5 Best Fake Security Cameras (Reviews Updated 2021)

Sometimes, you really do not need a live security camera to keep the security measures in check. A fake security camera can be equally effective in scaring criminals away although it may not record footage that can be used for investigations. The fake security cameras in the market are not so hard to find but to make it even easier for you, we have compiled a review of the best fake security cameras. Our buying guide underneath is crafted to help you breeze through the buying process.

Best Fake Security Cameras

Here’s our review of the best fake security cameras

1. WALI Bullet Dummy Fake Surveillance Security CCTV Dome Camera

Wali Bullet Dummy Fake Surveillance Security Cctv Dome Camera Indoor Outdoor With One Led Light Warn

This is one of the best and inexpensive options for fake security cameras as it is designed with high-quality materials enhancing durability. Its elegant contemporary design makes it easy to install and popular enough to be recognized as a real camera. Powered by AA batteries, the record light beams to scare away criminals.

  • No motorized pan movement.
  • Made of high quality and durable material
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage
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2. BNT Dummy Fake Security Camera

Bnt Dummy Fake Security Camera, With One Red Led Light At Night, For Home And Businesses Security In

With a realistic design, it is almost impossible to differentiate this fake security camera from real cameras which makes it an excellent option to keep crime away. Its 3-axis rotation makes it easy for you to position it in a designed angle. Using it along with a few real cameras can make a huge impact on the security of your home, office or wherever you choose to install it.

  • 3 axis rotation
  • built-in photoelectric sensor
  • Eye-catchy red LED illumination
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3. WALI Dummy Fake Security CCTV Dome Camera

Wali Dummy Fake Security Cctv Dome Camera With Flashing Red Led Light With Security Alert Sticker D

Dome-shaped cameras have always been a significant part of the surveillance industry and the WALI Dummy Fake Security CCTV Dome Camera has made its way to the top chart of the fake security cameras. This fake cam requires no wiring and displays identical quality as the real versions of it with beams that are powered by 2 AA batteries.

  • No motorized pan movement
  • Installs quickly and easily to the ceiling or wall
  • 2-pieces AA batteries powered
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4. IDAODAN Dummy Security Camera, Fake Cameras CCTV Surveillance

Idaodan Dummy Security Camera, Fake Cameras Cctv Surveillance System With Realistic Simulated Leds F

With an extremely realistic design, this fake camera is equipped with a convincing LED light that can get the attention of virtually anyone within close range. Made of high-quality plastic material, this product is quite durable and easy to install. Its easily adjustable mounting rack makes it easy for you to turn it to any angle that seems perfect.

  • Fake lens and fake infrared LEDs
  • Fully adjustable mounting bracket
  • Contain a flashing light.
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5. F FINDERS & CO Solar Powered Fake Security Camera

Solar Powered Fake Security Camera, Bullet Dummy Surveillance System With Realistic Red Flashing Li

With a realistic design, this fake security camera is conspicuous enough for anybody to see and remain courteous with the belief that they are being watched. This product is solar-powered and as such would be best used or outdoor surveillance purposes and wouldn’t necessarily need AA batteries like other products. Its convincing LED lights can get anyone’s attention at night.

  • With an integrated SOLAR PANEL
  • Made of a high-quality plastic
  • Fully adjustable mounting bracket
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Fake Security Cameras Buying Guide

Buying a fake security camera may not require as much meticulous decision making as buying real security cameras. Nevertheless, you must pay attention to some important features to make sure that you are getting the best fake security camera to meet your goal of deterring crime.

The Design

The best fake security cameras are designed to look real and are often difficult to separate from real security cameras. If you choose to buy fake cameras that obviously look fake then it might not serve its purpose of deterring crime. Therefore when buying your next fake security camera, ensure that they are made good quality materials that make it impossible to separate them from their real counterparts that are often installed alongside.

Power Source

Because most of the fake security cameras come with red LEDs attempting to make it look convincing, they would need batteries or some source of power to keep functioning. Some are powered by easy-to-get AA batteries that might need to be changed frequently while others are solar-powered with small built-in batteries or may require rechargeable AA batteries to store energy. Looking out for which best fit your needs and are more budget-friendly to you might greatly influence your purchase decisions.


The desired position of fake security cameras can affect your choice of camera. Some persons may not be comfortable having dome-shaped security cams on outdoor posts and wouldn’t opt for these dome-shaped cameras if they intend to keep them outside.

Also, the source of power may affect the position of the fake camera. Solar-powered fake security cameras, for instance, may not be ideal for indoor use because they need exposure to sunlight for them to stay recharged. So, in this case, you may need to find one that can function with just AA batteries.