5 Best Beginner Lockpick Sets (Reviews Updated 2021)

Lockpicking has been around for quite some time and a lot of persons are quite interested in the art. Most beginners are finding it difficult to get the most befitting lockpick sets to help them perfect this craft. Fortunately, our review and buyer guide are crafted to help solve this problem bringing the best products from the growing market and guiding you on how to make the best purchase decisions when buying the best beginner lockpick sets.

Best Beginner Lockpick Sets

Below is our review of the best beginner lockpick sets.

1. TUODI New Stainless Steel Lockpick Set with Stopwatch

New Stainless Steel Lock With Stopwatch (with Lock Set)

Lockpicking for beginners would require time training as well since you are expected to complete the art in a timely manner. This New Stainless Steel Lockpick set is equipped with a stopwatch to help you develop speed and efficiency. With a set of 15 stainless steel tools that are durable and reliable for use repeatedly, this lockpick set is highly recommended for both beginners and pros.

  • Made of high-quality smooth stainless steel
  • Transparent design
  • Includes a big-screen stopwatch
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2. Hamkaw Stainless Steel Multifunction Locks Set

Hamkaw Stainless Steel Multifunction Locks Set With 25pcs Gift Kits

Including a transparent padlock for practice purposes, this 25 piece lockpick set is an excellent option for beginners who are trying to get better at lockpicking. The 25 pieces give you a wide range of options for varying lockpicking challenges. This Hamkaw Stainless Steel Multifunction Locks Set is durable and reliable, made from strong stainless steel with advanced and smooth designs that keep from wearing out easily.

  • High-quality stainless steel material
  • Transparent Lock
  • 25 Pieces lockpick tools
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3. IIT 21600 4 PC. Double Ended Pick And Hook Set

Iit 21600 4 Pc. Double Ended Pick And Hook Set

Although only four in pieces, this lockpick set is very versatile and can be useful for various types of lockpicking challenges. With the four pieces being the vital types of lockpicking tools: small-angle hook, straight pick, full hook, and 90-degree hook, this very portable set can be equivocally useful. To support fast-paced lockpicking, the handles are ergonomically designed to fit your fingers.

  • Knurled handles for sure grips
  • Includes storage pouch
  • Double-ended
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4. MZG-story Stainless Steel Multitool Practice Tool Lockpick Set

Mzg Story Stainless Steel Multitool Practice Tool Lock Set With Padlock 15pcs

This lockpick set is a 15-pieces set with an instruction manual that makes it a great option for beginners and kids who might find interest in lockpicking. These tools are made with stainless steel material for durability and contain a transparent padlock for practice and proficiency development. Lightweight and with a strong leather pocket, it is easy to carry and use.

  • Stainless steel material
  • Includes transparent lock
  • 15-piece lock pick set
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5. ToolKit Set Lock 24 PCS Emergency Lockpick Pack

Toolkit Set Lock 24 Pcs Emergency Pack

This lockpick set is composed of 24-pieces tools perfectly organized in a pack that is easy to carry and attractive in the outside like a wallet. It comes with a transparent padlock for practice making it a wonderful purchase option for beginners. The tools are in various shapes, providing options for various lockpicking challenges.

  • Portable tool bags
  • 24-pieces different tools
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
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Beginner Lockpick Set Buying Guide

Buying a lockpick set may be a breeze for experts but for beginners who are still new to the art, things can get a little hazy. This buying guide is crafted to help you navigate the market and make more informed buying decisions.

One of the most important features to look out for when buying a lockpick set is the material it was made as this affects the durability and flexibility. The best lockpick sets are made from stainless steel which makes it easy to penetrate through keyholes and maneuver the lock. Also, stainless steel withstands the pressure that comes from twisting hard locks that might disfigure other light materials.

On another note, the handle of the lockpick tools should get your attention. Uneasy handles can pose serious problems when lockpicking. For instance, handles that are made from slippery plastics may reduce friction with the hands and can be unstable when trying to pick a lock. When this happens, you tend to spend more time picking a lock and in some cases unsuccessful. When buying the best beginner lockpick set, you should look at the handles and see how comfortable they are to ensure quick picking.

Furthermore, the number of tools in the set should get your undivided attention as well. Some of the best beginner lockpick sets come with varying numbers of tools in them. The more the number of tools that are available for lockpicking, the more options you will have to tackle the challenges presented before you. Some locks may need a specific type of tool to pick successfully and quickly if your lockpick set does not have the right tool for that type of lock, then you are probably going to improvise and spend more time struggling through the task. Most times, people often give up when it doesn’t seem to be working.