5 Best Battery Powered Hidden Cameras (Reviews Updated 2021)

Surveillance has taken a new direction since the inception of hidden cameras. Unfortunately, not all hidden cameras can be appropriately positioned to stay connected to electricity at all times; and sometimes, there me a shortage of power. Battery-powered hidden cameras were specially designed to keep a watch on your spaces even when you are out of electricity. The best battery-powered hidden cameras in the market may be difficult to spot since battery lives can vary vastly. Our review of the best battery-powered hidden cameras makes it easy for you to navigate your buying options.

Best Battery-powered Hidden Cameras

Here’s our review of the best battery-powered hidden cameras

1. SPOOKER Hidden Camera Book Spy Hidden Camera

SPOOKER Hidden Camera Book Spy Hidden Camera

Our top pick is the SPOOKER Hidden Camera Book Spy Hidden Camera, a 10,000mAh battery-powered camera that can be hidden between books to provide an 80-degree coverage for as long as 24 hours upon full charge. Its 2.0MP lens is capable of producing HD 1080p video quality in both light and darkness.

  • 10000mAh Battery
  • Strong Night Vision
  • Motion Detection Recording
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2. Facamword Wireless Hidden Camera

Facamword Wireless Hidden Camera

The Facamword Wireless Hidden Camera is built with a 2000mAh battery that powers the camera for up to 7 hours record time supported with WiFi connectivity allowing you to keep a full vision of your space wherever you go. With a lens that covers a wide 150-degree angle and records HD 1080p videos, you can position this camera strategically and confidently to catch full views at any time of the day.

  • Extra-wide 150° viewing angle
  • 2000mAh built-in battery
  • Reliable 2.4G Wi-Fi connection
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3. Romeifly Clock Hidden Camera

Romeifly Clock Hidden Camera

Although reported to be a little bit more conspicuous than some other best products, the Romeifly Clock Hidden Camera is a superb choice with its wide 150-degree and 1080p lens catching graphics at 30 frames per second and powered by two lithium-ion batteries for up to 5 hours non-stop record time. Nevertheless, this camera has WiFi connectivity and syncs with an App on your phone sending live coverage to you wherever you are. The battery life is conserved as it stays on standby and starts recording once motion is detected.

  • Excellent 5M infrared night vision
  • 150-degree wide-angle lens
  • Lasts about 5 hours after full charge
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4. HUOMU Mini Spy Cam 1080P HD Wireless

HUOMU Mini spy cam 1080P HD Wireless

Sometimes, you may need a hidden camera that is slick and battery-powered. The HUOMU Mini spy cam 1080P HD Wireless hidden camera is powered by a 520mAh battery and can record non-stop for up to 1 hour 30 minutes after a full charge and sends 1080p HD video transmission remotely with the help of its 2.4GHz WiFi connectivity. Battery conservation is optimal as this camera remains on standby when the environment under surveillance is still and jumps into action undetected once motion is sensed.

  • Built-in rechargeable 520 mAh battery
  • iOS and Android Compatible
  • Supports micro SD up to 128GB
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5. MHDYT Mini Wireless Hidden Spy Camera

MHDYT Mini Wireless Hidden Spy Camera

Recognized as the smallest body camera in the world, the Mini Wireless Hidden Spy Camera is a 0.7oz cube that is powered by a 240mAh battery to cover a 50-minutes uninterrupted record time of full HD 1080p videos at 30 frames per second. Its wireless connectivity makes it compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux Operating Systems allowing live transmission.

  • Built-in 240mAh battery
  • Motion detecting 1080p video
  • Small and Portable
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Battery Powered Hidden Cameras Buying Guide

For people looking to purchase a battery-powered hidden camera, you may have reviewed other options for hidden cameras and chose those with batteries to help you keep an eye on your space without electricity for a period. Meanwhile, when choosing the best hidden camera in this sense, you must pay attention to the battery health of the camera that you are buying as well as the functionalities and its conspicuousness to ensure that it remains hidden even in the most obvious cases.

Battery Health

When we make reference to battery health, we are referring to how long it can record videos after a full charge. Knowing this can help you determine how long your hidden camera can work while the power is out. This means how long you’d have an eye in your space without power. Although the length of the power outage in your apartment, office, car or wherever the camera will be installed, it can help you determine which camera would be best for you.


Although they are all hidden cameras, their degree of conspicuousness vary. Some are more obvious than the other. Some are quite big and may only fit in positions that are unsuspicious. For example, the camera that is hidden in a book-like case may only fit among books else, it can be suspected. Others may fit even into virtually any small space and are less obvious. You have to review the options and choose which best serves your needs.

Functionalities and Features

Battery-powered hidden cameras vary in functionalities and features. Some may be WiFi-enabled transmitting live footages over the web. Others may have applications that can be installed on mobile devices giving you an eye on-the-go. A few may come with cloud storage features while most others store footages in micro SD that can be accessed later. The maximum micro SD capacity allowed on each camera varies also and should be considered before making a purchase decision.