About Akita German Shepherd Mix

Inheriting the best attributes and traits from both, the Akita German shepherd mix brings you the qualities you have been desiring for a long time. Also known by the names of Shepkita or Akita Shepherd, their adorable appearance and friendly nature make them perfect as family companion dogs. Moreover, adopting the qualities of a German shepherd, the Shepkita also acts as an ideal watchdog.

Though we already know a lot about German shepherds and Akita as an individual breed, little has been discussed about the Akita German shepherd mix. With respect to their qualities, we will talk about everything you need to know. So, if you are planning to adopt one, consider reading this piece of information first and then bring them to your home.

All you need to know about Akita German shepherd mix

Akita and German shepherds are dog breeds that are known for their intelligence. Both parents’ breeds are quite popular and possess excellent qualities. The crossbreed was developed in the mid-1900s, as breeders wanted to combine the fascinating qualities of both breeds. So, if you are excited to learn more, let’s continue to explore all about the Akita German shepherd mix.


The Akita shepherd can develop any combination from their parents, and it’s hard to define the exact appearance; however, they look adorable in all forms. As German shepherds and Akita both belong to the large breed family, the mix will also develop as a large breed. You will find some features common to all varieties. It includes dark triangular brown eyes, a broad chest, black nose, large paws, and erect ears.

Shepkita usually has a medium-length coat with different colors originating from either of the parents. The coat color possibilities are huge, as Akita and German shepherds can have different color coats. From brindle, white, fawn, silver, black, red, brown, it can take any color from the parent breed. The coat texture is straight and is fairly dense. Moreover, they shed seasonally, so you need to focus on proper grooming.

Concerning height and weight, there is a slight difference based on gender. The male adult breed can have a height of 23 to 27 inches with a weight of around 65 to 95 pounds. While the female adult breed can have a height of 22 to 25 inches, with a weight of around 60 to 80 pounds.

Personality and temperament

To grasp the personality of a hybrid breed, you need to see the nature of their parents’ breed. German shepherds are recognized for their strength, loyalty, and intellect. Their athletic build makes them highly active, and they need regular exercise and mental stimulation. They are perfect as a guard dog and as well as good as a companion.

On the other hand, Akita shares the same intelligence level and loyalty, but they are not as active as German shepherds, and they have issues with dominance. Besides, Akitas are aggressive, and they don’t like socializing much. Akita does not require hardcore exercise as they have low energy levels as compared to German shepherds. Akitas usually are not preferred for first-time owners, though they are loyal to their owners.

Considering the personality traits of Akita and German shepherd, Shepkita develops to be a blend of both. Highly alert, protective, intelligent, and quiet, Shepkita remains reserved. They are joyful and full of fun only when they feel comfortable and can turn out to be aggressive at times; they feel threatened.

It is suggested not to leave Shepkita with children and other small pets unattended, as they might feel uncomfortable around. This is where training and socialization play the most important role.

The behavior, personality, and temperament can be controlled via early training. Sharing the qualities, focus on teaching obedience, they are fast learners, and if you put the effort, they will learn to follow your commands easily in no time.

Care and maintenance

Akita Shepherd requires regular grooming as they have a double coat of medium size length and shed seasonally. Moreover, because of the large size, they need sufficient space around, and they don’t like to live in confined spaces. Akita Shepherds are easy to maintain, and if you start grooming from their early days, they will not disturb you while you give them a bath or brush their coat.

Activity requirements

Akita and German shepherds belong to a working group breed. Therefore, moderate to high-level exercise are required, respectively. When it comes to Akita shepherds, their activity requirements lie between the two as it shares the attributes of both parents.

So, it’s clear that they will require regular exercise, however not of the same intensity as German shepherds need individually. Sixty minutes of activity per day is sufficient considering their health and fitness level.

Health concerns

Either from inheritance or through the environment, Akita shepherds are prone to diseases just like any other creature. The major health concerns that you might have to face include Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), bloat, and Hip Dysplasia. Other than that, minor concerns include Elbow Dysplasia, dry eyes, allergies, and Pancreatic Insufficiency.

Having a life expectancy of 9 to 13 years, you can keep your Shepkita healthy and fit with regular veterinary checkups and fulfilling its nutrition and physical activities requirements.


If you have a big house and don’t want several pets around, Akita shepherd is the best choice for you as it would do perfectly well in a single-dog home. Highly intelligent, protective, hard-working, loyal, and obedient, focus on training as soon as you bring it home, or else, it can adopt aggressive behavior.

As they are not bred on a large scale, if you have ever got your hands on Shepkita, consider yourself fortunate. Providing the care and attention they need; they will grow up to be a great partner that you will feel proud of. What do you think is Shepkita right for your family?