Best Fingerprint Door Locks In 2021 Review & Buying Guide

You undoubtedly can’t neglect the biometric fingerprint intelligent locks when it comes to high-tech security arrangements.

What if the keyboard lock code was forgotten?

From all these cases, the best fingerprint door lock is the perfect solution. We also prepared a list of the best door locks for fingerprints for your private or commercial entrances. We always try to express our experience and honest surveys on different products. We know the value of your investment. So, follow the context to get the right idea of fingerprint lock.

Fingerprint Locks: What Are They?

Fingerprints or facial identification are used to allow one or more peopleto access a building with biometric door locks. The facial door locks allow the door to be opened with your face, hands-free. All permitted users must submit samples of their faces for registration in a database. Models which use a fingerprint reader to open the door, however, are most popular.

Once you are identified as a registered user, it will prompt you to insert a PIN to open the door.

These locks are designed to provide comfort because you don’t need supplementary protection to track a key. In case the battery or the power consumption of the safety fails, intelligent locks have secure access. Top 5 fingerprint door locks are given in the later part of this context.

Are the Fingerprint Locks Safer & Reliable?

Smart locks provide more protection at home. The consistency of its hardware and software decides the security of a particular smart lock.

If a biometric lock is easy to beat, it does not provide more protection than a conventional lock. If the program incorporated into a digital lock has a flaw, hackers will use this error to open your door. Since clever locks typically come with a physical key, a foreigner may enter the key if your PIN is forgotten or the wave’s power supply is cut off.

Finally, most burglars do not enter a house through the front door; they tend to look for unlocked doors or windows. Smart locks like fingerprint door locks provide comfort since several people may unlock the door, including a friend or dog sitter. We can say that fingerprint locks offer more security than regular locks.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall Sifely Fingerprint Entry Door Lock
3D Fingerprint Lockly Secure Bluetooth Fingerprint Door Lock
DIY Installation ULTRALOQ UL3 Latch Edition Fingerprint Lock
User-Friendly Interface SAMSUNG SHS-H700 Fingerprint Lock
Trinity System supports Adel 3398 Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

Below are our Top 5 Fingerprint Door Lock Reviews:

Sifely Fingerprint Entry Door Lock

Do you feel unsecured in your home? Then the latest technology offers you the best overall fingerprint door lock, “Sifely”.

Sifely is the world’s latest intelligent lock. It gives your family a safe andintelligent lock solution. Replace the code, fingerprint, fob, or intelligent telephone app for your conventional keys.

The best thing about it is the 2 physical lock keys that come with it.UseSifely and welcome to your smart house!

Without the internet, five types of passcode can be generated on the remote: timed, continuous, one time, custom, and cyclic.

It’s an intelligent way to handle rental land, Airbnb short-term accommodation, and self-homing. No physical key needs to be exchanged.


  • Options for 3-in-1 keyless entry
  • Boundless fingerprints and high sensors
  • Perfect for hosts in Airbnb
  • Remote access through the mobile application
  • Dynamic IP54 Level door lock
  • Awesome 3rd Gen Fingerprint
  • Made with Zinc
  • 7 x 3 x 1.12 inches versatile dimension


  • Need to buy several Wi-Fi gateways that are expensive

Why Do We Recommend Sifely Door Lock?

Sifely Keyless Entry Fingerprint Door Locking is one of the most advanced intelligent lock control systems in the world that provides you and your family safety and security.

There are several entry options for fingerprint, passcode, and mobile apps. No other gadget beats the intelligent lock when it comes to fingerprint entry. Its 3rd Gen Fingerprint technology is waterproof, scratch-resistant, and dustproof capable of saving limitless fingerprints and responds in less than 0.3 seconds.

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Lockly Secure Bluetooth Fingerprint Door Lock

When it comes to your house, we know security is your primary concern. Lockly provides simple, intelligent locking solutions with the highest degree of safety possible and is carefully crafted.

Compared to other permanent keyboard keypads with the exact positioning of numbers, the proprietary Lockly PIN Genie Technology ensures that any time a person comes near your door; the digital keyboard display is shuffled.

You don’t need to fear snooping eyes. When you’re mounted, your Smartphone and door access display is safely controllable from anywhere.
The Lockly Safe app helps you to lock and unlock your door and, if possible, build relatives, friends, and tenant’s access codes. Lockly has got you covered, regardless of whether it’s for your bedroom, office, or main door.

Whenever you approach your door, it’s almost impossible for snooping eyes to devise a suitable combination because of theexclusive digital keyboard display. Whenever someone closes the door, it makes the snooping vision practically impossible to guess the right combination with a unique digital keyboard display.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Smart lock solutions
  • 3D fingerprint
  • Lockly can store up to 99 fingerprints
  • It comes with PIN technology.
  • Voice control by ALEXA


  • No Built-In Wireless Fidelity(Wi-Fi)

Why Do We Recommend It?

connection—Alexa,the Google Assistant, can check your smart home. Just ask, “is my front door closed,” Alexa?

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ULTRALOQ UL3 Latch Edition Fingerprint Lock

Ultraloq is a highly reputable brand that continues to launch high-quality products with excellent features to protect your home and company when it comes to efficient and sophisticated Finger Print door locks.

The Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Powered Fingerprint Door Lock is a high-tech device with an advanced fingerprint recognition system for trouble-free operation.

This lock can store up to 95 fingerprints and can easily detect fingerprints for both elderly and children. The sensors are water-resistant, stub-resistant, and scratch-resistant.At the same time, the external construction is made of a zinc alloy which makes the lock functional and weather resistant.

The touch screen helps you add or delete users quickly. The lock is powered by 3 AA batteries and uses less power than standard locks. Finally, you get a mechanical lifetime guarantee and an electronic guarantee for 18 months.


  • DIY install process
  • Easy to setup
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • 95 fingerprints
  • Advanced identification method
  • Robust construction design


  • It could be more optimized in terms of user-interface
  • Bit expensive

Why Do We Recommend It?

We recommend this excellent fingerprint door lock because of its versatility and ease of setup process. It’s impressive in terms of durability too.

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SAMSUNG SHS-H700 Fingerprint Lock

You don’t have to wait any longer if you’re desperate for an intelligent lock. We introduce you to another excellent door lock called SAMSUNG SHS. Do you want to pick a durable door lock? Then this one is for you!

This beautiful, intelligent casing, which adds a significant value to your house decor, is a brilliant concept you will fall in love with. Its groundbreaking high-end architecture consisting of massive fiberglass and enhanced plastic also makes it suitable for new constructions.

Besides, Samsung’s diligent customer service will always support you in case of product emergencies. Some users find the installation handbook very complicated, so the installation is a difficult task.


  • Durable Fingerprint sensor
  • Heavy-duty
  • Stores 100 fingerprints
  • Automated sliding cover
  • Mechanical override key
  • Wide touchpad


  • Complex Installation

Why Do We Recommend It?

This product is suitable for a new door with no pre-boiled holes, but the product specifics didn’t specify it. The product itself is well-created and should last for a very long time, which is well valued and is above expectation.

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Adel 3398 Dynamic & Portable Door Lock

Consider Adel Keyless Door Lock if you are searching for a protected and valuable passage gadget. Thinking about a wide assortment of brands on the lookout, you need to lean toward the quality over the cash. You can follow who goes in or out of your front entryway with the portable application.

Although the intelligent lock is easy to install, it can be difficult for some users to follow the manual instructions. However, the system gives most companies and homes a significant upgrade.


  • Durable
  • Smart entry-level lock
  • Advanced security
  • 2-1/8″ diameter hole
  • Portable


  • Complex to install

Why Do We Recommend It?

We suggest buying this product as it has three entry forms – Fingerprint, PIN code, and a key.

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Buying Guide: Best Fingerprint Door Lock

The following considerations must be taken into account when purchasing a fingerprint door lock:

Basic Function

Regardless of how sophisticated and elegant the biometric fingerprint door lock is, you always need to prioritize its main function.

The fingerprints of adults and children must be detected quickly and rapidly. In addition, thesensitivity of the sensors must work well. Too much effort to open it destroys the intention of getting a fingerprint door lock. Therefore, please check the response time of the system.


One of the major factors is that your door must be highly durable. You don’t want to buy a perfect bolt that lasts for a short period. The material used for making it is what you need to verify.


Search for stainless steel locks, zinc alloys, aluminum alloy, etc. This should also secure your safety when someone attempts to temper it from outside. The building material must be water-resistant, resistant to corrosion, etc. so that it will last in different weather conditions if you intend to mount your Fingerprint lock outside.

Several Fingerprints

So, buy a lock that provides multiple fingerprint systems. It will provide you the multi advantages.

Screen Type: LCD

It is also helpful to have an LCD displaying time, access attempts, and a review of why you could not access a given effort. A stoic metal piece with no indices but beeps and blinker lights are, in any case, surprisingly unhelpful.

Low False Rejection Rate (FRR)

Technology will not always be accurate. It has some flaws, and a biometric system with a low reject rate will be the primary target. It is significant for a fingerprint lock.

How Fingerprint Door Lock Works?

Until recently, technology has turned the world’s keyed locks into tomorrow’s electronic door. Is it safe to lock doors electronically? Electronic locks provide more security compared to regular door locks. Let’s see how it works:

  • All right, now let’s get to the actual workings of these locks. Fingerprint locks are scanned and converted to a numerical template by your fingerprint information.
  • First, the finger is placed on the scanner.When the fingerprint template is saved,it will be converted into numerical data. Any time you give someone an entry, this process is repeated.
  • The second time that a finger is placed on the sensor, the data collected by the finger matches the values previously saved.
  • On the other side, if entry is not permitted, the door stays locked if someone else tries to reach it.
  • The most critical step here is to fit the algorithm. Typically, this is accomplished by minutia matching. Several minute points, location, and direction are located on your finger pads when you log. This is stored in your memory.
  • The fingerprint prototype already stored is compared to the current fingerprint scanned during this process. If a match happens, it is normally indicated by a green LED and will open the door.
  • The method is really quick and finishes in a split second.

Final Verdict

So were you able to find the best fingerprint door lock? We have discussed above the top 5 finger lock. We will first suggest the Sifely Fingerprint Entry Door Lock and then ULTRALOQ UL3 Latch edition if you ask for our recommendation.

All of the top 5 locks are awesome, but the last two have a complex setup process. Choose according to your needs.