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Best Butane Torches Review

A butane torch is a must-have item. It’s an easy to transport, multi-purpose, and very durable product.

Many activities may be performed with this multifunctional instrument, from simple domestic chores to cooking delicious meals. It produces flames with a temperature of up to 1430°C, which is sufficient for melting metals such as copper and aluminum.

Either for cooking or construction/industrial purposes, it must be selected carefully. The following is a list of some of the best butane torches currently available on the market today.

For What Purpose Do We Require This Butane Torch?

  • Chefs use it to melt cheese, caramelize sugar, sear fish, and toast bread, among other things.
  • It is used to weld earrings, tiny links, jump rings, and other jewelry as a hand tool.
  • Other uses for this butane torch include welding, soldering electronics, and shrinking/cutting rope. Also used for paint peeling, defrosting, and melting frozen water pipes, and other plumbing repairs.

Buying Guide: What to Analyze When Picking a Butane Torch

The versatility of a butane torch makes it a vital tool in any toolkit, regardless of its size. With the finest butane torch, you should be able to make a huge impact, whether you’re using it for cutting/welding or culinary purposes. You may choose from a variety of butane torches on the market, depending on your needs and tastes.

A butane torch is something that every consumer should be aware of.

  • Ignition Process:

A butane torch lighter that can be lit and extinguished with a simple touch of a button is always the best choice. New torch users will appreciate the convenience of quick on/off ignition.

  • Adjustments to the flame:

As a result of the flame intensity adjustment lever or switch on the butane torch lighter, you will be able to get your desired results.

  • Safety Lock:

The safety lock should be a must-have option for new or inexperienced users, especially if you have small children in your house.

  • Burning Time:

It refers to the length of time it takes a butane torch to burn, and it varies per model. How effectively the torch burns fuel and how much it can carry are factors to consider. On average, residential torches burn for 30 to 2 hours, whereas industrial torches burn for 3 to 5 hours.

Butane torch with shorter burn time is better to utilize if you’re only planning on using it for brief bursts of time in the kitchen for culinary purposes. Use a torch with a longer burn duration while working for extended periods to get optimum performance and comfort.

  • Versatility:

It should be a flexible instrument that can be used for various purposes, including cooking, welding, and brazing.

  • Design:

Design is a vital factor for a butane torch. Try to pick a lightweight product for your use.

A Butane Torch: How to Use It?

  • By slightly tilting the gas flow control lever to the right, the device will turn on.
  • Then, push the ignition button on the unit’s handle to start the flames.
  • You may turn on the safety switch first for a few types, which will prevent accidental ignition.
  • To adjust heat output and flame size, slide the lever to the right, as instructed in the handbook.
  • The flame may be maintained by pushing a tiny knob/button on some versions.
  • Lastly, switch off the device by sliding the gas flow control lever back to the left.


Best For Title
Piezoelectric Ignition System Blazer GT8000 Butane Torch
High Intensity Trigger Bernzomatic TS8000 High Intensity Torch
Sturdy Brass Nozzle Authenzo BS-400 Butane Torch Lighter
Compact & Powerful Dremel 2200-01 Versatile Butane Torch
Easily refillable with Butane Power Probe MT Butane Micro Torch


Blazer GT8000 Butane Torch – Best Overall

Looking for the best overall & Piezoelectric ignition system-based Butane torch? Here comes our first pick for you. Refillable butane gas is included with this Blazer GT8000 torch. An attachable base is attached to the torch’s brass-framed nozzle.

Because of the nozzle head’s exact flame, it may be utilized for various tasks, including plumbing, soldering and brazing, jewelry manufacturing, and culinary preparation. The anti-flare nozzle provides fire safety and flame control on the nozzle.

As a result, it has a minimal blowout even when utilized in diverse situations, including those with restricted access or space. Operation is entirely hands-free, thanks to the angled head and attachable tabletop base. Using the gas flow adjustment dial, you may modify the flame’s duration.

With a fuel capacity of 35 grams and a burn time of 35 minutes, it has a flame temperature of 2500 degrees Fahrenheit at its maximum fuel volume.

There will be a 1-to-5-inch flame range. For when it’s not in use, it has a manual locking mechanism. 7.5 inches long, 5.25 inches wide, and 2 inches deep, it weighs 12 ounces.

Compact and portable design Bit expensive
Attachable tabletop base No quick start function
Easy to Use
Comes with an ignition safety lock
Risk-free operation
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Bernzomatic TS8000 High Intensity Torch

One-handed action is required to ignite this Bernzomatic TS8000 Torch with attachment. Ideal for mild welding, soldering, heat-treating, and brazing, it has a low melting point. To ensure maximum heat production, it has a flame that is ultra-swirl-shaped.

To complete the procedure, a Searzall is attached to the torch’s top. A palladium coating resists oxidation and high temperatures. Have this handy torch for soldering pipes, igniting campfires and wood stoves, or lighting firework displays.

This torch may be refilled with MAP-Pro fuel (14.1 oz MAP-Pro hand torch cylinder). The use of cast aluminum ensures durability. While tilted or briefly inverted, the pressure is controlled to maintain performance.

The flame control knob may be adjusted to raise or decrease flame size/intensity and transition between different applications with little effort. It has a lock button that prevents the torch from igniting, allowing it to be operated without touching it.

High-temperature-resistant Poor spark ignition & the gas may leak.
Adjustable flame control Customer service is mediocre.
It comes with a Lock button for finger
Made with cast aluminum
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Authenzo BS-400 Butane Torch Lighter

Many culinary experts rely on Authenzo because of its high-quality goods and professional attitude. Professional cooks and family cooks alike will appreciate their butane flame lighter. Beyond sweets, you can also use it for barbecuing meat or making tiny crafts, or as a lighter.

The heat may reach temperatures of up to 1300c/2500f. Being customizable, you may alter the temperature according to your needs. In addition, you may handle the torch with one hand, thanks to the piezo ignition technology.

Along with a windproof feature, the flame will not be easily blown away by the nozzle. The torch lighter’s durable aluminum alloy metal, and non-slip grip will allow you to use it for a more extended period.

To avoid accidental lighting and inappropriate operation, a safety security lock has been included in the torch. The torch will remain stable due to its wide base. To make this product sturdy and long-lasting, aluminum alloy metal was employed in its construction.

Simple to use and reload. This model does not have butane fuel.
The torch flame is adjustable.
The use of a refillable gas can is a possibility.
Brass nozzle with a good amount of strength
Handle with non-slip grip
Safety and durability are ensured.
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Dremel 2200-01 Versatile Butane Torch

Flame control is available for both conventional flame operation and torch operation on this butane torch. Used for a wide range of applications such as pipe flanging and brazing, soldering, shrinking, and brazing.

Using the self-ignition button with the safety and flame lock on, you may use the heater without touching it at temperatures up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

With a 75-minute run duration, the big butane gas tank provides ample power. Two-year guarantee. Requires lithium-ion battery. Approximately 1.54 pounds, it measures 13 by 7 by 2.1 inches.

Kit includes blower, flame diffuser, flame deflector, soldering tip, solder, sponge, tin, and wrench.

Easy to hold Not Lightweight
Comes with premium quality stainless steel material
It has a large tank capacity
Premium flame control features
Contains a Quick ignition button
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Power Probe MT Butane Micro Torch

This butane torch with a power probe has a burn duration of around 2 hours. With a temperature of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, it can maintain a flame for up to 0.5 – 2.5 inches. A case is included to keep all of the soldering tips together.

As well as soldering, removing rusty nuts and bolts, and shrink-wrapping, it is extensively employed in a variety of operations. With accessories like a blower tip and hot knife and heat shrink adapter shields, and solder attachments, it is a handy electrical tool. It is occasionally faulty and may spill gasoline.

This kit is less expensive than other versions, and it may be used for modest domestic crafts, culinary projects, and jewelry creation. Still, it is not appropriate for major professional activities or large-scale projects.

With electronic ignition and flame adjustment, this butane lighter is easy to refill. 4.5 inches long, 1.7 inches wide, and 6.7 inches tall. It weighs 8 ounces.

Electronic ignition Butane is not included.
Superb Electronic ignition
Small in size
Easily refillable
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Safety Tips While Using Butane Torch

  • Wear safety glasses to safeguard your eyes from injury or deterioration because synthetic fibers will quickly catch fire and burn if any hot item from a torch falls on them.
  • Always operate in a well-ventilated, open location and never in a dark or poorly ventilated place.
  • While using this butane torch, it is suggested that you keep a fire extinguisher close at hand.
  • Use the right-sized flame and tip for the job, such as a small flame for little tasks, such as caramelizing sugar on a cake’s top, rather than a huge flame.

How long can a butane torch be used?

In general, each manufacturer provides its own set of instructions and expiration dates for its items. In practice, though, such things are ubiquitous. The amount of gas consumed during welding is determined by the treated metal’s type, content, and thickness.

For surface preparation, brazing, and cooking, in addition to welding or soldering, a butane torch is employed. However, industrial torches may burn for up to 3 to 5 hours on average.

Bottom Line

Among the top-selling items listed above, we recommend the Blazer Butane Torch as our first and best butane torch. It includes a torch and an attachment and features such as automated on/off ignition, aluminum construction, pressure controlled, and an adjustable flame control knob.

It’s great for mild welding, soldering, heat treatment, and brazing. Because of its ultra-swirl flame, which provides maximal heat output, you may even use this torch for bigger diameters.

If you have any queries or if you have any knowledge with the best butane torches, let us know!