5 Best Body Cameras (Reviews Updated 2021)

Whether a law enforcement official, a security-conscious person or a spy, not enough emphasis can be placed on the relevance of a body camera. Buying the best body camera, unfortunately, involves daunting processes that are mistake-filled. This review of the best body cameras is crafted specifically to help you choose from the best that the growing industry has to offer. After the succinct review is a straightforward buying guide to help you make more informed and excellent buying decisions whenever you are getting your nest body camera.

Best Body Cameras

Here’s our review of the best body cameras.

1. CammPro Premium Portable Body Camera

1296p Hd Police Body Camera,64g Memory,cammpro Premium Portable Body Camera,waterproof Body Worn Cam

From the stable of an industry-leading brand, the CammPro Premium Portable Body Camera is built with a reliable 2900mAh battery that could accommodate 10 hours of non-stop recording. Constructed for security personnel, it can withstand some of the harshest weather conditions while providing clear footage from as far as 50 feet away even in total darkness. For enough video recording and endless tracking, its 64GB built-in memory is essential.

  • 1296P HD, night vision
  • Powerful 2900mAh battery
  • Password or password-free setting
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2. BOBLOV 1296P Police Body Cameras

Body Worn Camera With Audio, Boblov 1296p Police Body Cameras For Law Enforcement, Security Guard, W

Body-worn at a spot, this body camera covers as far as 32 feet at any time of the day with its 170-degree wide-angle lens. Video quality remains uncompromised as it sends through the storage system its 1296P HD videos 3300-pixels photos. Built with a 1950mAh battery that charges from zero to 100% in 3 hours, you can confidently record videos and audios for as long as 9 hours nonstop.

  • One Key Operation
  • Strong IR Night Vision
  • Comes with 2pcs 1950mAh batteries
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3. DZFtech Wireless Body Spy Cam HD 1080P

Mini Body Camera With Usb Port Dzftech Body Spy Cam Hd 1080p Wireless Portable Hidden Spy Pen Body C

Although this one best for undetected video coverage because of its small size, it could also be used by virtually anyone that wants to carry a body camera and prefers something easy to carry. Designed to accommodate up to 128GB micro SD, it captures 1080p HD videos and pictures through a 3 hours period after a full charge. With the same USB, you can connect it with your PC while it charges.

  • Rechargeable lithium battery up to 3 hours recording time
  • Max 128 GB micro SD
  • HD 1080P picture quality
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4. RZATU Body Cameras with Night Vision

Body Cameras For Law Enforcement Body Cameras With Night Vision Small Police Body Camera Hd 10

This body camera was designed to be compatible with mobile devices through its wireless connectivity feature. With a 170-degree wide-angle lens, it sends 1080p HD videos directly for view on a remote mobile connected via WiFi to help keep track of everything happening in front of you from a mobile device that may be with a colleague. With long record time, untracked videos can be stored in a micro SD as it accommodates up to 128GB of storage space.

  • Wifi Hotspot Remote Control
  • 170° wide angle
  • Motion Detection
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5. PatrolMaster 1296P UHD Body Camera

(latest Gen)patrolmaster 1296p Uhd Body Camera With Audio (build In 64gb), 2 Inch Display, Night Vis

Classified as the latest generation of body cameras, this device is equipped with a built-in memory capacity of 64GB to help store footages that are shot from as far as 33 feet with its 170-degree wide 1296p HD lens. Powered by a 3000mAh rechargeable battery, the video quality can be regulated causing a varied recording time limit that is as high as 20 hours when recording 720p videos.

  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Built-in 3000mAh rechargeable battery
  • One-button operation
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Body Camera Buying Guide

Whenever you decide to buy one of the best body cameras in the market, you would always need some pinpointing or guidance to help you make the best decision. This buying guide is crafted to point out the features to focus on when buying your next body camera.


The recording lens is a vital part of all body-worn cameras because that’s why it’s a camera in the first place. When buying your next body camera, you should ensure that the video quality produced by the camera meets your requirements. We strongly recommend that you buy the best body cameras with the highest footage quality to help you observe better detail of the record videos.

Also, the lens is an important feature to look into when you are choosing a body camera. Although the quality, as discussed above, is important, buying a camera with a wide-angle lens can help you cover more areas without having you move your body around in an awkward manner.

Furthermore, security personnel, law enforcement officials, and other professionals may have a need to catch footages at night. When buying your next body camera, you should consider finding one with night vision technology to help you pierce through the darkness whenever you need to.

Weight and Size

Depending on the occasion and ultimate purpose, body-worn cameras can get pretty discomforting when they get too heavy or too big. There are industry average sizes, which we advise that you look at before making your choice. Needless to say, smaller body cameras may appeal better to you if your intentions include inconspicuousness.


Nobody wants to buy the same thing repeatedly. Therefore, the need to buy durable body cameras cannot be overemphasized. Some cameras are designed to withstand tough conditions including weather and shocks. Security personnel and other professionals are frequently exposed to harsh weather due to the nature of their job and using a body camera that can’t withstand those tough conditions may be a complete waste of resources. Chose some of the best body cameras that are waterproof and shockproof or are specifically designed to withstand harsh conditions.


Body-worn cameras are not connected to power while they are being used. So, you’d need it to be in proper working condition long enough to collect footages whenever it’s needed. It is essential to estimate how long you would be on duty or how long you would need your body camera to record events. Once you know this, it would be easier for you to find the camera that can meet those time demands.