Airbnb Safety Tips

After deciding the place, accommodation remains the most important part when thinking of going on holiday. Airbnb has brought up a revolutionary system of renting out places, homes, and apartments at economical prices for people who don’t want to go for hoteling. Airbnb provided a chance for people to earn some extra cash by utilizing their unused places along with the travelers.

The concept turns out to be a great success as people who love traveling and those who go for trips and holidays prefer to book their accommodations by means of Airbnb.

On the contrary, we have seen some bad reviews as well claiming that their trip was ruined because of poor service, management, and control by Airbnb. Missing items, privacy interruption are the common complaints received.

However, this does not mean that Airbnb is not worth a while or should not be used; it is upon us to utilize a service in the best possible manner. When it comes to Airbnb, if we follow certain Airbnb safety tips, we can have a wonderful experience.

Different safety tips are specified for guests and hosts, and we will talk about both in this article so that you know all about it and have a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Airbnb safety tips for guest

From looking for the place to staying there, there are a handful of tips that, if you follow, you can avoid mishap to a great extent. Before you book an Airbnb, make sure that there are no travel restrictions imposed at that time due to covid-19 or any other reasons. Other than that, the following are the Airbnb safety tips for the guest that you can keep an eye on.

Filter out the options

There are hundreds of places to choose from, and to get what you want, apply as many filters as you can, such as number of guests allowed, number of beds required, kitchen facility, price, etc., and sort the best place as per your requirements.

Go through the listing description

After you have sorted out the best place as per your need, do not forget to go through the host profile and check out the listing description. Check it all out and see if it matches your requirements. Pay special attention to pricing, cancellation, rules, and procedures.

Check rating and reviews

You will find reviews from the past guest and as well as the rating for different aspects such as cleanliness, service, and overall quality. Authentic feedback will allow you to decide on the best residence for you to stay.

Look for verification

When you go through the host profile, you will see different aspects, such as the Verified ID badge. These badges certify that the host is verified with Airbnb and they have pictures on their profiles. Profiles with Super Host badges are the ones that are recommended by the users who had previously used their service. With verification, you become assured that you are going to a safe place.

Talk to the host

Though you can book Airbnb without talking to the host, it is preferred that you do and ask as many questions as you have as a safety precaution. If the host replies to your every question politely and professionally, you can go ahead with the booking or look for other options if you don’t feel comfortable after the communication with the host.

Stay on platform

Staying on the platform means that you should never share your personal information, booking, and payment details outside of Airbnb. If a host asks for any of the details privately, report them to Airbnb support.

Run a safety check

Doing a safety check after your arrival at the place is recommended. A quick inspection of the room will give you an idea, and if you find anything disturbing, talk to the host directly and get the matter resolved. Ask where the safety tools and equipment are placed, such as fire extinguishers, to use them in case of emergency. Make adjustments if you feel necessary, particularly if you are traveling along with your children.

Airbnb safety tips for the host

Safety tips are made for the guest to follow, but the host must also be responsible and take some actions to make the living experience the most comfortable. Below are some tips that you can follow as a host to guarantee a smooth and comfy process.

Fill out the complete description

Include all necessary details in the listing description so that the guest can read and know what to expect and whatnot. Include anything that you want guests to see before they come in at your place. Mention the rules if you have any, such as smoking permission, etc.

Get verified

The chances of getting more bookings increase if you are a verified host. Providing additional information for the identifications is seen as that you are not a deceitful person and are serious about your service.

Communicate professionally

If someone tries to contact you and ask the question before booking, you should get in touch with them smartly and answer their questions briefly to be satisfied and book with confidence. Just like the guest can go through the profiles and read reviews of the host, you can do the same for potential guests as well.

Plan for home security

Having a home security system ensures that any misadventure can be taken care of without any damage, and therefore, it is recommended that you have a home security system installed at your place. More guests will be attracted if you have the security feature as people prefer to have privacy and security while they stay somewhere outside their homes.


Airbnb is an excellent service and is used by persons from all walks of life. Whether you are going on a business trip or on holiday, Airbnb can provide you the best accommodation as per your desire.

However, for a pleasant experience, you need to be careful about the selection, booking, and check-in. This article has highlighted the Airbnb safety tips for guests and as well as the host. Go through it yourself and share it with others to enjoy their stay outside of their homes.