Best Devices To Prevent Car Theft

Undoubtedly, cars have become an integral part, and they no longer serve the only purpose of getting you somewhere. Cars have a sentimental value for many people, and they take extreme pride in their cars and take good care of their cars.

That is the reason why it is so hard when someone steals this precious and personal item from you, which not only gets you from point A to point B but is very close to your heart. Taking this loss of sentiments as well as the financial loss is a great discomfort for most.

Hence, people make investments in the security of their cars to protect the special item.

Several security devices can be used to prevent car theft, from steering wheel locks to GPS devices. With many options in the market, it is essential to invest in the best option to get complete protection of your car. To help you with the process, we bring you the best devices that you can use to prevent car theft.

Want to know more about the devices we are talking about? Below is a quick snippet of the products, following which you will see the details of each.

Our Top Picks

S. No Product Name
1 Winner International- The Club 3000 Twin Hooks
2 OxGord Heavy Duty Automotive Anti-Theft
3 CARLOCK Car Tracker Alert System
4 MONOJOY Car Anti-Theft Lock Device

1. Winner International- The Club 3000 Twin Hooks

Winner International is one of the top brands in the anti-theft lock industry, and they offer many devices. One of the most traditional yet the most effective devices, The Club 3000, is a steering wheel lock that prevents car theft.

The steering lock extends past your steering wheel and prevents theft if someone manages to break into your car. This is done as the device does not allow full rotation and is made of Chromoly steel.

The material of the device makes it a sturdy piece of equipment that cannot be broken easily. The Club 3000 is highly durable and has an easy installation process that takes 30 seconds. It fits on most standard-sized steering wheels and quickly locks up the wheel.

Another benefit of The Club 3000 is that it has keyless locking, so you won’t need to meddle with the keys when you’re in a hurry. Finally, the industry-standard design of the device makes it one of the best in the market. All of these features deter any criminals that might come your car’s way.

Pros Cons
Highly efficient Durability can further be improved.
Robust design
Easy to lock
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2. OxGord Heavy Duty Automotive Anti-Theft

The OxGord Heavy Duty Automotive Anti-Theft wheel clamp is the best if you want a more heavy-duty alternative. The wheel clamp fits perfectly on most wheels, as it is made according to industry standards.

This device is clearly visible to anyone who passes by your cars, making it an efficient deterrent to thieves as a lot of effort is required to deal with this wheel clamp before stealing the vehicle. The keys with which you can unlock it are included when you buy it, so you don’t need to worry about extra effort for taking it off.

Moreover, it comes with a one-year guarantee. The device’s weight is five pounds, making it a heavy load to manage for anyone who thinks of stealing your car. The universal fit is suitable for almost all vehicles, except some larger cars and SUVs.

Pros Cons
Versatile use It can be not easy to fit the wheel
sturdy metal construction
1-year limited manufacturer warranty
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3. CARLOCK Car Tracker Alert System

CARLOCK Car Tracker Alert System is for those who want to move to a modern approach rather than the traditional steering wheel locks. The tracker is a powerful device that doesn’t need external power to charge itself but uses the car’s diagnostic port to charge itself.

This significantly reduces the risk of a dying battery compared to some alarm systems that require external charging.

In addition, the tracker has a design similar to the other accessories of the car, so the thief is less likely to notice it.

All of the electronics in the tracker are covered in a plastic body, so the low-profile design helps it hide with the accessories better. The plastic body may get damaged when you use it roughly, though. So be careful when plugging and unplugging the device.

Unlike some other tracking devices, the CARLOCK Car Tracker Alert System does not drain your battery a lot, so you can keep it plugged in without having to worry about your car’s battery. With easy charging and monthly fee, it gives you the best for your money.

Pros Cons
Useful and efficient It can be easily disabled if found
Highly affordable
Easy to install and use on all cars
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4. MONOJOY Car Anti-Theft Lock Device

With keyless cars getting more popular by the day, thieves have developed various new ways to steal them. Although keyless cars offer more security, signal repeaters are used by thieves, which quickly access your car. It works so that the signal from your key can be taken and then used to unlock the vehicle. To prevent this, you can use a key signal blocker.

The MONOJOY Car Anti-Theft Key Signal Device protects your keyless car against signal repeaters by blocking any signals coming from your device when you put it in the case.

This device is perfect for preventing car-hacking without any setup beforehand. The MONOJOY Car Anti-Theft Lock Device works by placing your keys into the compact case, and it will block all the key fob signals coming from your key. It is a compact device and easy-to-use as all you need to do is put your keys in the case.

It saves your time and energy to put on any external devices in your car to prevent theft. It is the best alternative for keyless cars but obviously doesn’t work with key-entry cars. Moreover, there is no apparent device to the thieves which may act as a deterrent, but you will have complete security of your car nonetheless.

Pros Cons
Anti-Hacking It may be either too small or too big for certain steering wheels
Wi-Fi and GPS blocks
Highly durable
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