Best Fireproof Safes In 2021

The pattern has bucked you. The chances you challenged. You missed radar, and you are filled with the cash box behind your mattress. You need a safe fireproof, so what is it? My, my, that’s not the kind of challenges we would all want to see. Ok, maybe it’s not a loading cash bag you’re trying to secure just a few valuable documents, clothing items, electronics, and others.

If not fireproof, safeguards would be of no use in a fire. However, not all safeguards are fire-resistant safeguards. We, therefore, think it is prudent to find a fire-resistant rating to ensure your home security. This research takes a close look at 5 UL-certified best fireproof safes to guard your belongings against an inflammatory fire.

How Fireproof Safes Work?

Flame-resistant safes resemble customary safes in appearance, yet they usually are heavier due to the additional layers of fireproof materials added to the safe. The body of a flame-resistant safe comprises two dividers – an external divider and an inward divider that straightforwardly encases the substance of the safe.

The decision of fire retardant material fluctuates from one brand to another. The absolute most regular fire retardant materials incorporate mineral fleece, fire-secured solid, sodium silicate, and vermiculite. The fire retardant material aides keep the protector’s inside temperature as cool as conceivable during a fire episode. It does this by delivering a fume that keeps the protector’s temperature at a non-flammable level.

What Elements You Need In A Fireproof Safe? : Buying Guide

Safe’s Size

One of the principal exciting points before purchasing a flame-resistant safe is the size of the safe.

For instance, the size of a safe plan to hold a PC will be significantly more important than the size of a safe expected to keep a blaze drive. The cost of safes likewise will, in general, be straightforwardly relative to the size, implying that the greater the size, the higher the expense.

The size of the home safety issue is vital for a couple of reasons. Little safes have a reduced plan to fit in any tiny region, yet they have restricted space inside. On the off chance that you have more significant resources or gadgets, you’ll need to think about an enormous home safe.

Guarantee you to know where you’ll be putting away the safe and the number of things you’ll place in it before picking a size and area.

Water and Flame Resistant Safes

Search for home safes that keep your assets liberated from harm. Waterproof safes protect your reports if there should be an occurrence of submersion or dampness — which is essential to consider for regions that hold water, like storerooms or cupboards. Then again, flame-resistant home safes are an unquestionable requirement have.

Most flame-resistant safes can withstand heat more than 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit for as long as two hours to protect your resources.

Lock System

Each safe home bolts in an unexpected way. Biometric safes utilize your unique finger impression as the actual locking construction to ensure your effects. Different alternatives incorporate touch keypads that permit you to make numerous PINs for relatives.

Regardless of which locking framework you pick, ensure it incorporates a reinforcement opening alternative.

Interior Space

The exterior size of the home safe will not match the room inside it. If you are protecting small items such as cash and jewelry, you can not need as much space.

Rating against fire

As the distinction between the standard safe and a fireproof safe is fire resistance, fire rating is the first thing to consider when purchasing a fireproof safe. Safés are typically fireproof and indicate how long the fireproof can stand and the highest temperature. Fireproof safes for 30 minutes on the bottom avoid fire.


Entry-level safes for less than $100 can be found. And for just over $1,000, you will find other safes. Now, it’s not necessarily easier to say more costly. Still, costlier typically means bigger and heavier.

You’re only deciding factor shouldn’t be your price. There are a few other fireproof features that you need to analyze, but the cost of your safe need to be checked first.

Functionality of safety

With fireproof safes, all emphasis depends on its fire resilience. A fireproof safety should be able to prevent intruders, except for fire outbreaks.


Best Overall SentrySafe SFW123DSB Safe
Best Secure Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Safe
Best Durable Honeywell Fireproof Safe
Best Portable SentrySafe 0500 Fireproof Safe
Best Beginner Phoenix Datacare Fireproof Media Safe


SentrySafe SFW123DSB Safe

SentrySafe fire safety is graded as UL to cover up to one hour at 1700 – TOF (927 – TOF) the most important documents and valuables. ETL is certified for the security of optical media such as Hard drives, USB disks, CDs, and DVDs by SentrySafe SFW123DSB. Intertek Testing Services accredited performance testing in July 2017.

In case of a fire, the water spray used to discharge the fire will destroy documents and valuables. With tested ETL Water Quality in eight inches of water over 24 hours, secure the most valuable things for you from this and other floods. Intertek Testing Services accredited performance testing in July 2017.

Sentry provides you the luxury of saving your valuables with factory-set locks. You will still have keys to sensitive papers and valuables. Mechanical dial locks are durable and allow your safe entry without worrying about the existence of your lock’s battery.

The secondary locking key allows a secure user, even though others know the combination, to deactivate the primary lock. It does not constitute a backup key. To maximize safety, it is highly recommended to bolt down your safe. Bolt-down hardware makes it difficult for the robbers to strip the protection from home or office quickly.

The inside shelf offers additional safety features. This shelf can be adjusted to any height so you can place your pieces quickly.


  • Awesome Interior Shelf
  • Durable design
  • Portable
  • Unique Door Pocket & Key Rack


  • No potential cons
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Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Keypad Safe

The Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Safe is an all-rounder with an advanced dial cushion and a safe handle lock. There is likewise an abrogate key on the off chance that the protector’s battery falls flat. The safe can endure fire for as long as 22 minutes at 1200 degrees. The safe ought to be bolted to the ground to deflect theft (it gauges more than 60 pounds, so it very well may be lifted on the off chance that you’re concerned).

This is the bare minimum for fire safety, which ensures you will most likely be covered in the event of an “ordinary” house fire. Of course, there is nothing average about a burn, so hopefully, you’d like one with a higher temperature rating and a longer length, but it should be adequate in most situations.

Since the safe is not secure, it is safest to keep your documents in waterproof containers inside the safe just in case. The Amazon Basics Fireproof Safe has interior measurements of 12.5 inches by 9.6 inches by 18.1 inches. It is one of the best home safe right now in the market.


  • Robust Steel Construction
  • Fire-Proof
  • Highly durable safe
  • 1.24 Cubic Feet
  • Lightweight


  • Less durable than Sentry Safe
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Honeywell Fireproof Safe

Honeywell fire safes are an excellent way to protect your most precious belongings and devices from fire and burglary.

These specific Fire Safes have a double key and spy-evidence 4-number mix dial lock or programmable remote lock for added assurance.

Honeywell has a fire rating of 60 minutes. These safes additionally have a water-safe entryway and bureau highlight, just as a 7-year service contract that incorporates a Lifetime After-Fire Replacement Guarantee.

With these chests’ capacity to secure your computerized media and classified records from fire and flood destruction, you can relax!

A great fire-resistant cabinet for storing letter and legal-size letters, USB flash drives, DVDs, CDs, and other items. Also included is a carry handle, which brings much more flexibility to an otherwise versatile device.

Keep unwelcome visitors away from your cash and records! The safe has hidden hinges and a recessed door that prevents anyone from prying open the safe.


  • Very durable
  • Portable safe
  • Fire resistant
  • 0.50-Cubic Feet
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof


  • Expensive
  • Rustic design
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SentrySafe 0500 Fireproof Safe

SentrySafe is the name of trust in the safe industry. We have another masterpiece from then which is SentrySafe 0500. They are giving promise to the things that matter. Why shouldn’t they? The total arrangement is really up to the mark. We can’t deny the fact that the fireproof safe need to be solid. Sentry Safe 0500 is the best choice if you are looking for a portable fireproof safe.

The overall dimension of this incredible product is 10.25 x 12.18 x 6.12. We think it’s enough space for your necessary documents. We get another steel made safe. Steel means a highly durable product but with less weight. It would be best if you did not buy a safe which is heavy and not easy to carry.

There exist few security boxes in the market currently which has a flat key lock. The flat key lock prevents the lid from the lethal fires.

Moreover, we got ETL Verification from the Sentry Safe 0500 for the ultimate protection of your daily used things like CD & DVDs. We suggest this most acceptable product for your house due to its Sovereign Underwriters Laboratory. As it is UL classified, you can expect a 1/3 hour flame shield for your documents.

We are pretty convinced that this product produces what it has to do. The box’s interior is more like a practically tiny shoebox, so think about it if you need anything bigger.


  • Long time fireproofing
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • UL and ETL fire ratings
  • Lightweight
  • Made of durable steel
  • Optimum fire protection of 1550°F


  • The inner space is less than the other fireproof safe
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Phoenix Datacare Fireproof Media Safe

If you are a beginner user, you must look for a less expensive or budget product for you. In the case of fireproof safe, we recommend you one of the best beginner safe Phoenix Datacare Fireproof Media Safe. You know the safe fireproof needs to be robust.

We can assure you Phoenix is one of the best heavy-duty fireproof safes. Phoenix is impressive in terms of fire rating, which is 125. The overall fire protection is about 2 hours.

The general settings are also great. You can say user-friendly lock system. A premium level safe must have a user-friendly interface. You can get these features too.

The excellent temperature control offers tremendous flexibility. You can save your expensive gadgets like iPads, Smartphones, laptops from fire by purchasing Phoenix Datacare safe box. No other fireproof safe has this level of flexibility in recent times.

We adore this beautiful safe because of its quality performance though it is the newest edition. It’s a complete package on a limited budget. The beginners will undoubtedly be benefited from the service of Phoenix.


  • Heavy-duty Commercial Safe
  • Fire Rating of 125
  • 3-Year Parts Warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable and beginner’s choice


  • Phoenix cannot be bolted down within the safe.
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Final Words

In this modern era, we use gas, electricity, and more. Each of them is dangerous and can produce serious fire by unwanted incident. It would help if you took primary precautions for fire because we store our necessary documents and gadgets at home. So what’s the solution for this? A fireproof safe can be an excellent solution.

In this context, we show you the top 5 safes which are good and provide fireproofing ability. If you ask for an ultimate recommendation, we will suggest the SentrySafe SFW123DSB Safe as the best fireproof safe. If you don’t like the features of SentrySafe, you can also choose one of them from the other four safes.