5 Best AC Powered Hidden Cameras (Reviews Updated 2021)

AC powered hidden cameras are always an interesting option when you always have sufficient power supply since they are always on and you need to cover your space at all times. With the variety of brands in the market today, it is almost so difficult to find a fitting AC-powered hidden camera. Our review of the best AC powered hidden camera, supported by a straightforward buying guide, will help you find the market-leading products and choose the one that best meets your surveillance needs.

Best AC Powered Hidden Cameras

Here’s our review of the best AC powered hidden cameras.

1. WEMLB WB-726 HD 1080P WiFi Hidden Camera Alarm Clock

Wemlb Wb 726 Hd 1080p Wifi Hidden Camera Alarm Clock Night Vision Motion Detection Loop Recording W

This camera is discretely hidden behind the dark screen of a digital alarm clock that is always connected to an AC current. While the full device remains powered, the hidden camera sends 1080p HD videos to its memory space or to your smartphone through its WiFi-enabled remote connectivity. The 145-degrees wide-angle lens, you can cover your complete space when strategically positioned.

  • 145-degree wide viewing angle
  • Dual continuous and motion-activated recording
  • WiFi-enabled remote connectivity
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2. Phreilend Hidden Spy Camera

Hidden Spy Camera Usb Charger 1080p Full Hd Has Motion Detection Loop Recording Remote View

This hidden camera is embedded in a USB charger that is always plugged to the wall and covers everything that is happening in the open space. To ensure that your phone is not clogged with irrelevant recordings of open space, this camera remains on standby and shoots up when motion is detected. It’s 180-degree wide-angle lens sends 1080p FHD videos through WiFi connectivity to your Android or iOS devices immediately.

  • Wi-Fi Streaming Via IOS/ Android APP
  • Motion Detection & Alarm Push
  • 180° Wide Angle Lens
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3. Generic Hidden WiFi 1080p Secret Spy Camera in AC USB Charging Wall Socket

Hidden Wifi 1080p Secret Spy Camera In Ac Usb Charging Wall Socket, Including 32gb Memory Card For V

A wall socket appears harmless but with a hidden camera embedded and being connected to the AC circuit regularly, this hidden camera is a valuable surveillance tool. For its unique and customizable design, you can choose between the lens options to have a 2-degree angular elevation in case your sockets are low or have a normal wide-angle lens. With motion detection turned on, this hidden camera syncs with your mobile phone to send you push notifications when a moving object is sensed.

  • Connects to 2.4g Wifi Wireless Network
  • Comes with a 32GB Memory Card
  • Motion Detection Function
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4. LIZVIE  iPhone Charger Dock Hidden Camera

Hidden Nanny Camera Iphone Charger Dock Spy Cam With Night Vision For Home Security Camera Wifi Pet

iPhone charger docks are always connected to power and are excellent suppliers of AC for this AC powered hidden camera with a wide-angle lens sending 1080p HD videos to your mobile device on the go. With an IR night vision, this hidden camera can record high-quality videos in dim light supported by its motion detection technology.

  • Sensitive Motion Detection
  • Connects to Wifi network
  • Night Vision and Push Notifications
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5. AES SecureGuard HD 720p Telephone Jack AC Powered Spy Camera

Secureguard Hd 720p Telephone Jack Battery Or Ac Powered Spy Camera Covert Hidden Nanny Camera Spy

Telephone jacks are some of the most reliable sources of AC power and having a hidden camera in this AES SecureGuard Telephone Jack is an excellent option for an AC powered hidden camera. With a motion detection technology, this camera sends 720p HD videos to its 16GB micro SD at 30 frames per second.

  • Time and Date Stamped.
  • Auto Recycle for continuous recording
  • Activated by motion detection
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AC Powered Hidden Cameras Buying Guide

Amongst the best AC powered hidden cameras, buying the right option that meets all (or most) of your surveillance needs is not always an easy task. Therefore, to ensure that you get the best product for your money, you should pay attention to the following features.


It’s a hidden camera that should raise the least suspicion. Nevertheless, when setting up your apartment or office space, choosing a camera that is embedded in an awkwardly out-of-place device may raise suspicion from the people you are trying to keep an eye on. The iPhone charger dock, for instance, may appear to be perfectly positioned on an office desk while a USB wall socket charger can seem so inappropriate in the parking garage. For Heaven’s sake, who charges a phone in the garage and never takes the charger out?

You should look at the level of the conspicuousness of each device in relation to your intended positioning to help you keep your surveillance tool discrete.

The Lens

The lens quality must be looked into before handing your money over. Depending on the quality of the lens, some of the best AC powered hidden cameras send 720p or 1080p HD/FHD videos to their storage devices or remote access devices. If you are a person that has discerning eyes for detail, you may consider getting a 1080p FHD camera although other options may serve you well enough.

Furthermore, the camera lens angle is important and should be considered. In case of openly covering a wide space, you can work with a fairly wide-angle camera since there is enough space rooms for the camera coverage to spread out. On the other hand, if the space is small and you’d like to avoid obvious blind spots, you should consider a camera with a relatively wide angle. This would allow the coverage to spread immediately across the room and leaving no significant blind spot.

Connectivity and Motion Activation

Most times, the essence of an AC powered hidden camera is to stay alert at all points in time. Unfortunately, you can’t always have the time to keep watching the screen. Therefore, finding a camera that is motion activated and sends footage remotely through a WiFi connection would go a long way in keeping you on watch on-the-go.

Some of the best AC powered hidden cameras also send instant notifications to your phone when motion is detected. Choosing cameras with this feature can keep you on top of matters at every moment.