5 Best Black Box Hidden Cameras (Reviews Updated 2021)

Cameras are usually best hidden in black boxes although there are some others that are expertly embedded in other appliances. Some of the best black box hidden cameras are not always peering in most marketplaces and we understand that perfectly well. For this reason, our review of the best black box hidden cameras are designed to help you find the best products while avoiding the pointless browsing around e-commerce stores. Following through our buying guide can help you make more purpose-focused purchases.

Best Black Box Hidden Cameras

Here’s our review of the best black box hidden cameras.

1. Brickhouse Security CAM-MICRO Camscura Micro 720P HD Hidden Camera

Brickhouse Security Cam Micro Camscura Micro 720p Hd Hidden Camera, Compact And Full Featured (camer

This device is an exceptional make with various activation senses including motion, sound, vibration, and time schedule. Although it doesn’t record and store audio in accordance with legislative regulations, it sends recordings into the micro SD as HD 720p videos. With both day and night vision, this camera works excellently in bringing the events happening in your household to your view.

  • Adjustable Orientation
  • Customizable Frame Rate
  • Multiple activation senses
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2. Spy-MAX Black Box Hidden Covert Wi-Fi Digital Wireless LIVE VIEW Web Camera

Black Box Hidden Covert Wi Fi Digital Wireless Live View Web Camera With Recording & Remote Web Came

This device, being WiFi-enabled, can be connected to any device around and you can view live footage remotely. AC-powered, this device also has a LAN port that allows it to connect with PC or desktop over the LAN and store videos directly on the hard disk offering a virtually unlimited storage capacity. Motion detection technology ensures that no idle moment is taking up memory space and also sends notifications to you via email once motion is detected and it starts recording.

  • Motion detection technology
  • WiFi and LAN enabled
  • Virtually unlimited storage space
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3. LIZVIE HD Wireless WiFi Spy Hidden Clock Camera

Lizvie Hd Wireless Wifi Spy Hidden Clock Camera Auto Night Vision Camera,motion Detection Invisibl

This black box alarm clock has a camera perfectly hidden within it to record what is happening around its wake. WiFi-enabled, you can transmit live videos to remote devices and also store recorded footage in a micro SD as it supports up to 128GB. Motion detection technology keeps the camera on standby when the visual field is idle and this prevents memory space clogging with idle footage.

  • 1080P HD Invisible Lens
  • Motion Detection
  • Push notification enabled on mobile
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4. Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Smart Home Camera

Wyze Cam 1080p Hd Indoor Smart Home Camera With Night Vision, 2 Way Audio, Works With Alexa & The Go

This is one of the outstanding brands in the market owing to its compatibility with Alexa and that it stores recorded videos on the AWS cloud via end-to-end encryption that can be accessed only by an authorized user within a period of two weeks. Nevertheless, this hidden camera allows a local storage up to 32GB for storing videos when recording offline. With an excellent IR night vision that is undetectable, this camera penetrates the darkness as far as 30 feet.

  • 1080P Full HD live stream
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Videos are securely uploaded to the AWS cloud
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5. Phreilend Hidden Spy Camera

Hidden Spy Camera Usb Charger 1080p Full Hd Has Motion Detection Loop Recording Remote View

This hidden camera is embedded in a black box of USB charger that can be plugged in for it to record videos indefinitely. Its WiFi connectivity allows it to send live footage to your mobile devices on-the-go allowing you to keep track of everything happening in your home remotely. To prevent being clogged up with idea footages running into its 150-degree wide-angle lens, this device has motion detection technology hence taking records when motion is detected and stay on standby the rest of the time.

  • Motion Detection
  • Wi-Fi Streaming Via IOS/ Android APP
  • 180° Wide Angle Lens
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Black Box Hidden Cameras Buying Guide

Deciding to buy a hidden camera is one thing, choosing a black box hidden camera is another. Notwithstanding, buying the best black box hidden camera that serves your needs perfectly is not such an easy task. To help you make better-informed purchases, we recommend that you look at the following features before making your decision.


With the advancement in technology and the internet, almost everything is being synced with the internet and if your cameras are not connected to the internet, you might as well be living in the analog age. When buying your next black box hidden camera, ensure that it has a way to connect to the internet. Some of the best products are WiFi-enabled making it easy for them to send footage across to mobile devices and the cloud instantly.

Furthermore, some of the best black box hidden cameras have LAN ports that can connect the camera with local computer networks and save recorded files in external storage devices. This level of connectivity, although increase conspicuousness, has its upsides. You should weight the upsides against your need to stay hidden before making a purchase decision.


Most hidden cameras can send footage to your mobile phone or have them stores in the local storage device with lots of idle videos and blanks. This takes up space and wastes a lot of time when you are trying to keep track. On the other hand, choosing a black box hidden camera that is motion-sensitive, sound-activated or even vibration-sensitive will help you avoid all those blank recordings. Most of the best products in the market are equipped with motion detection technology that allows them to start recording only when motion is detected with the camera view field.

Lens Quality

The lens is what sends the video through. In other words, it is the eyes of the camera and its quality should get a wealth of attention when you are trying to get an appropriate black box hidden camera. Some of the best lenses in this market send images and videos with high quality up to 1080p HD resolutions. Some of the best black box hidden cameras have their lenses equipped with IR night vision to pierce through the darkness and send footage to you instantly.