Attention Short People – A Door Peephole Camera Is Life Changing

Attention Short People – A Door Peephole Camera Is Life Changing

For those of you who are a bit shorter in stature and don’t feel entirely safe within your own home, we have the solution for you. Imagine never having to be worried late at night when you hear a knock on your front door. No longer do you have to walk to the door to see who is there or even move through your home and make noise which may indicate that you are there. How can this be done? By installing a door peephole camera.

How Does It Work?

When you have a door peephole camera installed, you are able to see the live feed on an LCD screen that you can either mount somewhere or carry around the house with you. This means that you can be on the other side of your home when someone knocks on your door and you can just simply check on your LCD screen to see who is there. If you don’t want to answer the door for them, you can just stay where you are and that person wouldn’t even know that you are home.

How Can A Door Peephole Camera Benefit Me?

If you are a short person, then you know that you experience things a bit differently to other people. Some menial daily tasks can be a lot more challenging for you than other people and your struggles often go unnoticed. Something as simple as answering the door can become daunting, especially if you live in a busy area and have regular visitors. Everyone has the right to feel safe in their own home and for shorter people, it’s no different.

A short person may already have a peephole on their door but are unable to use it due to their height. If they don’t want to answer the door but still want to know who is on the other side, this can be a stressful situation. By having a door peephole camera, a short person will never have to get anywhere near the door to know who is on the other side or even make a sound to alert them.

Is This Worth It?

Absolutely. Safety should be your number one priority and you are entitled to feel safe at home. While it is very unlikely that anything bad would ever happen, having the peace of mind knowing that you can just check your LCD screen and be able to see who is at the door can take a real burden off you. A door peephole camera can be designed to look just like any normal peephole and the person on the other side of the door will most likely never know that you have one.

You can record or stream a live feed and easily watch it at your convenience so if you heard someone at the door while you were in the backyard or bathroom but couldn’t answer you could playback the footage to see who it was. This truly allows you to be selective with answering your door rather than having to do it every time without knowing who or what’s on the other side.