The AnyGo KW02 HD Review

AnyGo KW02 HD Enabled Video Doorbell Product Image

You remember the old hit song from The Police? It goes a little something like ‘Every step you take, every breath you make, I’ll be watching you!’

That’s exactly what the AnyGo is all about;

An Unrestricted, clear and concise overlook over your entire property, all accompanied by an omnipresent owner that can go and do whatever his heart desires!

That’s just the tip of the iceberg as this product has many more hidden gems waiting to be uncovered.


  • Supports Wi-Fi Remote Control

As expected from a product tagged as ‘AnyGo’.

No matter how far from home, as long as you gather the courage to ask for the Wi-Fi password, you will be one click away from your belongings!

  • Water And Oxidation Proof

Who would want a rusty video doorbell or one that can’t take a bit of rain to the face?

Not a responsible owner, that’s for sure!

  • Resourceful Instruction Manual

AnyGo KW02 HD Enabled Video Doorbell NFC

Have a question? The manual has the answer! I often found myself waiting hours on telephone lines just to get a simple answer to a common inquiry.

This model has such a broad and well written manual included that I started treating it like the Bible when it came to any problem!

  • Motion Detection

If you are from a rundown part of town, you would better be able to monitor every single move that happens outside of your front door.

The AnyGo enables you to do just that and so much more!

The Advantages

  • Swipe A Card, Feel Like A Boss

I really fell in love with this model when I realized that I could simply give the people I trust dearly the ability to enter my home as they pleased.

AnyGo KW02 HD Enabled Video Doorbell AppTo top it all off, I still felt protected as someone without a card would be left stranded in front of my porch.

Really keeps the pesky neighbors out of my front yard, besides the more tentative threat of robbery.

Did I mention that you’ll practically never run out of options as the device is capped at a thousand ID cards?

The more you know…

  • You Don’t See Me But I See You!

Nothing like experiencing true high definition. Previous models really frustrated me as my deteriorating eyesight would sometimes play tricks on me.

Is it the mailman or a ravenous serial killer on the loose?

The AnyGo KW02 enabled me to tell the difference between monozygotic twins, much less such an extreme example as outlined below!

This was the breaking point that made me cherish the purchase for years to behold.

  • Voice Is Loud And Clear

Did I mention that my hearing isn’t what it was a few decades ago? Well now I did and with that in mind, I really did appreciate the fact that the voice could be tuned up or down to extreme levels.

This made interacting with familiar or unfamiliar visages much easier on me!

The Disadvantages

  • My Phone Needs More Memory!

As all the video footage gets stored directly to your mobile device, you’ll have to be wary of the amount of space present at all times as ignoring this issue will lead to lost recordings!

Good thing that there is a visual warning when the levels get dangerously low.

I decided to invest into a memory card and never had issues with this problem again!


I might not be the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to modern technology and that’s why this model resonated so deeply with me.

A handwritten manual laden with hundreds of useful tips simplified things for this old soul!

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