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Best trees to grow in desert climate

When faced with issues like global warming and climate change, everyone needs to take some extraordinary measures to cancel out the effects. One of the significant steps we can take in this regard is to grow trees in a desert climate.

When we say desert climate, one can imagine the hotness of the weather in itself, leave alone the scorching sun rays. Sweltering winds, dry atmosphere, and dehydration, nothing is bearable by any means. All of this can be reduced significantly only by growing the trees. However, not all trees can survive in such conditions.

Besides all of that, living in a desert for a few days is itself a mesmerizing experience; if trees are planted, the desert can be turned into an attractive tourist spot. High temperature and long sun exposure can be dealt with fast-growing trees providing shade and a cool environment.

The desert climate does not necessarily mean that it is going to be in the desert only; there comes a time when you feel desert climate right at your home, the rising temperature, dry air, and heat from the sun, it all refers to the desert climate.

We all know that growing trees in such conditions is a tough challenge, but we can do it if we choose suitable trees that can bear the desert climate. Continue reading the article as here we are going to let you walk through types of some of the best trees to grow in the desert climate, the trees that nurture in hot temperatures. So, without further ado, let’s see the desert trees.

Desert Willow – Chilopsis linearis

A tree that needs less water and loves dry weather, Desert Willow is a perfect choice. It is large in size and can reach up to 30 feet, but you can always trim it and adjust it as per the space available. The fragrant pink flowers on the tree give it a beautiful look and attract butterflies. It doesn’t call for much care and can develop fast in desert climate conditions.

Palo Verde – Parkinsonia aculeata

Having different variants, Palo Verde is among the favorite for the desert climate. The tree height can reach up to 25-30 feet and is covered with masses of yellow blossoms. Palo Verde seed pods and flowers are edible and act as a major food crop for desert dwellers. If taken care of properly, it can last for centuries to come. Though Palo Verde is a desert tree, it requires adequate watering, and therefore, it is best suited on flood irrigated land.

Chaste Tree – Vitex agnus-castus

Perfect for small and large spaces requires less care and that too only at the initial stage; the chaste tree is a valuable tree for a desert climate. After it reaches its potential, you may perhaps not need to water it at all. Attractive lilacs produced with colorful flowers creates a vibrant atmosphere in a desert climate. Plus, the dark green leaves, berries, and sweet fragrances further add beauty to nature.

Date Palm – Phoenix dactylifera

What else do you need when beauty and sustainability go hand in hand. The Date Palm tree is a perfect choice for the desert climate; it provides you with fresh fruit on the go. A tall, evergreen date palm is best grown in an area with full sun exposure and does not require much watering. Plus, less care and maintenance are needed for date palm as it doesn’t get any serious disease or other issues. Date palm trees can also bear drought and coastal exposure.

Fig – Ficus carica

Not only the shade it provides but also the large quantity of delicious and healthy figs. A perfect tree for the desert climate, the Fig tree has different types, some of which grow faster than the others. Space is also a major concern when choosing the kind of plant as some grow small and others require a large space. Full of nutrition, the fig is served both fresh and dried and as well as can be processed. A great value you can get from Ficus Carica, growing in the desert climate.

Ocotillo – Fouquieria splendens

Desert plants do not need to be dull and full of spikes. Ocotillo is said to be the king of desert trees as it is uniquely identified with the colors that flourish on the tree. Red tubular flowers give this tree a pleasing view, reaching the height of 20 feet; they can live for as many as 100 years. Best grown in a desert climate, Ocotillo is also used to treat wounds and other diseases.

Triangle Palm – Livistona decipiens

Narrow leaves with a pleasing shape design spread in a pattern, Triangle Palm is a perfect choice and is one of the best trees to grow in a desert climate. A triangular crown shaft is what makes it unique and easily identified. Triangle Palm, however, is not winter-friendly, and you should consider shifting it somewhere else if the temperature gets cold. Add a graceful beauty in a desert climate with Triangle Palm.

Desert Ironwood – Olneya Tesota

Desert Ironwood is one of the longest-lived desert trees that can last for as many as 1500 years with a height reaching 45 feet. The dense wood of the tree is famous for its strength, durability, and resistance to cracking. Despite the slow growth rate, Desert Ironwood is perfect for areas with a lack of water and desert climate. Pink and purple color blooms provide food for wildlife and give an aesthetic view. Seed Pods and flowers are both edible.


Living in a desert climate is difficult, but you can make it pleasant and comfortable by growing heat-friendly trees. Fresh and cool air, green aesthetic view, and relaxing environment, all of this can be achieved by implanting suitable trees.

Though there are many options, this article has highlighted some of the best trees to grow in the desert climate. It also discusses important aspects of the mentioned trees so that you know which one is best suited for you. Share it with others so that we all can get a cool and friendly atmosphere for living.