About Wolf German Shepherd Mix

Inspired by the qualities of the German shepherd and the outlook of a wolf, what if we let you know that you can have a blend of two. We are talking about none other than wolf German shepherd mix, a combo that will make you go wow!

Before we discuss wolf German shepherd mix, it’s important that you know a little about German shepherds and wolves, respectively. After that, we will see how well the combo performed.

German Shepherds

Among the most popular dog breeds in the United States, they are known for their loyalty, strength, compatibility, and their human-friendly nature. Highly intelligent, they are often used as military dogs for their diverse qualities.

Given that, a German shepherd requires regular exercises, mental stimulation, and proper training in order to become an obedient, loyal, and active dog.


Known for their wild nature, wolves are highly active and have a strong work ethic that makes them difficult to socialize and bring them home. Possessing remarkable hunting instinct, a wolf has a mysterious nature and is ambitious to work hard. Having complex personality traits, wolves work great as a team and form healthy relationships with family members.

Wolf German shepherd mix

A cross of a German shepherd and a Wolf, it adds together the best attributes of both. Having said that, the breed is not at all suitable for beginners or first-time owners, as you can imagine the strength it will possess when a German shepherd and a Wolf breed together.

There are so many other characteristics and qualities that you will be surprised to know. Continue reading the post as we are going to let you know all about wolf German shepherd mix.


When loyalty, protectiveness, and domesticated behavior of a German shepherd are put together with the wild nature of a wolf, this mix will result in a beautiful and unique breed.

Most commonly referred to as wolfdog and wolf shepherd, it shows the combination of the best qualities of a German shepherd and a wolf.

At first, the breed was produced by the Leendert Saarloos in the early 1930s, and he named the breed Saarloos wolfdog, which later on called wolf shepherd. Since then, wolfdogs have been famous worldwide due to their appearance, attributes, and other qualities. However, the breed is not yet officially recognized by the American Kennel Club, but it has got recognition by the UK Kennel Club.


Naturally, German shepherds look like wolves, and therefore, recognizing this mix is not going to be much difficult. Usually, the hybrid breed looks more like a wolf than a German shepherd; however, it can be the opposite as well.

The wolf shepherd has a slightly small head as compared to a regular wolf, with almond-shaped eyes and pointed ears on the head; the breed will look quite similar to a wild wolf.

When matured, they will develop a strong and athletic build, given that they are given quality feed and the proper time for exercises.

Belonging to a large breed family, at normal, the mix reaches the height of 24 inches at max, with a weight of around 120 pounds. As usual, the female breed will have a smaller height and lower weight than a male counterpart. Keep in mind that weight and size vary from age to age, and also according to the diet plan and the amount of exercise.

Coat and color

Mostly depends on their parents’ colors; the wolf shepherd can have different colors such as white, black, gray, sable, and tan. When it comes to coats, both the German shepherds and wolves have a double coat. Therefore, the crossbreed is also likely to have a double coat with medium to large length fur. Keeping them protected in harsh weather conditions, the double-coat provides the wolf German shepherd mix an extra layer of protection.

Personality traits and temperament

On one side is a human-friendly dog, and on the other side, you have a wild nature wolf. It’s hard to predict what the crossbreed is going to adopt.

Wolves do not like to socialize much, and they are protective of their family. Whereas German shepherds are protective to their owners, loyal, and friendly. Wolf German shepherd mix will have both traits, but in general, their behavior will be unpredictable.

The mix will find a hard time accommodating within your family, and they will not be as good as a guard dog than as a typical German shepherd. They can turn out to be aggressive when they feel threatened or face unfamiliar people or situations. Howling will be common as the wolves use it as a way to communicate.

Having a strong prey drive and owning great physical strength, you may not want to leave the wolf German shepherd mix alone for a long time, especially when you have other small pets in your home.

This all can be improved if you ensure proper training throughout their early days. You have to be consistent with your effort as it may take a lot of time to get yourself close to them.

Health issues

Just like any other dog breed, wolf German shepherd mix shares the same health issues that mainly include Elbow Dysplasia and joint pain. Having a life expectancy of 10 to 14 years, wolf German shepherd mixes might also suffer from their parents’ health problems.

Grooming and care

It’s not easy to handle the wolf German shepherd mix when you are aware of its wild nature. The mix requires proper training, a balanced diet, and regular exercise. The earlier you start training, the better it is to make them predictable. Remember that it is going to take longer than usual as you are dealing with a mix of distinct personalities.

Besides that, regular grooming is required, as with any other German shepherd breed.


Being a rare and attractive breed, knowing all about wolf German shepherd mix is important as it allows you to easily identify them, and knowing their personality traits will help you treat them accordingly. Wolf German shepherd mix can turn out to be a great partner, but with their unpredictable nature, they are not suitable for families with children and pets. Experienced owners can handle them in a better way and can develop loving, energetic, protective, intelligent, and loyal wolf shepherds.