The August Doorbell Camera Review

August Doorbell Camera Product Image

I was very thrilled once presented with the opportunity to review the August.

You see, what drew me so close to this model and the company behind it, was the mysterious moniker assigned to the product.

No fancy-schmancy decors or superfluous titles, just a simple yet ostentatiously whimsical name.

What troves are we to discover by approaching the August?

I’m already giddy with excitement!


  • Auto-Alert Feature

Any time someone’s at the door, ringing it like a madman, you’ll be the one that will receive an immediate notification.

  • Additional Props

Many manufacturers decide on selling their products independently, but beware, it is nothing but a marketing ploy to get you to shill out more of your hard-earned cash.

August Doorbell Camera App Notification

With a free mounting plate, four wire connectors and mounting screws, a hex wrench and to top it all off, the two wall anchors, I didn’t need to make an additional heap of redundant purchases.

  • HD Video Camera

Spy on your interlopers and stay one step ahead of them with a camera that shows more than the would-be intruder would like you to know!

  • Join The Cloud

Get all of your recordings safely and privately stored on a decentralized cloud server from which you can restore all the footage from the past day!

  • Wi-Fi Enables Communication From Far Away

You don’t even need to use a common phone anymore, just tell your friend to ring the doorbell and you’ll be able to have a nice little chit-chat among each other!

The Advantages

  • Your Phone Becomes The Central Investigation Agency

August Doorbell Camera Outside UseI love technology!

Who could think that one day, humans would be capable of viewing and talking to people miles away, in front of your doorsteps, to be frank and still have the ability to monitor every single move!

Just an immaculate way of showcasing your own power and a great path towards building self-confidence inside and outside of your home

  • Rain? Who Give A Damn About The Weather?

The mysterious August can withstand any natural peril you throw at him and the company prides itself on it.

The sturdy and robust build only confirms the written semantics.

Believe me, once you get this bad boy, you’ll be itching to mount it up!

  • Forgot To Lock The Door? As If That’s A Problem

The August uses sophisticated technology to not only track the outsides but also acts as an additional buffer to the biggest gatekeeper of your facility: The main entrance!

I dare you to leave the door open and forget about it; The August won’t let you!

The Disadvantages

  • You Will Need Strong Wi-Fi To Sustain The Wireless Transition Of Data

Truth be told, I was among the first ones to experience such an embarrassingly uninvited occurrence as the moment I left the country, everything went blank.

Once I got back from my trip to Mexico (Luckily nothing bad had happened), I tried to find a remedy to this issue and the only thing I’ve managed to come up with was a Wi-Fi extender.

Luckily for us, they are pretty cheap and well worth the price, as I can now with confidence claim that not even the moon could separate me from the confines of my belongings!


The August was a true breath of fresh air. I was getting tired of trying out the same old worn-out spiel one was submitted to when settling for a doorbell camera.

This product really surprised me with its unique and fresh style, instilling newfound hope into my professional hobby and I have to thank it for that.

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