What Is the Best Food for A German Shepherd?

You may already know how much to feed a German shepherd, but if you are not providing the right food, the quantity doesn’t matter at all. Instead of helping the shepherd grow healthfully, not providing the best food results in stunted growth.

So, if you have a shepherd at your home or planning to have one, it is crucial that you know what you are feeding because their feed is going to define how healthy and active they will grow as an adult. Moreover, providing inconvenient or bad food will cause serious health issues in German shepherds. Shortening their lifespan, why not check out here what is the best food for a German shepherd.

Best food for German shepherd

Meeting the nutritional requirement is necessary if you want your German shepherd to be strong, energetic, and healthy. On average, the German shepherd requires an 18-22% protein-rich diet, primarily depending on their age. Fat requirements usually lie between 8% and 5% for puppies and adults, respectively. German shepherds can take meat, fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts in their diet as long as they are provided with good quality.

Characteristics to look for in high-quality German shepherd foods

Before we take you down to the list of the best food, no matter which one you choose, there are a few important characteristics that you must take notice of to ensure you are giving high-quality feed to your shepherd.

  • Among the first things, any dog food you select, check where it is made. From the country to the specific brand, based on that you can tell a lot with regard to its quality. Countries where food safety protocols are followed strictly should be preferred, in this case, such as the USA, Canada, or New Zealand.
  • Check out the list of ingredients, as it will give you an idea about protein sources and how much is best for your shepherd.
  • Try to give food that your German shepherd finds easy to digest. You will know this only after you try. So, keep an eye and change the feed if it creates problems.
  • When it comes to the food types, dry dog food is more reliable, pertaining to the fact that it comes from a reputable brand. In addition, you must try to avoid food that contains unnecessary additives.

Taking care of all factors, including nutritional requirements and health issues of German shepherds, here we present you with the best food for a German shepherd.

Our Top Picks

S. No Product Name
1 Blue Buffalo Wilderness Salmon Recipe Grain
2 Wild Sierra Mountain
3 Diamond Naturals Dry Food
4 Iams Proactive Health Large Breed Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Salmon Recipe Grain

Grain-free dry food for adult German shepherds, the primary ingredients include chicken meal, pea protein, and salmon. In addition to those, it also has a variety of fruits and vegetables. Making the feed rich in protein, it offers the complete nutrition required for adult German shepherds.

Easily available at the best price, it features healthy carbs with no artificial additives. While it is the best food for an adult German shepherd, it is not suitable for puppies.

Pros Cons
No artificial flavors Only for adult German shepherd
Made in the USA
High-quality ingredients
Support immune system health
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Wild Sierra Mountain

Rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, Wild Sierra Mountain is another valuable addition to the list of the best food for a German shepherd. Made in the USA, the food is made following strict protocols, and this is one of the few reasons it is preferred.

Moreover, it is made easy to digest as it is made from high-quality ingredients, including fruits, lamb meat, potatoes, and peas.

Lamb-based food for a German shepherd, Wild Sierra contains no grains, and shepherds find it full of taste. The only concern most owners care about is the small size as it makes the shepherd gulp instead of chewing it properly.

Pros Cons
Contains antioxidant-rich fruits If overeaten, it can cause serious health issues
Support healthy digestion
Suitable for both puppies and adult shepherds
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Diamond Naturals Dry Food

As German shepherds belong to a large breed family, their feed requirements differ from other dogs. For ideal growth and development, Diamond Naturals Dry Food provides all the necessary nutrition for shepherd puppies.

Proper nutrition and digestive support, Diamond Natural dry food is the preferred choice when it comes to the best food for German puppies. Containing ingredients full of minerals and proteins, such as lamb meal, rice, peas, and salmon, the wholesome package is readily available and comes with an affordable price tag.

German puppies find Diamond natural dry food tasteful and easy to digest. Enriched with omega fatty acids, fruits, and vegetables, Diamond Natural provides you with the quality of feed that puppies need the most. In addition to the physical development, the food is crafted keeping in mind the vision and brain development so that you get a perfect adult German shepherd.

Pros Cons
A complete and balanced diet Suitable for puppies only
Guaranteed probiotics
Made in the USA
Low price
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Iams Proactive Health Large Breed Dry Dog Food

Coming from the reputable brand, Proactive Health Large Breed Dry Dog Food has made it in the list of the best food for a German shepherd. When it comes to ingredients, the primary source of protein is derived from chicken, whereas it also includes whole grains.

Rated as best, it fulfills the nutrition requirements of an adult German shepherd, and the best thing is that it is available at the lowest price as compared to other best food for shepherds. So, if you are low on a budget but do not want to compromise on quality, Iams Proactive dry dog food is your ultimate savior. Given the ingredients and level of nutrition, this feed is not suitable for puppies.

Pros Cons
No artificial flavors Some owners have complained about developing gas
Support strong muscles growth
100% balanced nutrition
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Serious about a German shepherd’s growth, health, and development, checking on food quality is the essential requirement. Food plays a significant role as it is the only source of providing the required amount of nourishment, fats, and proteins. While you may find a wide variety of options in this regard, reading this article will let you know the characteristics you have to look for to ensure that you are getting high-quality food. Let us know what you have been serving to your German shepherd all these days?