check for specific audio capabilities.


Every camera clock can serve a unique purpose and, depending on that purpose, your choice will differ.

For a nanny cam, the infrared capabilities may not matter as much. You want to make sure that the person taking care of your children is doing a good job in clear light.

If you seek to protect your home, a night vision camera clock becomes far more important. While burglaries can sometimes occur during the day, the video quality at night is what should be your deciding factor if you have to leave your home for vacation and want some peace of mind. Higher IR lenses are essential.

Sometimes you need a camera clock on-the-go. Some clocks can operate for a long time on battery alone, while others will require more immediate charging should you need to unplug. In these cases, look for a high mAh battery.