Best Cable Bike Lock Review

Finding the right cable bike lock may be a challenge. There are many options. Also, a poor choice of action might have deadly consequences!

If a burglar has the appropriate tools and enough time, they can bypass any bike lock. More complex tools and more time are required to break the toughest bike locks, though.

Choosing a lock that’s both safe and easy to operate is the key to success. Strongest and practicality ought to be balanced, I believe. So, I’m well-versed on the subject!

Based on their security level and user testing, Canitec recommends the following five bike locks. Let’s see the review on the best cable bike lock.

What Is A Cable Lock?

Such locks are flexible and adjustable, although they are less effective in deterring theft than U-locks in most cases. Bolt cutters can cut through the majority of cable locks, according to the manufacturer.

You can use them by themselves in low-crime regions. They can also be used in conjunction with a U-lock to secure pieces that are readily removed (e.g., seat).

You might think that a cable lock is the best method to secure your motorbike. You can secure your bike easily with them because they’re light, inexpensive, and convenient to carry.

Buying Guide: Things to Check Before Buying Lock For Bike

A cable lock is a deterrent, not an actual security measure. Even though they are the lightest bike locks available, they can be readily cut with a pair of bolt cutters. If you’re not planning to leave your bike alone for lengthy periods of time in a high-crime area, a cable lock may be sufficient.

When picking a decent bicycle lock, bear the following in mind:

Parking Area:

As part of best parking standards, keep the bike visible to you or others. No-one-is-around-public-space is the worst because bike thieves favor secluded areas.

Size and Dimensions:

You may also assess the bike lock’s size by looking at its dimensions.

What kind of bike lock do you wish to use? As a result of the size of your lock, where and how you may lock your bike is determined.

The Lock’s Thickness:

A variety of bypass tools are available to bike thieves, but bolt cutters are the most prevalent.

Despite being among the most secure types of bike locks, padlocks and U-locks fall short. With the appropriate tools, every lock can be opened. It’s for this reason that bikers should seek chains with strong shackles and bodies and U-locks made of steel alloys such as boron carbide.

Brand of the Lock:

With specialist brands, the metal and internal locking components are generally of superior grade.

If you only consider the lock’s price, you’ll end up with a cheap lock that offers minimal security. However, you may find that if you purchase a lock just because it is costly, the amount you paid was not for its protection.

Reviews of certain products:

Many materials are available that demonstrate how to circumvent popular bike locks by cutting the shackles and lock bodies. The quickest approach to open a bicycle lock is to imagine that you’ve lost your key.

Lock-picking information is not necessary for the majority of bikers, as most criminals do not pick locks. Reviews that claim that an angle grinder or other power equipment can be used to cut a lock are likewise deceptive. A variety of professional power tools may be used to get access to almost any surface.

Investment for Long-Run:

Bike owners should not ignore the importance of choosing the proper lock. As an investment, your bike is protected by a bicycle lock.

Our Top Picks

Type Title
Best budget Master 8143D Bike Cable Lock
Best durable Titanker Cable Bike Lock
High-quality material NDakter Safe Cable Bike Lock
Dust-proof cover DadyMart Bike Cable Lock
Weather-resistant Kryptonite Kryptoflex Key Cable Lock


Master 8143D Bike Cable Lock

This is a cost-effective, long-lasting option for locking your bike in a public space. The cable segment is not substantial enough to discourage someone who truly wants your bike from trying to steal it from you. Not in vital locations, but great for strolling around town and stopping for a coffee or lunch.

A preprogrammed combination makes it impossible for you to produce a unique one. If you don’t want to appear like an idiot, write down the four digits someplace (your phone, perhaps?)

Strong, flexible, and resistant to cutting and sawing, high-performance braided steel wire delivers all three. Weather and scratch resistance is improved with a protective vinyl covering.

Keyless convenience with four-digit combination security. This lock is recommended as a bicycle lock, gate lock, and lawnmower/ladder lock.

Factory Set Combination No potential cons
High-performance braided steel cable
Self-coiling design
Easy to Use
Flexible Lock
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Titanker Cable Bike Lock

Second, on our list is one of Titanker’s most popular products. When it comes to road safety, this Titanker bike lock may be a great asset. As a result, we will attempt to analyze its fundamental features and extract the most important insights from it here.

In addition to its flexibility to be twisted into many various forms, the Titanker cable bike lock’s combination lock may be reset as many times as you’d like. Like the Via Velo Bike U Lock’s cable, the four-digit combination cable is roughly half an inch in diameter.

As an alternative to a bike, the 4 feet bike cable simple lock may be used to secure other items such as sports equipment or a toolbox. Anyone would need over 10,000 failed attempts to figure out the Titanker self-coiling resettable combination cable, making it highly improbable that a criminal would sit down and spend that much time stealing your bike.

Because it’s a simple self-coiling resettable lock, it won’t cost you a lot of money.

4-digit combination locking No potential cons
Highly Durable
Portable Cable Lock
Easy to set Combination
PVC coating helps prevent scratching
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NDakter Safe Cable Bike Lock

As our third alternative for cable locks, we provide this model. It’s a 5-digit combination chain lock that can be reset, making it considerably safer than conventional 4-digit locks. Number combinations may be customized easily.

A braided steel wire is used in the bike cable, giving it greater strength and flexibility. Vinyl coatings assist in reducing scratching and provide longer-lasting wear due to their scratch-resistant characteristics.

It is long enough for several users to use. Its self-coiling construction is simple to carry. The lock comes with a mounting bracket that makes it easy to attach to other items; The lock may be installed or removed quickly and easily with the help of the fast installation button.

A 4-foot cable allows you to lock up to three bikes together or attach your bike to a tree, fence, railing, or sturdy pole. Many more types of vehicles and equipment may be secured with this lock.

4-foot cable Average design
5 Digit Resettable Combination Not that durable
Secure cable lock
Affordable price
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DadyMart Bike Cable Lock

Here we have a fundamental locking mechanism. Locking is accomplished quickly and easily with the use of this intelligent cable lock for bikes.

A robust and wear-resistant material is used for the lock cylinder. Thieves are unable to unlock the lock using master keys due to its exact construction.

An internal structure of wires is used, which is then coated with an ecologically sound PVC coating on the surface of the lock. Designed to prevent cutting, this lock is safe, wear-resistant, and anti-corrosive 14 of an inch (diameter) by 4 feet in length.

To increase the lock’s service life, water and dust are kept from entering its core.

Awesome mounting design Bit expensive
Heavy-duty cable lock
High-quality PVC coating
Rust-proof zinc alloy
The lock is firm and reliable
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Kryptonite Kryptoflex Key Cable Lock

A braided steel cable with a 15mm diameter, the Kryptonite Kryptoflex 1518 Combo cable is flexible enough to rout your bike frame, tire spokes, or any way you choose.

Kryptonite’s near relative features a four-digit combination lock that you can reset, whereas this one comes with a key. They both utilize comparable cable materials, and that’s what’s most essential.

For individuals who desire a handy lock that is easy to carry or toss into a backpack, this is the lock for you! Long enough to secure wheels, the frame, and other components.

Thanks to the cable’s cut resistance, anyone trying to steal your bike will have to work extra hard to obtain it.

Easy click locking Bit expensive
Designed to be portable
15mm braided steel cable
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Bottom Line

It’s possible to get cable locks with more robust reinforced cable, which is considerably more difficult for thieves to cut. They buy a cable lock made of a thick material and then use a padlock that is easily cut in half to secure the two ends of the cable together.

To make it more challenging for a bike thief to take your bike, get a lock that is equally as strong and difficult to cut or crack. A thief will go for the weakest spot.

Pick the best cable lock for your bike!